Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Williams Sisters Claiming Titles......

The Williams Sisters claiming titles in a land from down under @ The Australian Open added two more trophies to their mantel. Serena Williams defended her title by beating rival doping Justin Henin 64 36 62 who retired from the world of Tennis 20 months ago. No one understood why she retired at #1 a month before defending her title @ the French Open....well I say it was S T E R I O D S!!! However no one wants to address that issue, so I digress. Serena Williams is now tied with the legendary Billie Jean King who has 12 grand slam titles.
The day before Serena's Grand Slam final, she and big sister Venus defended their doubles title by beating the #1 seeded team in straight sets. The sisters now have 11 Grand Slam doubles titles. Not bad for two little girls from Compton. Congrats Ladies, you've shown the world how to win with grace and dignity.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Grammys This Sunday....

The Grammys will air this Sunday Night Live on CBS. The highlight for me will be the Tribute to the King of Pop. Let's see who gets robbed. I'm predicting that Taylor Swift, Kings Of Leon, Black Eyed Peas, Dave Matthews will be big winners, and Maxwell and Beyonce' will be reduced to JUST r&b winners in their categories. That's just MHO(My Humble Opinion). Good Luck Everyone, in a perfect world honesty and talent would prevail over POLITICS!!!


Happy Friday,

I was in communication with a family member recently, and we were having a difference of opinion. I'm always amazed at how family feels entitled to just say and do anything that they want to you , and of course we're supposed to accept it. I didn't sign up for that part of the deal. With family we don't get to choose who we're related to, we find a way to accept the hand we are dealt.

Why is it so hard for family to accept the fact that children grow up to become adults with our own thoughts, opinions, dreams and struggles. Yes it's hard to digest that we grow up, especially when they see us from our childhood. I use to give them a pass to treat me as a child. At some point you have to stand and say enough is enough. Sisters argue with sisters, Brothers will fight brothers. I've taken for granted, the luxury of being an only child.

Exercising discernment is the only way to find harmony in a world of madness, unfortunately sometimes that madness in your world can be brought on by the people who are supposed to love you the most, your family. I say take time to evaluate what your comfort level is. Stand your ground when you feel that you're being pushed. Hopefully you can do it with love, and if that doesn't work, be prepared to take it there.....and if they still don't get it, it might just be time for you to create your OWN core family, which can consist of a mate and friends who make up your extended family.

What are you doing with your Life?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Command Performance

Here are two up and coming singers that I think revitalizes the core of what talent really should be. Zalon and Dionne Bromfield both artists are from the UK. In this performance they pay homage to the great Motown sound echoing the days of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

I'm Just Saying..

I'm NOT interested in her forthcoming CD, but J.LO / Jennifer Lopez is STILL a certified banger. The cover of her new single is SMOKING!!

Two queens at the Grammys, Elton John will join Lady Gaga on stage. The Grammys are trying to compete against the American Music Awards, back in the day the Grammys was the elite trophy to win, because it was about TALENT, and that AMA's was about popularity. Today I can't tell which is which. In a forty year career the brilliancy of Marvin Gaye was only awarded TWO Grammys, a train wreck like Rihanna(non talent) she's been in the business for two hours and she has a Grammy. It gets even worse someone like Diana Ross who paved the way for the Destiny's Childs, Rihanna's, Britney's, Madonna's, Janet's, Fergie's and was a part of the most successful girl group in the rock era, and a gigantic solo star, she doesn't have a Grammy. Go figure!

Lately numerous media outlets, have reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are separating. My take on this is what it's always been ... TO EVERY RUMOR.......XXXXXXXXXxxxactly. So we'll keep a close eye on them. If she stole him from Jenifer Aniston, whatever their fate is, well it's pretty fair game.

Today on Momma O's show late night talk show host Jay Leno, tells him side of the story. This really is more of NBC's fault. They made a bad decision to axe Leno in his prime. Conan still came out a winner because 32.5 million dollars for work that you'll never do, is a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXcellent departure.

Brittany Murphy's husband is suing Warner Brothers for killing his wife. He's stating that all the added stress took it's toll on the late actress. She was reported to start filming Happy Feet 2, then was fired.

NFL player Eric Green, who played corner back for the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers is being accused of RAPING A GUY!!!
Here's what we know so far. A transgender man who goes by the name Angelina Mavila filed a $10 million sex assault suit against Eric.
According to Angelina, Eric Green forcibly sodomized him/her in the anus.
Here's what popped off. Angelina claims the two met in a Scottsdale, Ariz., casino last year, when Green still played for the Arizona Cardinals. They hit it off, and went back to his condo. Then things went left. She says that Eric raped her. And afterwards, he became "extremely agitated and threatening," and warned: "This never happened. You'd better not tell." When I heard about this story, I think the transgender got off easy...DON'T POSE AS A FEMALE!!! Luckily he didn't KILL she/him/her. Damn Damn Damn!!

Loser former Senator John Edwards has a sex floating around out there. This story gets stranger and stranger every day. Who in the hell wants to see a sex tape of John Edwards, now if it were Angelina and Brad or Will and Jada....yeah make it interesting. LMAO I'm JUST saying..

Gilbert Arenas and Jarvis Crittenton have been suspended for the entire season. This is almost like when your parents punish you and tell you "GO TO YOUR ROOM"!! Well not quite, but that's what these two bone heads get. First of all you're living the charmed life, and though it has it's privileges, it doesn't excuse their trifling asses for playing with guns. Now when they are sitting out for the ENTIRE season with NO pay, maybe they will think of a way to exude a more appropriate behavior.

President Obama's in his State Of The Union address last night was on point. As I watched him address the nation, you coutl just see the Repulican's FUMING!!! I think I might have saw a couple of loaded pistols in their pockets. LOL...SMH face it, the nation was suffering LONG before he got into office. As he stated he never said that "Change Would Be Easy".

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Another good show cancelled. Ugly Betty on ABC has been given the ax. All those damn reality shoes, makes it hard on the real actor.

