Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ciara The Jackie tour ...

So Excited To Announce The #JackieTour! Its Been 6 Years Since Ciara's last Tour! 😛#JackieTour (Part 1)

May 3 Chicago IL
May 5 New York NY
May 7 Boston MA
May 9 Silver Spring MD
May 10 Glenside PA
May 12 Charlotte NC
May 13 Atlanta GA
May 15 Miami FL
May 16 Tampa FL
May 19 New Orleans LA
May 20 Houston TX
May 22 Dallas TX
May 23 San Antonio TX
May 24 Corpus Christi TX
May 27 San Diego CA
May 29 Riverside CA
May 30 Los Angeles CA
May 31 San Francisco CA


Opens Friday April 3rd ... L'eggo

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dear Heavenly Father ...
I raise my hands to you.  Thank you for guidance and direction.  You're the light of my life.  I can do all things through Christ.  As your Vessel, I'm here to spread the word of your goodness and mercy.  For all the blessings in my life.  I do give thanks.

Friday, March 27, 2015

They called her 'Sassy' ...

Happy Birthday 'SASSY'

Sarah Lois Vaughan born March 27, 1924 – April 3, 1990 was an American jazz singer, described by music critic Scott Yanow as having "one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century."[1]

Nicknamed "Sassy", "The Divine One" and "Sailor" (for her salty speech),[ Sarah Vaughan was a Grammy Awardwinner.  The National Endowment for the Arts bestowed upon her its "highest honor in jazz", the NEA Jazz Masters Award, in 1989.[ 


My top five faves from Sarah Vaughn ...
1.  Have You Met Miss Jones 
2.  Teach Me Tonight
3.  Misty
4.  Embraceable You
4.  Send In The Clowns

Happy Birthday Mariah ...

Happy Birthday Mimi.  18 Pop #1's.  It doesn't get any better than that.  

My  top five Mariah faves ...

1.  Fourth Of July
2.  Underneath The Stars
3.  Always Be My Baby
4.  Fantasy
5.  Heartbreaker

What's yours???

Sultry songstress Mariah Carey

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy (71) Diana Ross

Happy Birthday to Diana Ross'!  The Motown legend turns 71 years old today.

As the lead singer of one of the biggest girl groups of all time, her voice and name is a global phenomenon.

Ross went solo in 1969. She also dabbled in acting -- she played Billie Holiday in the biopic "Lady Sings the Blues," which nabbed her a best actress Oscar nomination. She also starred in "The Wiz."

As a trailblazer, Ross paved the way for young ingenue's in the music industry.  She continues to tour the globe to sellout audiences everywhere.  

My top five Diana faves ...

1.  Ain't No Mountain High Enough
2.  There's A Small Hotel
3.  Getting Ready For A Love
4.  Missing You
5.  Mirror, Mirror

Flashback Who's That ...

Tony Richand The Tony Rich Project, is a contemporary R&B singer-songwriter.  

1996 Rich released the hit single, "Nobody Knows", which made it to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Under the moniker "The Tony Rich Project", he released his debut album Words in early 1996. Both the albumand single went platinum and in 1997, Rich won a Grammy Award for the Best R&B Album. The song was covered by country music artist Kevin Sharp in 1997, also as his debut single. The song "Like a Woman" was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

Rich has recorded five Full length projects, but none has garnered the attention of his debut and his mobster singer "Nobody Knows".

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy (73) Birthday Aretha

QUEEN - Happy 73rd Birthday Ree Ree!!! Aretha Franklin's voice is a natural treasure.  Her presence is legendary, she's a 60 year entertainment powerhouse.

Franklin has won a total of 18 Grammy Awards and is one of the best-selling female artists of all time, having sold over 75 million records worldwide.  Franklin has been honored throughout her career including a 1987 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in which she became the first female performer to be inducted. She was inducted to the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005. In August 2012, Franklin was inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Franklin is listed in at least two all-time lists on Rolling Stone magazine, including the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, in which she placed number 9, and the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time in which she placed number 1.

