Thursday, December 31, 2009

Command Performance

This Guy is GOING PLACES!!! Mark My Word!!! J'Sun is the TRUTH!!!

I'm Just Saying..

Happy New Year's EVE everyone.
I appreciate you for taking this journey with me. My "I'm Just Saying" column, was some of my thoughts out loud. Hollywood is a crafty place, a place where ONLY the strong the survive. Smart money is to NEVER take it too seriously. Hollywood knows nothing about loyalty, it's a quick hit, almost like the hit from CRACK, but remember CRACK kills, and so does Hollywood if you're NOT smart. Like the old saying goes, if you want FAME, well FAME costs, and sometimes it's a HEFTY place to pay, and to lose your soul to nonsense ISN'T worth it.

I will continue to give you the nasty truths, because I don't believe in censorship. Sin is Sin, and Gossip is Gossip and TRUTH IS TRUTH. I don't believe in the smoke screen, yet I understand the reasons for it all.
As you follow me and you watch this seed grow, please help me to continue to be true to the tone of this original intent. Unlike that of my guilty pleasure Wendy Williams, you can tell that the man has told her to soften her SH*T down, but it wasn't the softer image that got her the talk show, nor her fame. Do you feel me?
I wish you all love, safety, acknowledgement, love, prosperity and good will in this new 2010 year. I think Jay - Z and Beyonce' said it best Welcome to 'Hollywood', It's the most addictive drug in the world, and it AIN'T FOR EVERYBODY, but it damn sure is FOR ME!! Now let's get to the dirt or gravy, however you look at it, some beans will be spilled, and at the end of day, it's ALWAYS a tasty meal dosage!!

Here are some of my favorite moments of 2009....
1. The Return of WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON at the AMA's showing them how it's done with clothes ON!!!

2. The First Portrait of the First Family!

3. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind".....this joint was FIYAH!!!

4. One of the freshest Ads of the year Levi's....this ad gave me WOOD!!!

5. Madonna's tribute to Legendary One and ONLY King of Pop Michael Jackson:

Things that STILL puzzle me from 2009

Michael Jackson's passing
The KKK sisters
Jon and Kate
Susan Boyle
Levi Johnston
Kanye West's Shenanigans
Balloon Boy
Serena Williams being fined 92,000
Lindsay Lohan's madness
Whitney Houston's Grammy shut out
Lil Wayne Fathering THREE children
Perez Hilton
.....all of these things made me ask WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

See Ya in 2010... Be Safe Everybody

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Just Saying..


Say IT Ain't So...Supermodel Beverly Johnson, supposedly paying to a gigolo. I can't believe that. I would do it for FREE!!! According to a lawsuit filed yesterday in California, Mark Burk claims he had an oral agreement with Johnson in which they would essentially act like husband and wife -- and in return Burk would get half of whatever Johnson earned while they were together. Burk is suing Johnson for 5 millions dollars, and he best NOT get ONE red cent. Beverly no worries I got your back...and what a beautiful back it is.

New Jack Swing Producer Teddy Riley, is kicking it like he's Ike Turner, beating down his two ungrateful daughters. Riley seemed to have NO remorse for their beat down. He felt that they were very ungrateful. It wasn't so long ago, this sort of chastising was acceptable. Bet those daughters will NEVER forget this Christmas.

Pick up the latest National Enquirer, it has a NAUGHTY story about Actor/Comedian/Singer Jamie Foxx and his affections for G-Strings, especially if he's doing a strip tease for his male following. if you'll recall, I alluded to several situations with him. Guess a little G-String strip, ain't gonna hurt NOBODY...

Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii after suffering chest pains -- this according to KITV Hawaii. He was probably doing something dirty and illegal. Stay tuned for more details, and you'll know I'm gonna tell it all on his miserable fat ass.

Damn Grandma Moses Susan Boyle is STILL at it. She's #1 for the fifth consecutive week in Billboard Magazine. America has truly sunk to a ALL time low. It's amazing what we will jump's CRAP! CRAP, CRAP I tell's some middle age wino who America decided to give a chance. Don't get me wrong, she's a DECENT singer, NOT a great singer. Makes me want to leave the entertainment business PERIOD!! It's such fluff. Well congrats least you're proving to record industry suits, that CD's CAN still sell.

Now that Charlie Sheen's wifey has sobered up, she wants to try and save her marriage. That gold digger ain't NO dummy.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

2009 is almost a wrap. This year was a doozy be it personal tragedies, or world struggles. I'm happy to see it go, and If I survive to see the next decade, I plan to make every day count.
We live our lives paying closer attention to others woes, instead of making things better for ourselves and our communities. I'm guilty as well. With said, I plan to keep writing and telling it exactly like it is. LMAO

I'll NEVER forget Michael Jackson, Ame Williams, Brittany Murphy, ...........just to name a few.