The plot thickens, Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, is in rehab!
She is now being treated at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in North Carolina. Brooke's attorney, Yale Galanter, confirmed that his client was doing okay, but that she still has fluid in her lungs and was advised not to fly anywhere. Now it's starting to make more sense.

Its about damn time...Elizabeth Edwards has FINALLY decided to leave her lying cheating ass husband former Senator John Edwards. Mrs. Edwards who is battling terminal cancer. It really speaks about this man's character....getting someone when they're down is the lowest of the low, and it's very telling that he has NO character. Good for you Mrs. Edwards leave his ASS!!

Now that's what I'm talking about you better recognize....According to a new survey conducted by Forbes, it seems the most reliable and trusted celebrities in the US are James Earl Jones and Tom Hanks based on trustworthiness, awareness, and appeal. As for Jones, the 79-year-old actor topped the list, followed by Hanks, and coming in third was hottie Michael J. Fox.
According to the report:
"A premium was put on likability, reliability and credibility. The stars on our list tend to be endearing characters on screen and off. With private lives that are kept precisely that, they have earned, and maintained, the respect of their fans."

Another celebrity busted for DUI....Adrian Pasdar -- the guy who plays the flying Senator Nathan Petrelli on "Heroes" -- was busted for DUI early this morning after cops say he was burning rubber and swerving all over a Los Angeles freeway. Damn will they ever learn?

Big mouth Nancy Grace has been ordered to sit for a deposition on Thursday with a camera rolling .. according to a judge's order. Grace and CNN are being sued by the parents of a woman who committed suicide after appearing on Grace's TV show. The parents claim Grace accused the woman of being responsible for the disappearance of her son. Grace who runs her damn mouth too much. Let's see what she has to say ..... the cameras will be rolling!

Tiger Woods is an Ambien addicted fool. That's how the trouble started. While sleeping his wifey text the mistress, who replied. Once that happened Woods wifey got the golf club and it was ON!!! So might want to lay off the Ambien! Damn who has trouble sleeping...NOT ME!!

Actress Jane Fonda who is 72 years old, has a new fitness video coming out. Back in the day she was a aerobics BEAST!! Wonder if anyone will buy it?

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Michael Jackson's blockbuster "This Is It" in stores TODAY!!!!!!!!!!Witness this great legend's genius for yourself. Often imitated but NEVER ever duplicated.

Deadbeat father Sean Combs, purchased a 350.000 Mercedes Benz for his son Justin's 16TH birthday. He's setting his son up for a very false reality. Makes me question what was the real back drop story. Sounds very suspicious.

Call me crazy but I'm really feeling Ke$ha's hit song "Tik Tok". The song really gets a dance floor crunk.

Looks like Tiger Woods gold digging wifey, has decided NOT to Divorce him after all. She's not fool, I'm sure she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Woods in a sex rehab program ... GOOD LUCK!!!

Simon Cowell is being a prima donna on the set of American Idol, and Ellen DeGeneres is NOT happy abou it. She arrives to work on time, he on the other hand shows up whenever he wants. DeGeneres let it be known to Cowell that she wasn't impressed by his ego, and basically told him to get it together. Hopefully they two can work it out, after all it's only for one year...then he's OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTA there!!

Former American Idol alum Paula Abdul has been offered a 1 Million Dollar developement deal with ABC, but there's a catch. Abdul would have to appear on DWTS as a contestant. If she's smart, she wouldn't do it. First of all trained dancers shouldn't be allowed to compete on DWTS. You saw what happened to Mya, she lost to Donny Osmond, and we all know what a joke that was. Paula save your money, you'll be back on TV next year when X-Factor debuts stateside.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Single again, Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger graces the cover or Spain Cosmopolitan magazine. This lady is beautiful, and always catches my eye. Now that she's single again...any takers?

Mo'Nigue won the SAG award for Best Supporting Actress. Let's hope HOLLYWOOD isn't setting her up for a big let down, at the Oscars. Usually if you win the SAG award, you're almost a shoe in for the Academy Award, but sometimes you can get robbed like Eddie Murphy did for his role in Dreamgirls. He won EVERY Award that he was nonimated for, BUT the Oscar. Stay tuned to see how this plays out. At any rate....CONGRATS Mo'!!

Looking good at the SAG Awards was Penelope Cruz and Brad and Angelina, and you just know that sex has to be G R E A T!!! When I watched Mr & Mrs Smith, I had wood the entire was soft porn. And despite rumors of them breaking up, they looked VERY much in love.

The A-Listers came out to show unity for the Haitian Telethon. They raised 58 Million Dollars!!

Singer Lauryn Hill came out of hiding this past weekend ar Ruggamuffin 2010. Despite all the crazy talk that goes on about her, this lady can still rock a party. I, like most people are eagerly awaiting her return fully to music.

G E A U X - New Orleans SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!! That game was sick!! we come!!!

Avatar continues to be a beast at the Box Office, ranking in 35 million dollars, and holding the #1 position again.

Can somebody please tell Gary Coleman to calm his little ass down. Geez ole boy was arrested this past weekend in Santaquin, UT on Sunday afternoon for one count of domestic assault with a warrant for his arrest from a previous legal run-in.
Not much is known other than the Diff'rent Strokes star is currently being held on $1,725 bail in a Utah jail. Look like the 'whatcha you talking about' star hasn't been able to come up with bail. Ouch...that's got to hurt!!

Old lovers Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz run into each other at the Haiti Telethon. I wonder if she let him 'hit' for old times sake. With all double back a time or two in our lives. I'm Just Saying... Aint nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.

Crazy ass comedian Andy Dick was arrested this past weekend for trying to get some dick. I think this may be the longest stretch of time Andy Dick has gone without getting arrested! Apparently he was in a horny mood, and wanted to cop a feel on a few of the local fellas, and decided to grab their crotches .... that had to hurt.
The recovering alcoholic was arrested by Huntington Police in West
Virginia early Saturday morning on charges of sexual abuse!!!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hey Everyone..
It's been a week of rain for us in Southern California, and I am LOVING it, such a good time for a cleansing, It's one of God's many blessings, so let it rain down .....