My Top Five Aretha faves ...

1.  Never Let Me Go

2.  This Is For Real 

3.  Integrity

4.  Until You Come Back 

5.  Try A Little Tenderness



Sunday, March 22, 2015


Heavenly Father,
Im your humble servant living to honor you and the beauty of your work.  There's miracles and blessings everyday.  Thank you for not giving up on me.  Through my trials and triumphs, you have never failed me, nor given up on.  Please continue to honor me with favor, mercy and grace.  To GOD be the Glory.  For this is the day that the LORD hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  For all the countless Blessings in my life, I do give thanks.  Amen~

Glory be to GOD!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flashback Who's That???

Soul singing recording trio 702, named after the area code of their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, was an American platinum-selling trio. Originally a quartet, the group became a trio, which includes sisters Irish (born June 2, 1980), and LeMisha 'Misha' (born June 10, 1978) Grinstead, and lead singer Kameelah Williams. Irish's twin sister Orish Grinstead (June 2, 1980 – April 20, 2008) was a founding member and later a substitute vocalist.

702 was discovered by comedian Sinbad. He visited their home in order to convince their parents to send the trio to Atlanta for a convention and music competition. Though the girls missed the deadline for entry, Sinbad used his name to get them in.  They met Michael Bivins who was producing the group Subway, the ladies guest on Subway's 'This Little Game We Play' Bivins agreed to work with the sisters.   Their debut album, No Doubt shot to #1 on Top Heatseekers. Missy Elliott co-wrote & produced 4 songs on the album including the smash hit single "Steelo" and its remix. The album spawned the 3 hit singles: "Steelo", "All I Want" and "Get It Together".  Their debut album went 'gold'.  The Sophomore release featured the Missy Elliot smash 'Where My Girls At"  After a death of founding member, the group disbanded, for various reasons, but the same typical ego clashing that break up most groups.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dirty Birdie ...

IT'S A SCHOCK! Closet Case Illinois Congressman AARON SCHOCK RESIGNS! After New Questions About his Ethics!

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock resigned Tuesday, less than 12 hours after the media raised questions about tens of thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursements he received for his personal vehicle.
Schock billed the federal government and his campaign for logging roughly 170,000 miles on his personal car from January 2010 through July 2014. But when he sold that Chevrolet Tahoe in July 2014, it had roughly 80,000 miles on the odometer, according to public records obtained under Illinois open records laws. The documents, in other words, indicate he was reimbursed for 90,000 miles more than his car was driven.

The discrepancy added to a growing wave of ethical and legal problems for the 33-year-old politician.
“[T]he constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th District with the high standards that they deserve and which I have set for myself,” Schock said in a surprise statement on Tuesday. “I have always sought to do what’s best for my constituents, and I thank them for the opportunity to serve.”
Later Tuesday, a spokesman for Schock added, “In an effort to remove any questions and out of an abundance of caution, Congressman Schock has reimbursed all monies received for official mileage since his election to Congress.”

Schock’s resignation marks a swift downfall of one of the GOP’s most promising young stars and prolific fundraisers. The former state legislator was elected to Congress in 2008 and shot through the ranks of the House GOP, at one point gracing the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He was a fresh face in a party eager to update its image.
But as his prominence grew, Schock adopted an expensive lifestyle — staying in luxury hotels, dining at pricey restaurants, flying on private jets. Mounting questions about how he paid for it eventually caught up with him.