Tyra and Momma O' will be off the air in 2011. Suddenly I'm sad, because the end of a era is approaching us. I'm certain that new shows will attempt to follow in their footsteps, I'm certain that television will never be the same.

The more I think of us as a people and a culture. Strength comes in numbers and I'm a firm believer that we can make it through any adversity, as long as we don't belittle our progress. We've always offered the most to society, we sometimes fail to remember that fact. We must take time to strengthen our 'brand' again. Far too many times, we allow others to weaken who we are. As we go forward, let's try to work together. The Oscars say we don't belong, The Grammy's will continue to try to reduce us to the lesser categories, MTV forgot that Michael Jackson gave them LIFE, as we go forward. Let's stand for something, and maybe as we stand, we'll come to realize that we don't need them to justify who we are, and just perhaps we'll show up and fully represent at our own shows. Who will have the balls? We are here, we've always been here, and it's time to reconstruct for a colored tomorrow, for without US, .........XXXXXXXXxxxactly!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

In White People Crazy News....What do you do when you wifey asks for a Divorce, you whup her ass and threatened to cut her with a knife....Charlie Sheen thought was the best remedy. How amazing, his bail is ONLY 8500.00 dollars, and all is forgiven. Earlier this year when a similar situation happened to Chris Breezy Brown, they wanted to crucify the poor kid. Isn't it always amazing how 'they' get the slap on the risk. A beat down is a beat down NO matter what the race is. I don't believe that a MAN should hit a WOMAN period. It just pisses me off when it's a double standard.

Avatar was the #1 movie at the Box Office this past weekend ranking in over 75 Million dollars, while Sherlock Holmes took in over 60 Million for Second place, while an old faithful Alvin and the Chipmunks took in over 50 Million dollars for third place. Not bad for a lackluster Christmas Holiday.

How many of you remember back in the day when Markie Mark Walberg was the Calvin Klein boxer ad model? That was when he was dating David Geffen.....flash forward, he went on to become a straight 'actor' and has a couple of kids. Well ole Markie will do anything to get his name in the he's giving his neighbor David Beckham a hard time. Walberg has been WHINING about them moving into his neighborhood saying "Man, the Beckhams. It used to be so quiet on my road. Then David moves in with his family. Suddenly we've got paparazzi hanging out day and night. Now they'll follow any car that drives down the road…I'm not telling Beckham to take his family home. I'm just not sure why he came to America in the first place. Man, we don't want your soccer. Maybe you don't want his Soccer, but I'm sure you'd love to play with his Balls. I'm Just Saying...

My girl Tyra Banks announced that she's ending her talk show after 2010. Marking five years of being on the air. Mark my word, the bigger picture is to walk in Momma O's footsteps, after all Oprah did groom her for greatness.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas/TGIF

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with me. I appreciate all of your feedback and imput!!!! I wanted to kick it ole school today, and take us all back to a simplier time and place. Hopefully today you're spending time with loved ones and friends. It's also important to acknowledge our friends and family who have passed on to another place, we keep them ALIVE in spirit, because memories never die!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Command Performance

Merry Christmas !!!!

It's NEVER Christmas until to you hear this song. Originally made famous by Nat King Cole, who just so happens to be Natalie Cole's father. This interpretation is quite unique because she's dueting with the one and only Andrea Bocelli accompanied by the Legendary Producer David Foster. Enjoy!!!

I'm Just Saying..


DON'T YOU JUST LOVE A GOOD SMOKE SCREEN???????????? John Legend c'mon really? Must we go down this road ALL the time? Wonder what Breion, Andre 3000 or Kanye has to say about this photo......are you 'saving room' for them too? I'm JUST SAYING...

Actress Susan Sarandon and Actor Tim Robbins have called it quits after being together for over 23 years. Damn what do the lonely do at Christmas? I'm just Saying....very sad news.

Late actress Brittany Murphy's funeral is set for today at Forest Lawn Cemetery. What a Suckie Christmas Eve!! Please give her family strength.

Former GMA host Diane Sawyer's first evening as the new World News host went pretty well. Monday's newscast brought in an average of 8.934 million, which is the highest rating the show has gotten to date this season. Congrats Diane, I still would prefer you on GMA, but from a journalistic standpoint, I respect your decision to cover harder hitting news.