Mirrors, Consciousness and True friends help us to hold our Truths. Painful as it may be, being real with yourself, is a sign of a person who is in touch with their morals and scruples. Character is something that you build on. Standing for something is an achievement that society rewards. In life if you're lucky enough to have children or be in a leadership position, you can help shape and mold a person into someone, who is respected and admired.

I once read a sign that spoke about the 'truth' and it simply stated that when you tell the truth, you don't have to remember a thing, and that is such a true fact. Whereas if you live your life as a lie, its constant work to cover your bases, and it gets harder than it has to be. I made the mistake of saying I love you to someone that I didn't love,and that led me down a road of misery. My thought process was that I wanted to be the good guy, by telling her what she wanted to hear, made her happy temporarily and of course I was miserable. With the realization that respect is about having a word, if only I had been honest, initially she would've been hurt and disappointed, but in the end I would be probably still have her respect, maybe even a friendship instead of hatred.

Just like the rain that falls, it releases down freely, the truth can be just as freeing. To live is to learn and to learn is to grow wiser. The person who doesn't grow will continue on a path of deception and misery. We're here for such a short time in the large scheme of things, Shouldn't we try as hard as humanly possible to be the best that we can be at all times....just like when we put on our best clothing with all the accoutrements. We do this because we want people to take note and pay attention. The same rules apply when you open your mouth.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Im Just Saying..

The Grammy Awards will do a tribute to the King of Pop next week. Michael Jackson gave life to ANY award show, and it's ONLY right to showcase the body of this great artists life and work. Of course the Grammys are doing it for more ratings hype than a true heart felt salute. Damn this crazy world we live in. I hope that bambi Taylor Swift doesn't perform "Billie Jean" ... XXXXXxxxactly!! Long shot Grammy Producers, you better bring the MUTHAF*CKIN heat!! The salute will be in 3-D. I got my eyes ON you!!

Never send in a Hen to do a Rooster's job. FINALLY the late night war is OVER, and things are as they should be...Jay's back IN, and Conan....well Red Head Rooster will get 32.5 million dollars, that's a lot of golden eggs. NBC also will give severance packages to his staff which totals 12.5 million dollars. Above all the madness, this is really NBC's screw up, and I think both Jay and Conan suffered, but the one who was really screwed is David Letterman, the Tonight Show shouldve been his when Johnny Carson stepped down.

Lying ass Former Senator John Edwards is finally admitting that he Fathered a child almost two years ago...well NO kidding dumbass. The world knew this already, and I reported on this MONTHS ago. How much more agony are you going to put your wife Elizabeth through. She needs to tell you to Kick Rocks!! I'm Just Saying..

George Clooney and other celebrities are coming together to do a telethon to help raise funds for the Haitin relief. Clooney who is producing the show is showing that he is from the old white boy board, he declined Kanye West who wanted to do his part, but the producer said no...WTF, white america still speaks. If his heart is in the right place, let's keep it moving.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

Though they are no longer together Floetry was a nice diversion from your typical r&b group. They were a female duo, which consisted of a lyricist and a poet. I so appreciate this performance, because at the time when "Getting Late" hit the airwaves, it was a breath of fresh air. The lyrical content speaks to the longing of love and heartbreak, acceptance and moving on. How can you not like a song with that much strength. Enjoy this nice stroll down memory lane.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

A Complete JOKE - I don't understand WHY or HOW someone like this is making it in HOLLYWOOD!!! Enjoy your 30 seconds Elvira Jr.

Former Destiny's Child background singer Kelly Rowland has signed a new recording contract with Motown records, she fired one shark Matty Knowles only to be in bed with another shark Motown President Sylvia Rhone!! Good luck Kelly.....have a 'Baby By Me'

Why is Nick Cannon always running behind his tragic attention whore wifey Mariah Carey? He seems more like her assistant or intern. Nickie baby, MAN up, tell her to get her own damn coffee, let her pick up her own damn train on her dress. Grow some balls son!!!

Rapper/Mogul Jay Z finally addresses Kanye West statement about Beyonce'. Yes we all KNOW that Kanye was out of line with poor Bambi Taylor Swift, but on the other hand, he did give this girl LIFE, and a ENTIRE new career, so it wasn't all bad right? Trust me when I tell you that she's going to clean UP at the Grammys!! Back to the point at hand. Jay Z said that he agreed with Kanye, but his timing was wrong. Now that's what I call having your boys back. Good job Hova!!

Kirk Franklin, Tonex, Trey Songz, Alicia Keys....I leave with your those names. They all have the same get you can discuss this amongst yourselves...I MIGHT come back to this later...MIGHT!! I'm Just Saying..

Actor Dennis Hopper who is reported to be on his deathbed, is trying to DIVORCE his wifey before he that's what I call going out with a BANG!!

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller will move back in together -- if the Aspen judge loosens the restrictions on the protective order at the hearing on Friday. As I've said MANY times before, money does have it's privileges. Brooke is going back for another round, let's see who will score the TKO this time.

Actress Kate Hudson has a NEW boyfriend, lets him his name is Penicillin, that kooch gets more work than a gynaecologist. I guess you fall off of one horse, you get back on another one.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Janet is LOOKING hot on the cover of GOTHAM magazine. She speaks on coping with the loss of her famous brother, and she feels that life goes on.

The devastation of the Haiti earthquake has Hollywood rallying to their aid, I can't help but take notice to how America will jump to pitch in for foreign countries, but when devastation happens in the United States, such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and 9/11 the aid was very slow in coming. I think we should focus more on the plight and Americans, and try to get out situations in order.