The congressman’s vehicle history was pieced together from dozens of pages of Illinois vehicle records.
When Schock transferred the SUV to an Illinois dealership in 2014, it had 81,860 miles on the odometer, documents show. However, from January 2010 to the end of July 2014, he billed the federal government for 123,131 miles on his personal vehicle. During the same period, the Republican billed his “Schock for Congress” campaign account and GOP Generation Y Fund, his leadership political action committee, for an additional 49,388 miles.
Altogether, Schock sought reimbursement for 172,520 miles on his car, despite the fact that he signed documents that certified the vehicle traveled less than half that distance.
Schock had no other vehicles registered in his name at the time, according to state public records. Multiple sources familiar with his office operations say he only drove the Tahoe during this period.
In November 2009, less than a year after Schock took his seat in Congress, the lawmaker bought the 2010 Tahoe from Green Chevrolet in Peoria. The dealership is owned by Jeff Green, a contributor to Schock who has flown the congressman around his district in his airplane and helicopter.
When Schock purchased the new car, it had four miles on it, according to publicly available automobile transaction documents.

On July 19, 2014, Schock transferred the car back to Green Chevrolet with 81,860 miles on it, according to a transfer document Schock signed.
On that same day in 2014, Schock bought a black 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe with 10 miles on it. Schock’s campaign spent nearly $75,000 on the car, according to campaign filings, but the congressman registered the car in his own name. The SUV sports congressional license plates with the number “18” — the number of Schock’s congressional district.
Between 2010 and 2014, the government mileage reimbursement requests were filed by Schock on a near-monthly basis. Members of Congress and staffers are permitted to bill the government and campaign for use of a personal vehicle, and, generally speaking, do not have to keep logs to record the miles they drive.

When asked about the mileage several weeks ago, Schock’s office said the congressman spends a lot of time in automobiles and chartering private jets between events in his central Illinois district. His office also raised the possibility that staffers were driving his vehicle and weren’t sure if it was permissible under the rules.
During the past month, Schock repaid the government $40,000 after spending money from his official office budget to redecorate his office to resemble the set of PBS’s “Downton Abbey,” an English historical drama. He also reimbursed taxpayers more than $1,200 after using his office account to pay to fly on a private plane to a Chicago Bears football game.
Separately, on a campaign-finance document, Schock labeled the cost of a November flight on a private plane as a software purchase. He has failed to report trips abroad, as required. And he held a fundraiser at a golf course without reporting paying for its use.
In an interview with Politics Blog POLITICO last week in Peoria, Schock could not say with certainty that he had not broken the law.

“I certainly hope not,” Schock said. The Illinois Republican added that he was not an attorney, and therefore could not know whether he broke the law or ethics rules. Schock also declined to directly answer whether he had accepted improper gifts as a member of Congress.
News reports by the Chicago Sun-Times raised a series of questions about Schock’s spending and record-keeping. The Office of Congressional Ethics opened an investigation of the lawmaker on Feb. 28 and has begun contacting his associates about appearing before the independent panel behind closed doors.
The OCE probe —and any potential Ethics Committee investigation — will disappear with Schock’s resignation. However, federal law enforcement could still look into Schock’s actions. He has two attorneys, former Federal Election Commission Commissioner Don McGahn and criminal defense attorney William McGinley, both of Jones Day. Ron Bonjean and Brian Walsh, two longtime GOP communications aides, are handling his press strategy.

Soul Explosion

Soul Explosion - Chante Moore, Siedah Garrett and Faith Evans recording a song together for Siedah Garrett's next release.  Can you image all that harmonizing in one booth?  Bananas right? Garrett sang the duet with Michael Jackson 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' which was originally intended to be a duet between Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.  Lastly Garrett is the co-author of Jackson's 'Man In The Mirror'.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Jay Z calls a meeting!!!

Jay Z is taking on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and other streaming services with his now approved $56 million acquisition of Swedish streaming service Aspiro.
Reports Show Biz 411: Sources tell me that a few days before the Grammy Awards in February, the rap entrepreneur (real name Shawn Carter) hosted a group of music superstars at an all day meeting. The guests were like a meeting of the music version of the Avengers or Justice League of America.
They included Madonna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Nikki Minaj, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Jack White and of course, wife Beyonce. “Rihanna came in at the end,” one source said. “They all kept saying, Where is Rihanna?” At least two country music stars attended as well.

