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Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy kept his battle with leukemia so private, most people who worked with him on "Power" had no idea he was sick.

Production sources on the show -- which stars 50 Cent -- tell us they had no idea Charlie was dealing with cancer. We're told he never told anybody on set and put in the work like everybody else.

Charlie played a prison guard named Marshal Williams on the show.

Family sources tell us Charlie only disclosed his cancer battle to very close friends and family members. We're told he said he didn't want his illness to define him.

And, we're told, even the family members who knew he was struggling were shocked when he died ... they didn't know the situation was that desperate.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Happy Sunday ...
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Obstacles, roadblocks, dead-ends are the mazes of life,  BUT we prevail and eventually end up where we're suppose to be. #TGIF


Thanks Martin and ABC ... u rocked!
London 2017 Royal Albert Baby

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