Former "Grease","Taxi" and "reality" actor "Jeff Conaway" from was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital today -- and according to his girlfriend, he suffered devastating injuries.
Jeff's girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, tells TMZ Jeff fell down a staircase this morning at his home and suffered a broken hip, a broken arm, a fractured neck and a brain hemorrhage. My gut tells me that a bottle of booze is the reason for this accident. Get well soon Jeff.

The Mother and Husband of the late actress Brittany Murphy will be on Larry King Live tomorrow discussing what killed Murphy. Seems she died of a broken heart from Hollywood. Hollywood is the most addictive drug in the world, but it's hard to survive the peaks and valleys. I'm STILL saddened by her passing, such a bright presence who left this earth much too soon.

Johnny Depp graces the cover of GQ magazine. Depp is so cool, so non Hollywood. He's been at the Top of his game for over twenty years. Depp doesn't look a day over 25....that's what GOOD living will do for you.

Letoya Jackson, she all kinds of crazy. Well now the trainwreck wants to be the new judge on A.I. I think it could work, because she's even crazier than Paula Abdul, and both of those gals, can't sing to save their Toy Toy might be on the something. I'm Just Saying...

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

The Golden Globes were last night in Hollywood, and though it was a wet rainy mess, the stars STILL come out dressed to the NINES!! The Night's Big winners in Mo'Nique for Best Supporting Actress for Precious, Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for The Blind Side, James Cameron's racist Avatar won for Best Picture and Best Director, The Hangover won for Best Comedy and it was so deserving, that movie is crazy funny, Meryl Streep for Best Comedy Actress for Julia/Julia and Robert Downey Jr. for Best Comedy Actor for Sherlock Holmes were among the big winners.
Halle....NEVER Disappoints!!!

Sandra Bullock!! looking lovely,and what a great job in The Blind Side - Congrats

R.I.P. Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams died this morning in South Carolina. He was 26.
Adams was rushed to the emergency room at Self Regional Hospital in Greenwood, S.C. where he was pronounced dead at 9:00 AM, according to ESPN. he's the second football play to pass away in the last two months, both players were 26. Basically just kids.

The Jacksons A Family Dynasty over on A&E ended last night, however the ratings were good enough for A&E to want a second season. Ironically none of the Jackson brothers have called A&E to sign on for a second season. Maybe they're not broke after all. I can't bring myself to watch their trainwreck.

Various Gossip sites were reporting that Superstar Whitney Houston was acting strangely, they alluded to her old habit. However when Houston showed up at BET HONORS this past weekend looking AMAZING, all of sudden, no one wants to report that news, but US!!!! Hater websites sit your ASS back down!! When Houston accepted her award, she tearfully stated, that it was NICE NOT BEING JUDGED for a change. Congrats Whitney, revenge is life's best reward!!

Also looking amazing at the BET Honors show was Mya, Queen Latifah, Gabby Union, Mary J.(Muhammad Ali)Blige, my girlfriend Taraji Henson,Ne-Yo and Patti Labelle. it was truly Black Star POWER!!

A child molester tries to pull strings and dictate to the courts...The prosecutor in Roman Polanski's 32-year-old sex case has filed legal papers presenting his opposition to Roman's request to be sentenced in Switzerland.
Deputy District Attorney David Walgren argued that Roman is a "convicted child rapist" and a "fugitive who should not dictate how the case should proceed in the courts. " Polanski has ran free for over 32 years....Where's the JUSTICE??

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BET Honors Whitney Houston and others...

BET HONORS show, in my opinion is one of the few things that the BET network gets right. Tonight they Honored Legendary Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Keith L. Black M.D, Dr. Ruth J. Simmons and Sean Combs. Performances tonight included India Arie, Mary J. Blige, but the highlight for me was Kim Burrell and Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney. The show will air on BET February 1st.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Happy Martin Luther King Weekend,

As we all settle back into complete work mode from the Holidays. Much work and organization is needed. Trying to rid old habits, lost loves, and sometimes lost souls. The destination to completeness is all the things that we learn along the way. Time and time again, I realize the reward is not to bless with a long life, the daily reward is surviving the obstacles that life presents to us on a day to day. Challenges will always arise. There are days, when I don't have the fight in me, as I'm sure you encounter that same feeling.

Waking up and being blessed to see a new day, we do not know what we will face, and what mountains we may have to climb. Amazingly your survival skills gets you through, and more so than not, we don't realize the strength from within, that we possess. Epiphanies are visual realizations about one's self. Successes can come in small or large doses. Surrounding yourself in a new social group brings about new opportunities, doing things the same ole way, brings stagnation.

Ordinary doesn't have to be attached to your eulogy, I find similar circumstances begets the same outcome, be in those dealing in friendships, or people who allow love to abuse them, will generally hang out with those who have familiar stories. Being plagued by love and rejection, that group tends to surround themselves with enablers. While the heart breakers tend to flow in packs together. The movie "He's Just Not That Into You'" it was simple, but all very accurate. Why is it when you get over heartbreak and finally decide to move on...GUESS WHAT, all of a sudden, they realize they're in love with you, and NOW they're ready to give you all the desires that you were seeking. Hmmm TOO LATE!!

Jealously and Envy are nothing new to the rules of life. We hold the tools to our destiny, some will rise to the occasion for change and put forth the gallant effort, and some will not. When you see angry, bitter and disenchantment. Trust me there's a reason for every emotion, and every wrinkle earned. Saying I don't know, should be a simple task, yet so few can express it. I've had to process similar situations. I can honestly say that I grew from the experience and it made me a better person.

The universe moves on its own time table, in life we have to find the right rhythm to coincide with the rules of nature. Life is a dance and numbers play the most significant part. Be it a 4 or 8 count, maintaining the balance will get you the best results, Conflict and dismay comes when you flow against the pulse of where the universe is trying to take you.

We never get there alone. Though many will say that I don't need anyone, we ALL need someone. Learning to humble yourself, and to do it with a sincere heart, is when the rewards are reaped. The beauty of Epiphany is all about realization, and it doesn't matter when you come to it, the thing is that you came to it. Start you own trends, learn from others mistakes, and correct your own. It's a new year, and as I said before it's all about Infinite Possibilities. This time next year, let's see where we are in our lives, I'm aiming for exuberant masterpieces.