The subject was how they could turn Aspiro — which will be known in the U.S. as TidalHifi (@tidalhifi) when it relaunches– into a streaming music and video service akin to the old United Artists pictures, in which artists would actually profit from their art and put out quality material.

In 1919, a handful of movie stars– Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks– and director D.W. Griffith– banded together and started their own studio to combat what they saw as growing commercialism of the majors. I’m told that Jay Z, who can be a bit of a visionary, sees his new service just this way.
Jay Z, according to my sources, chose The Fig House, an out of the way event space in northeast Los Angeles near Pasadena so that his top tier guests would go undetected by press.
In addition to the stars there were some music execs, lawyers, and a few assistants. The total group of non stars, I’m told, numbered about 20. Many of them were from RocNation, Jay Z’s company. Jay Z’s reps declined to comment.

Jay Z’s purchase of Aspiro for $56 million was finalized in Sweden on Wednesday. A formal announcement is expected as early as Friday (3/13) morning. TidalHifi is appealing to Jay Z because it’s a streaming service completely in place, and operational in the U.S. with 25 million high def digital or “lossless” tracks– much like HDTracks.com. The tracks would be playable on Sony’s Walkman A17 or Neil Young’s Pono player among others.

Jay Z– who’s using the corporate name Project Panther Bidco Ltd– is obviously after something here along the lines of Spotify, Pandora, iTunes’ Beats Music, and so on. Right now, Aspiro offers high def digital music to its customers. In the U.S. subscriptions are $19.99 a month.In the Panther prospectus, there’s a lot of discussion of international expansion of global operations and “upscaling” of Aspiro operations.
But I’m told the discussion at the Fig was more about videos, artists rights, and how music has been diminished by crass commercialism. The Daft Punk robots are said to have made the most persuasive comments on these subjects. Tidal is going to be big on curated editorial. These artists could be involved in the editorial side, too.

The meeting was pretty lively, I’m told. Kanye West can’t calm down even among friends. “Kanye,” says an onlooker, “is out of control. He blurts things out. Jay Z kept him by his side and joked that he was his ‘interpreter’.”

What all this means for this group of artists is still unclear. Madonna isn’t signed to a record label per se. But most of these people are signed to Universal Music Group, which owns Vevo video service with Sony and Google. Plus, many of them are friendly with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, who are now billionaires invested in Beats Music and Apple. A lot of loyalties may be divided soon.

But the endless battles between artists and Spotify and other digital services that pay low royalties may take a turn if Jay Z and friends can make inroads.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Heavenly Father,

I surrender my all to you.  Your guidance and protection is the center of my life.  I can do ALL things through Christ.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Whatever Lola Wants ...

EMPIRE - Actress Leah Jeffries character Lola Lyons on the mega FOX hit EMPIRE has us wrapped her fingers.

Five year-old Leah Sava Jeffries is described on her Instagram page as an “actress, model, singer, rapper, daughter, and sister”. Last year, the pint-sized star added another slash to her resume by becoming a child ambassador for haircare company Carol’s Daughter kids line, CD4Kids.  More recently, she was cast for a role on the Fox series Empire.

Leah made her television debut on the hit show last month. She was booked for the recurring role of Lola, the daughter of actor Jussie Smollet’s character Jamal Lyons and Jamal’s ex-wife Olivia played by actress Raven-SymonĂ©. In a recent episode of Empire, we learn that Lola is in fact the daughter of Lucious Lyons, Jamal’s dad!

Miss Jeffries lives in Detroit, Michigan with her parents and her brother Floyd Jeffries IIII, who is also an upcoming actor.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Walk in truth, not in fear of what IS or what will Be. TGIF

Thursday, March 12, 2015

EMPIRE keeps growing ...

