Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy 92 Birthday Grandmother Oleava

It's been a long hard seven years without you here in the flesh, lots of things have happened.  Many of them you would be shocked and appalled by, but mostly you would be proud of the man, I've become.  Funny thing is that you always knew that I had it in me, so no surprises there.  I find solace and comfort in knowing that you're with some of the ones, in whom you loved the most, Pops, Granny and your Father.  I know that you continue to keep a restful eye on me.  I miss you now and always, but I forever carry your teachings with me.  You were a strong proud businesswoman, mother, grandmother, Christian, Sister and Wife.  Your legacy will forever live on in my heart, mind and soul.   The impact that you have left on all those, who you have come in contact with, has forever be greater for having spent time with you.  Love always Your Grandson ~Kevin~

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In Loving Memory of You.- Oleava Knotts Callins Knighton 1/17/26 - 4/5/11

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Horizons Happy New Year 2018 Let's Go!!!

With the Blinking of an eye, we say goodbye to the horrific 2017, and we welcomingly say hello to the possibilities that 2018 has to offer.  Everyone has committed to being MORE and doing MORE!!!  I raise my glasses, to all who believe in growth and accomplishment.  Upward mobility ...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2017 ...

The days of Wine and Roses,  We look back and revisit situations and circumstances as to what will be and what has to be.  Life forever giving obstacles, still much living to bear.  Feeling that the time capsule drains faster and faster, the years swiftly go by. If ever a love there was, two stars aligned.  Regret is on the menu too, was the sacrifice worth it?  What does it all mean?  Meanings and definitions are bound to unfold.  Questions forever arise, in wonderment, of what was it all for, how do we leave lasting impressions and imprints on the hearts of those encounters.  GOD gives and we take away.   Harvest is forever in Season, and changes are imminent in growth achieved.  I stand alone in Solitude, yearning, observing the days past and the days to come.  I'm happy to be here competing, intriguing and being intrigued.  Sooooooo long 2017!!!!