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Let's send a special prayer to all the Haitian families who were affected by the 7.0 earthquake.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

When I see Steve Harvey, the first thing I think of is a JOKE!! Ole boy is now trying to give advice on women, love and relationships, mind you he's divorced and has a new chick. Let me talk to the ex-wifey, she has the all the advice I need. Wake up people, find strength in yourselfs, NOT D-List celebrities. Remember it's okay to laugh when you see Harvey, because he's FUNNY to look at.

Some white people will just say ANYTHING...Televangelist Pat Robertson speaking on the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Rush Limbaugh’s pal stated that the tragic event happened to the people of Haiti because they made a “pact with the devil.”
"Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French ... and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, 'We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French.' True story. And the devil said, 'OK, it's a deal.' Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after another." Well Mr. Robertson, the last time I checked, God was still in charge, and NOT you.

Jay Z and Beyonce were the number one money couple of 2009 according to Forbes, which just released their survey of the highest-earning couples in celebdom. She pulled in $87 million last year — a combination of record sales, touring, and endorsements — while Jay brought in a $35 million. No matter how your chop it up, both of these artists are working hard for their cheddar.

Good Job Tiger Woods, who sent a mobil Hospital to aide in the disaster in Haiti. You don't hear about is good deeds, so I'm SCREAMING it from mountain top. As you know the Haitian earthquake is the strongest to hit that country in 200 years.

Elton John may be the next Simon Cowell on next year's A.I. I for one thinks it's great news, because John is very worthy of judging, because he actually has TALENT, and status to back it up!!!

Why are Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien taking jabs at each other? Direct your anger to NBC execs. Those are the fools who have causes all this havoc.

More good deeds and I love it. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated 1 Million dollars to the Haitian Relief Fund!!

Get Well Soon goes out to Golden Girl's star Rue McClanahan has suffered a stroke.
The 75 year old collapsed while she was recovering from bypass surgery a week before. Just goes to show you, that getting older is NOT always the reward.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass. The Music world mourns the loss of one of the greatest voices of American History.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Can you guess who the lovely lady is? Hint, she blazed the trail for the Beyonce's,Britney's, Rihanna's, Madonna's, Ciara's, Janet's ..... a Chameleon ahead of her time, and STILL looking fabulous in the process. Last hint, she was a member of a successful recording group, and she's VOWED never to go back.

FINALLY!!!!! Beyonce' Knowles is going to take a six month break from EVERYTHING entertainment. AMEN and Hallelujah!!! Allow us to miss you, instead of making us sick by your presence.

A.I. premiered last night....did any of you watch it? I've never been a fan, and now that Paula Abdul is not longer on there. Let me know if there's anyone worthy on that joint.

Conan O'Brien tells NBC to EFF off, and I'm Impressed by his decision. The Big Honchos made a horrible decision to replace Leno, and within seven short months, they have managed to screw up late night television. Johnny Carson would be so disappointed. Good Luck Conan on your next gig.

Tennis player Maria Sharpova has renewed her Nike contract for another years for a reported $70 Million bucks. With the new deal comes a line of dresses designed by Sharpova as well as a percentage of all clothing sold. Sharpova’s other endorsements include Tiffany & Co., Canon, Inc and Sony Ericsson Comunications all valued at $22 Million per year. In my opinion she's getting 68.5 million more than she deserves.

Ke$ha has knocked Grandma Moses Susan Boyle off her throne in next weeks Billboard Magazine. Boyle held the coveted position for five weeks fending off the likes of Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige and Alicia He'sssssssssss!

The little science project known as Katt Williams is in trouble AGAIN!!
Two arrest warrants have been issued for comedian Katt Williams after he allegedly punched someone in the face at an Atlanta hotel back in November -- and the whole thing was allegedly caught on tape ... audio tape. See what happens when you try to diss the King of Pop in your standup routine.....AINT NO GOOD, GONNA COME TO YOU!!!

Former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams has fired Matthew Knowles and his management team. She's looking for new representation. Unfortunately I don't Matty Knowles is to blame for her career tanking, you can only work with what's presented before you.

Two nights ago I attended Tyrese and Tank's joint birthday party....and let's just say I wasn't disappointed in what I saw there...a complete mess, and yes Rihanna was a part of the madness. Hey RiRi how is that CD selling? LMAO

For the two people who are interested, former B2K member Omarion has released yet ANOTHER CD that no one is interested in. UGH

I told you so... Trey Songz may be checking for more than ladies. Pop the top for the details.
According to a trusted source Trey Songz is openly bi-sexual and has been seeing men since 2004. A source exclusively tells Bossip that Trey Songz was in a relationship with an industry professional named Brandon Hines (pictured below in the studio with Trey) whom Trey worked with in 2004-2005 and was in a relationship with for roughly 6-7 months. Our source says that Trey is versatile and can be both a giver and receiver depending on his partner. While our source confirms that Trey does indeed sleep with men the source also says that Trey still continues to sleep around with women as well.
The cat is OUT the bag kiddies...

My heart goes out to all the families of Haiti who were affected by the 7.0 earthquake. Let's try to show compassion and love. If you can donate anything, be it $5 or $10 dollars, every little bit helps. You can contact the American Red Cross, Operatation USA, or contact any local news station would be able to direct you to other resources.

In news that make me SMH ..... Hugh Hefner, 83, is down 2/3 of his girlfriends.
Late Tuesday Hefner tweeted that, "The Shannon Twins are growing up. They're moving to the Playmate House with my blessing so they will be free to do other things."
Kristina and Karissa Shannon, known as 'The Shannon Twins,' are 20 and have been dating the aging Playboy mogul for over a year. I keep thinking about worms...OLD worms. When gold diggers have no limits, and as for Hefner, well that's just nasty!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The RETURN of Sade.......

Get READY!!!!