Empire - Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard hit show "Empire" focuses on Season 2 which is likely to have more than 12 episodes and will return to your Television screens more sooner than later. Also FOX will air repeats of Season 1 for viewers who weren't on board when the hit series made its debut. Sadly Macy Gray's erratic behavior on the set of 'Empire' kept her from a guest starring role, which would have been bananas.

For more than two months, the newly installed entertainment president's cautionary message hasn't proved necessary. Despite pre-launch predictions of a 1.8 rating in the coveted 18-to-49 demographic, the hip-hop-themed drama bowed to a 3.8 in early January — and has grown more than 50 percent during the eight weeks since, a greater increase than any other new broadcast series in a decade. Empire's March 4 episode notched a staggering 5.8 rating (14.3 million total viewers), making it the top-rated drama on broadcast television. Now, as the series co-creator Lee Daniels describes as "black Dynasty" is set to wrap its first season March 18, the fourth-place network — down nearly 25 percent this season, even with Empire — is shifting its focus to sustaining the show's megahit status.

Partner Columbia Records dropped Empire's first album, featuring songs by season one guest stars Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige, on March 10, and Fox will kick off the show's Emmy campaign with a screening and Q&A at the TV Academy two days later. While execs weigh other key decisions, the pilot continues to draw 100,000 views a day.

Praying for Nick Gordon

Its easy to paint the underdog as the bad guy.  However I do not subscribe to that mentality.  Pat and Gary Houston, Cissy Houston AND Bobby Brown aint no good going to come to you.  GOD see's all.  I continue to pray for Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, two kids forced to be adults!!!

A family divided ...

October 23, 2012 the Courts declared me soul heir to the Oleava Knighton Estate.  Three days later my grandmothers husband Weldon Knighton and her niece Cecelia Mitchell-Bartie and husband Anthony Bartie withdrew thousands of dollars and closed accounts, which belonged to Oleava Knighton's heir.  The husband has a shady past with illegitimate children, Bank fraudulent and business affairs, mix in the shady housewive manipulations who brainwashed an elderly poorly educated senior citizen.  This is how $$$ can divide a family.  Sadly its a hard pill to swallow, when you're related to crooks!!!!

Anthony Bartie
Weldon Knighton, Cecelia Bartie

Flashback Who's That ...

Singer, songrwriter, musician and producer Miguel, is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter and producer. Signed to Jive Records in 2007, Miguel released his debut album, All I Want Is You, in November 2010. Although it was underpromoted and performed poorly upon its release, the album became a sleeper hit and helped Miguel garner commercial standing.  The singer signed a production deal with Drop Squad in 2000.  In 2004, he was signed by independent record label Black Ice and started working on his studio album,   Young & Free. It was scheduled to be released on November 30, 2006, but was ultimately shelved. Black Ice released the single "Getcha Hands Up" with a video debut on 106 & Park, but Miguel decided to change his sound and image and walked away from Black Ice Records.  He later said in an interview for LA Weekly, "We shot a video, and if you ever see it, you will laugh your ass off. I have a fitted hat on and a white T-shirt and baggy jeans. I was 19 years old and it was the first time anyone had ever given me money."

Miguel, Signed to Jive Records in 2007, Miguel released his debut album, All I Want Is You, in November 2010. Although it was underpromoted and performed poorly upon its release, the album became a sleeper hit and helped Miguel garner commercial standing.  After Jive's dissolution in 2011, he moved to RCA Records and released his second album Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012 to critical acclaim.

Miguel is currently working on his third studio album tentatively titled Wild Heart, and is also working with DJ Premier.  On December 2014, Miguel released a 3-track EP entitled nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee in promotion for the album

Miguel identifies himself as part of the new wave of R&B artists that include Frank OceanThe Weeknd, and Elle Varner.  Miguel cites musicians PrinceDavid Bowie,Jimi HendrixFreddie MercuryPhil CollinsDonny HathawayThe Notorious B.I.G. and Kanye West.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Lady of Las Vegas

"Her name was Lola" ...