I'm Just Saying..

David Beckham is more famous for what's under his clothes, than for playing soccer. Women and some men love and adore him. Beckham recently celebrated a team win, by doing a strip tease on field. No one in the stands were complaining.

Attention whore Usher claims to have 1 Million dollars worth of jewerly stolen out of his car. Hmmm my question is this, what fool keeps a million dollars of jewerly in their car? Raymond V Raymond CD isn't sparking any interest, guess he's trying another angle. Get it together Usher!!

Pussycat Doll's Nicole Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger And Lewis Hamilton Call It SPLITS! First her solo CD gets shelved, then the Pussycat Doll's CD bites, and now this. Poor girl can't catch a break.

CNN reports that Sarah Palin has signed on to become a contributor for Fox News. It doesn’t appear that she will have her own show, but either way this should be interesting. Just don't ask her where Russia is, and everything should be okay. I'm Just Saying..

A.I. winner Fantasia premeired her reality show, along with Pepa from Salt N Pepa on VH1. Did you watch? if so what are your thoughts? Seems that everyone loves a camera in their face.

Just like a little b*tch Ray J. tried to deny his DL dealings. If it's no truth, why defend? He rode into Hollywood on his sister's coat tail. He's never had a hit of his own, then he did the Porn tape, that along let's you know ole boy is sweet. Ray J. how about this, GET A REAL JOB!! If Young Buck was smart, he'd tape one of their sessions, and when times get hard, SELL IT!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Where have all the girl groups gone? How ironic it stars out with a dream, then comes success but when success finally happens, someone starts feeling themselves, and ego comes into play, and all of a sudden, someone wants to go solo and the groups disbands. Diana did it with the Supremes, Patti left LaBelle,Fergie bounced from Wild Orchid to the BEP's, Beyonce did it to Destiny's Child. Those are the few successes,but most times when groups sololist disbands, it doesn't prove to be so successful, En Vogue, Xscape, TLC, SWV,702, Brownstone, Seduction, Sisters Sledge, For Real were ALL better off in their respective groups. When will the ever learn, put your ego aside, and get the money. En Vogue is doing exactly that, as they have reunited and touring celebrating 20 years in the business, though they were apart 13...I'm Just Saying..

It's on a Shakedown over at NBC, guess who's back on top for The Tonight Show....Jay Leno, every now and then things work out as they should. Rooster head Conan O'Brien was told by NBC, you can stay, but your will will be airing AFTER Jay Leno. Hmmm makes you kinda wonder why did they offer ole boy the gig in the first place.

Disney and Miley Cyrus has reported that this is the last year of "Hannah Montana" and I all I have to say about this news is THANK GOD!!!!!

Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner are an item, and have been for quite sometime. Things are heating up, these lovely young teen stars, have matured very nicely. Now they're ready to play grown up games, word on the street has them about to co-habitat. Get it "IN" !

Being rich and famous has it's perks, beautiful Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry bypassed the long as security line at the Montreal Airport. Well I would've been PISSED if I were in line. I'm Just Saying... I love Halle and all, BUT!!

X-Factor is coming to America and it's going to be Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as hosts without boring ass Randy "Dude" Jackson. I still don't think Paula should ever be allowed to judge talent in terms of singing, because well you all know the girl can't sing her way out of a paper bag. With that said I'm am happy that she will have a job again, because A.I. did dog her out.

First it was John Singleton and Tyrese, then it was Tyrese and Ray J., now it's Ray J. and Young Buck, but y'all never want to listen closely. I give it ALL to you, I only ask that you pay attention. LMAO You just got to love Hollyweird, Lawd knows I do.

In couple news looks like Gwyneth Paltrow might be coming to a decision soon about her marriage to rocker Chris Martin. Turbulence has been a part of their marriage for a while now. One of Paltrow's best friends is the one and only Madonna, who has been encouraging her friend to divorce Martin.

Speaking of Madonna, she had dinner with Sean Penn her first hubby last week. I really think if both of these guys had been more mature back in the day, they would STILL be married. They were each other's first love. That never goes away.

Sad news for Vice-President Joe Biden, his mother Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Finnegan passed away on Friday. She was 92 years old. R.I.P. Mrs. Biden.

Racist movie 'Avatar' continues to rake up the big bucks at the Box Ofice, as it was the #1 movie again this weekend.

WTF Fergie & Josh Duhamel Renew Wedding Vows After Less Than 1 Year. Guess it's okay to cheat on your wifey, who knows maybe it's a open marriage.

Sade's SOLDIER OF LOVE video premiered today, and boy oh boy is it HOTTTTTTTTT!! Why would you expect anything less.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, January 8, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone,

I trust that all of you had a great holiday. Family and friends coming together should always be a joyous occasion. I won't talk about goals set in place, for this new year of infinite possibilities, because I'm sure we all know what we need to do, to ensure greatness in our tomorrows. 2009 was wicked, and I was very happy to see it go.

Starting a clean slate is such a refreshing breeze to smell. The first Sunday of a New Year, always packs the church. We celebrate tradition, as hope is ever present. Still, world issues are at an all time high, hostilities haven't gone away. Realizing that it will always take a village, Lending helping hands to others in need, will never go out of style. Being ever grateful to see a New Decade, where many were not as fortunate.

Today we can no longer procrastinate, is another form of defeatism. Excuses are just that, an excuse. It never gets you any closer to what you really want or need, subtle joy is not long term. Speak it, and know that you can conceive it, the universe will give you whatever you desire. As we embark on a new chapter in our lives. Take a deep breath, visualize it .... and it's yours. One saying I've come to really appreciate and wholeheartedly believe is this - NEVER PUT A QUESTION MARK(?) WHERE GOD HAS PUT A PERIOD(.).

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

I'm In LOVE with Keri Hilson.....big things are going to come to this lovely lady. She was nominated for Best New Artist by the NAACP Awards Show!!

WTF ..... give kids too much money, and this is what they resort to. *The NBA suspended Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas indefinitely Wednesday for storing unloaded guns in his locker room at the Verizon Center.
"Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game," Commissioner David Stern announced Wednesday, "accordingly, I am suspending Mr. Arenas indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately pending the completion of the investigation by the NBA." This one leaves me speechless and SMH!!

Little Arnold(Gary Coleman) was rushed to the hospital yesterday claiming not to be feeling well. As you know the 41 year actor has a history a Kidney disease. For now Coleman is doing well, but his manager doesn't know he will be released. I'll keep you posted as I always do.

Money has is perks, actor Charlie Sheen doesn't have to appear in court he can give his testimony over the phone. WTF....why doesn't those perks apply to ever day citizens? Charlie gave his wifey Brooke a beatdown, but now he's hoping that all will be forgiven, but that hope will have to wait at least until January 20TH, their next court appearance or should I say phoner interview:)

David Hasselhoff is leaving his post as judge on America's Got Talent to do his own TV show. I'm not sure is he's leaving on his own, or if the alcohol stories forced him out, which is probably the real story.

You Suck...The Twilight Saga," "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries" all sucked up trophies Wednesday at the 36Th annual People's Choice Awards. Guess we can by popular opinion that NOTHING is wrong with a little neck sucking.

Late President Ronald Reagans grandson was arrested .... officers arrived at the home, Cameron Reagan -- son of political radio host Michael Reagan -- was screaming profanities at the cops.
Reagan was ultimately taken into custody at 12:20 AM. He was later booked at a Van Nuys jail on the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest at 5:49 AM.
He's still in police custody.
It's not Cameron's first run-in with the law -- back in 1999 he was sentenced to six months in jail on charges of receiving stolen property for his role in two car burglaries. Don't you just love stories like this .... it's all HUSH / HUSH when it happens to that's why I try to scream it from the MOUNTAIN TOP!! He's a CRIMINAL!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

This live performance is a rare find, but truly a gem. Syreeta Wright and Billy Preston were truly in their element on this performance. From a time when the world was just a little more tender, when we seemed to care about our fellow man more. Sadly both artists are now deceased, but their memories will live on, because of treasured performances like these. Enjoy this tribute, and I hope it makes you feel all good inside, because that's what it's all about.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

David Beckham spotted cruising down Santa Monica boulevard in Los Angeles in his custom Bentley GTC coupe. Makes me wanna sing, PCD's 'Why I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Rich .. I Wanna Famous' ....the car is SICK!! I ain't mad about it!!

Former Senator John Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, and denied it for years. Now he wants his dying wife Elizabeth to meet her. Sure Johnny boy, why not just drive a steak knife through her heart. Haven't you done enough? You just got to love Politics!

Redmond O'Neal, The son of late actress Farrah Fawcett's is back to his old habits again, and has gotten himself locked up AGAIN, on a parole violation. This time I think he will see some real jail time....his next court appearance is February 2. Remember kids drugs KILL!!

Niole Richie, Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton all reunited yesterday to celebrate their friend Casey Johnson's life. This has to be a shock for these ladies, because they all grew up together, and basically led the same charmed life. He giveth, he can takenth away. Be strong ladies.

Chocolate anymore? Not just the KKK gold diggers, but sisters and some misters like it too. Doesn't this cover seem familiar? Essence what are you doing? Looks very rehashed? I'm Just Saying..

Hollywood is turn The Three Stooges into a film .... why am I yawing? XXXXxxxactly, but one interesting player is Sean Penn who will play the role of Larry, so maybe it will be interesting after all. Only time will tell.

Singer Mariah Carey was a sloppy drinking mess last night in Palm Springs. Carey was presented with the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in "Precious" at the Palm Springs Film Festival.Her speech was slurred, and a completely inebriated. C'mon Mrs. Cannon, you're DOING too much per usual. It's okay your CD tanked, you can work on another one. Your marriage is a sham, it's OKAY, you'll have ANOTHER one. Pull it together.

In damage control news spotted on their way to the LA Lakers game were Mary J.(Muhammad Ali)Blige and husband Kendu were spotted out together last night. Hmmm funny thing is now Mary's people are trying to deny, the beat down that she and her brother gave her cheating husband, who IS sleeping with her label mate. Mary's next CD is going to be a BLOCKBUSTER, her fans really love her when she's down in the dumps...wasn't it just yesterday she was testifying the "No More Drama" chant?

Someimes you have to eat crow, for months I've given Akon's artist Lady Gaga a horrifically hard time. I must admit that she has a voice, and I've actually started paying attention to her sightings. There I said it...I was wrong, she does have talent. I could say more, but I don't want to give a backhanded compliment.

Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez talks to "Latina" magazine about her disappointment with the Academy Awards, Lopez felt that she turned in a Oscar worthy performance in El Cantante , but fears the voters never saw she and husband Marc Anthony's movie. I must admit, she did do her thing in that movie, if you haven't seen it .. check it out!!

How many of you are ready for Sade's new CD next month? February 8TH is just around the corner, and I Can't WAIT!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Former NBA star Jayson Williams was arrested on suspected DWI this morning. This man can't see to get himself together. Just a few years ago he accidentally killed his driver back in 2002 with a shotgun. The jury was deadlocked in 2004 on a reckless manslaughter charge and he is scheduled to be retried. Bruh I think it's time for a serious intervention ...... NOW!!!

Chris Brown WHO, that's what singer Rihanna appears to be saying, and she plants a kiss on her NEW boyfriend Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp has already hit first base, actually ole boy has scored a home run. Hey homie, word of advice. Make sure that you have your 'jimmy's' with you... ole girl it Lethal!! I'm Just Saying..

J-Boog from B2K -- aka Jarell Damonte Houston was arrested for domestic violence at his L.A. home yesterday. Law enforcement sources tell us Boog was arrested late afternoon for "corporal punishment on a spouse" as well as for outstanding warrants relating to an allegedly bad driving record. Maybe he's frustrated because his career has tanked.