Lola Falana left home as a teenager to seek her fortune in entertainment. Discovered by Sammy Davis Jr. Later became lovers while Davis was married to May Britt.   
Falana appeared opposite Sammy Davis Jr. in "Golden Boy" on Broadway in 1964. She then toured Italy and won fame there in two Italian movies. 
In Italy she learned to speak fluent Italian while starring in three movies, the first of which was considered a spaghetti western. She was known as the "Black Venus". 

Returning to the States she toured with the Tavares Brothers in the 1970s and married Feliciano "Butch" Tavares.  With help from Sammy Davis, Falana brought her act to Las Vegas and became a top draw there. By the late 1970s, she was considered the Queen of Las Vegas.  In 1979 she became the highest-paid entertainer in Las Vegas, thus earning her the title "First Lady of Las Vegas".  Playing to sold-out crowds at The Sands, The Riviera, and the MGM Grand hotels. Finally The Aladdin offered her $100,000 a week to perform. At the time, Falana was the highest paid female performer in Las Vegas. Her show ran twenty weeks a year and became a major tourist attraction.

While still playing to sell-out crowds in Las Vegas, Falana joined the cast of a short-lived CBS soap opera, Capitol, as Charity Blake, a wealthy entertainment mogul. In 1983, Falana was appearing at Bally's hotel and casino in Atlantic City and, while playing baccarat, won a minority stake in the New York Mets, a stake she held until she sold it in 1988 for 14 million dollars to Frank Cashen.

Shortly after 'Capital' was canceled in 1987, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Her MS went into remission, and relapsed. 

Monday, March 9, 2015


Mantra - Living it Golden. Obstacles will come, people will talk. STILL STANDING as I was not born to break!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the opportunity, to live in a Blessed world.  Thanks for your guidance and your direction.  For all the blessings in my life.  I do give thanks.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kendrick Lamar ...

The rapper's untitled work drops March 23

Between Kanye West’s So Help Me God and Kendrick Lamar’s long-awaited good kid, m.A.A.d. city follow-up, this spring is shaping up to be a dream for rap fans. But while Kanye has said he’ll likely drop his new LP BeyoncĂ©-style without warning, Lamar confirmed Friday that his record is due in just a few weeks.

On March 23, he’ll release a new collection of 16 songs that includes his most recent track,“The Blacker the Berry.” (Oddly, last year’s “i” doesn’t appear to have made the cut, judging by the iTunes pre-order tracklisting). The record doesn’t have a title (it’s just listed as[Untitled]) nor does it have much of a cover — for now it’s a big black square.

Spring Forward ...

SPRING Forward Sunday!!!! Say goodbye to this brutal ass Winter, looking forward to Spring Sunny days, that will lead to Hot Summer nights!!! L'eggo

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Birthday ...

Remembering blue eyed soul.  Teena Marie 1956-2010

Blue eyed soul at its finest!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Book of Genius

From the 'Book of Genius' ... Singer, Songwriter and Producer Curtis Mayfield was born in Chicago, Illinois, Mayfield started his musical career in a gospel choir. Moving to Chicago's North Side he met Jerry Butler in 1956 at the age of 14, and joined vocal group the Impressions. As a songwriter, Mayfield became noted as one of the first musicians to bring more prevalent themes of social awareness into soul music. In 1965, he wrote "People Get Ready" for the Impressions, which has been listed in the Top 30 as one of the greatest songs of all time.  After leaving The Immpressions in 1970 he went on to release several solo albums including the 'iconic' SUPERFLY soundtrack and was a sought out producer charting blockbuster projects for Aretha Franklin, The Staple and Gladys Knight and The Pips.

The gifted artist taught himself how to play guitar, tuning it to the black keys of the piano, giving the guitar an open F-sharp tuning that he used throughout his career.[He primarily sang in falsetto register, adding another flavour to his music.