Shaq's divorce is going to get UGLY. One of his sideline jumpoff's recently admitted to having a five year affair with O'Neal. The jumpoff has hired media hungry lawyer whore Gloria Allred! Wonder who is representing his wifey Shaunie? This is playing out better than any movie of the week.

Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson passed away yesterday at the tender age of 30. It's such a sad story, my heart goes out to her family, death is never an easy thing to deal with. When something like this happens, it reaffirms that money can't buy everything.

I STILL don't get the hype of JERSEY SHORE, and the D-Lister's on that show. MTV step your game up...isn't suppose to be about the MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSIC!!

It was only a matter of time.... there's a sex tape of TIGER WOODS!!! Poor man, can't seem to catch a break, but I know all the women in the world are loving this story. Ironically it's a like a United Front with females in regards to this story....all wives,girlfriends are hating on him, the only women who are loving him, is the charmed dozen or so who got the lollipop:)

Matriarch Eunice W. Johnson, 93, widow of Johnson Publishing Co. founder John H. Johnson has died. She suffered from of renal failure on Sunday at her Chicago home, according to a company spokeswoman. She was also the founder of Ebony Fashion Fair. Jet/Ebony haven't been the same since Mr. Johnson passed away. R.I.P. Mrs. Johnson a life well lived.

Vanity Fair is one of the most racist magazines EVER. In their history of publishing, less five African American's have graced their cover, now that Tiger Woods scandal is in FULL swing, VF came up with the bright ideal of putting Woods on their cover. Such dirty dogs. Anything for a sale ... right?

Speaking of racism, is it just me, or was the movie Avatar one of the most racist movies EVER!!! I'm Just Saying.... Let me know your thoughts!!

R&B Singer Keyshia Cole is engaged to NBA baller boyfriend Daniel “Boobie” Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let's hope she can't keep crackhead mother away from the ceremony. Good luck kids.

Things that make me SMH(shaking my head) ...
On Friday New Orleans resident John Turnpaugh was arrested after calling 911 and telling the dispatcher he planned to kill President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
A Secret Service agent was able to trace the 47-year-old's call to his cell phone and was later arrested on Saturday for illegal possession of a firearm and drug possession.
Singer Tyrese vehicle flipped over, no one injured, immediately after the crash, he and the other victims in the car, went to a day spa...WHOA!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Happy 2010 Everybody!!!

Let's get to it....
BET is doing something right for a change, they're correcting a MAJOR wrong by NARAS (The Grammys)they are Honoring Superstar Whitney Houston in February on their BET Honors program, also being Honored is Jay Z and Queen Latifah. I must admit, this is one show that BET has always gotten right, it showcases not only on entertainment, but African Americans from the Business World.

Matthew McConaughey updated his website on Sunday afternoon to inform the world that his girlfriend Camila gave birth to their second child early Sunday morning! Camila gave birth to a healthy 7lb. 7oz. baby girl named "Vida Alves McConaughey" ..... yay a little Sister for brother Mateo.

Singer Rihanna has penned a book titled Rihanna: The Last Girl On Earth, scheduled to hit store shelves on June 29Th. Guess if your singing career is tanking, might as well try something new. What's next porn...oops she's done that already. Good luck Ri Ri!!

Eventhough his marriage is on constant quicksand, Basketball Great Kobe Bryant did his think on New Years Day, helping his Lakers Team win another amazing game. I'm NOT always a fan of his, but you can't deny the boy has got mad game.

After her recent brush with death earlier this month, Alexa Ray Joel has thanked everyone for their love and support through this difficult time and is doing pretty well considering the circumstances.
Alexa's hospitalization was due to an overdose of pills at a time of crippling depression and wants to help others who are suffering.
She wants to "help young girls" with something I know a GREAT deal about: Heartbreak-Related Depression. In my humble opinion, I think she needs to first HELP herself, because attempting to take your own life, because of heartbreak, is VERY drastic measures. Get Well Soon!!! Hopefully your parents are taking heed to this gigantic warning sign.

It was boys night out at tonight’s ATL Hawks game vs. the Cavaliers Tuesday night in Atlanta. Chris Brown, Usher, Akon, The Dream and many others were there to watch the Hawks lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh well, at least the drinks were flowing. Wasn't is just yesterday that Usher was threatened that Breezy was going steal his thunder. Imagine what a brutal *ss whupping can do to one's career. I STILL support your Breezy, but I think you need better PR people in your camp. Hopefully it's NOT too late.

Elton John says he has been helping American rapper Eminen fight drug problems for more than a year. Imagine to my surprise how this all works out, in the beginning Eminen didn't want to be any where near The Gays, and now he's getting help from a major HOMO. One thing about white folk, they will help their own. Sir John has always fight for a good cause.

Blue Eyed wannabe soul singer Robin Thicke latest project has tanked. Maybe he and other Blue Eyed wannabe soul singer Joss Stone, can revamp the Donny and Marie Comedy Hour!!

On a happier note the return of singer Sade is getting closer to its February 8TH release date. Now if only other record labels, could put proper set up in play for their artist releases. Grandma Moses Susan Boyle proved that CD's can still move units. Let us ALL pay attention to this lesson that we're witnessing.

Simon Cowell is rumored to be leaving AI, for his own show X-FACTOR which he's bringing stateside. Hopefully this show focus MORE on true talent, but wait isn't this the same show that Boyle was a runner up contestant? Hmmm well maybe this isn't such a bright idea after all:(

Science-fiction epic "Avatar" had another stellar weekend at the Box Office with $68.3 million domestically, shooting past $1 billion worldwide, only the fifth movie ever to hit that mark.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year/TGIF

New Beginnings/New Concepts/New Dreams = ALL ATTAINABLE!!

Here's a new thought process for you "NEVER put a Question Mark(?) Where GOD has put a PERIOD(.) ...... If you live your life this way, you will be AMAZED how stress free you can be!!!

Life Is YOUR Precious Gift, and All That Can Happen Will Leave You AMAZED!!