Hip Hop Queen Mary J. Blige is a hood rat in the sheets and in the streets. At her record release party three nights ago, she KO'd her husband Kendu for flirting with the waitresses at the club. Mary, Mary, Mary can be quite contrary:) Let's see how her PR people spin it acceptable for a woman to beat her man's ASS? I'm Just Saying... Well IS IT?

Word on the streets is saying Football star Reggie Bush is about to make the biggest mistake of his life...supposedly he's getting married over the Christmas Holidays to one of the biggest gold diggers of them ALL. I say RUN FOR YOUR LIFE REGGIE. Why marry a porn whore who has shown her goodies to the world.

Basketball Great Michael Jordan is NO joke....Jordan is seeking $10 Million from two grocery stores, alleging they used his identity without permission within advertisements published in a Sports Illustrated issue commemorating the star. It's hard when everybody wants to be like Mike:)

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

News organization ranks its most popular stories of the year.
Below is AP's entire list of top 2009 entertainment stories:
3. LATE-NIGHT SWAP: On NBC, Conan O'Brien took over the "Tonight" show, and
Jay Leno moved to 10 p.m.
One of the biggest trends in online video
was the emergence of demand — and supply — for live video. Live online video
particularly suited daytime news events (when people are at work in front of
computers). Millions online watched the inauguration of President Barack
Obama and the funeral of Michael Jackson.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has issued an official statement saying that he is entering a rehabilitation facility for his addiction to prescription medication. Aren't ALL rock stars suppose to be on drugs? Isn't it the nature of the beast... SEX, DRUGS and ROCK N ROLL, all are acceptable unless you're Whitney Houston, then it's a HORRIFIC crime...according to White America. UGH

Will and Grace star Megan Mullally will be heading back to Broadway in the revival of "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" a comedy by Terrence McNally about two married couples spending the 4th of July weekend together at a Fire Island beach house. What I wanted to see was Karen and Jack get their own SPINOFF, now that would be COMEDY!!!

Actor Morgan Freeman has purchased a brand new private jet from Emivest, a private investment company in the United Arab Emirates. Who knew that he was GANGSTA like that. Ole boy spent 7 million dollars for his latest toy. Makes you wonder what he offers to his passengers on his friendly skies. Gives a whole new meaning to "Driving Miss Daisy".

Drunkard singer Amy Winehouse has just been charged with assault stemming from a mysterious incident at a theater over the weekend -- her second arrest for assault this year. Why can't she just say NO NO NO to drama? Get back to singing Ms. Winehouse, it's what you do best, and that's ALL we want to hear, enough with the antics already...GEEZ!!

Hip Hop Queen Mary J. Blige released her new "Stronger With Each Tear" CD on Monday, and I think ole girl must have been feeling herself, she has a duet with R&B singer Jazmin Sullivan who is singing cirles ALL over's the simple difference of being able to sing ON KEY and ON PITCH....two things that Blige has never been able to do...EVER!!! We still got love for just KO'd by Sullivan.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Big Girl Jennifer Hudson Pregnant Again!! Only four months after giving birth, ole girl and her boy-toy are getting "IT" in again. Ain't nothing like a little winter lovemaking.

The late actress Brittany Murphy had a will, which was drafted before she married her husband Simon Monjack. Brittany's will leaves everything to her mother Sharon Murphy. Brittany always praised her mother for moving from New Jersey to California, so that Brittany could pursue her craft. I'm still saddened by her passing. Such a great talent.

The Knowles family, are asking that we respect their privacy during their painful Divorce acknowledgement. Well to the Knowles family, just like you shove your daughter 'Seasbiscuit' down our throats, trust and believe we're going to be ALL up and THROUGH your divorce proceedings. Matty was putting his 'pee pee' EVERYWHERE but up "IN" grand mama Knowles. I would love to be a fly on the wall in 5TH Ward Houston, Texas right about now.

Country star Carrie Underwood is engaged to NHL hockey player Mike Fisher it was announced today. Congrats to the couple! Carrie is probably saying "TOP" that Taylor Swift!! Carrie's man just signed a 20 million dollar contract.

Home wrecker Alicia Keys new 'Element' CD debuts at #2 right behind Grandma Moses Susan Boyle. Keys project sold over 405,000 copies.....NOT BAD AT ALL!!

Let the Church Say Amen!....T.I., aka Clifford Harris, has been released from a federal prison in Arkansas to a halfway house in Atlanta, GA.
“The king’s baaaaack!” That’s the latest catch phrase buzzing through Atlanta as news is spreading that T.I. has been released from jail. His wife Tiny(ugly) betta make sure that stuff is just as tight as he left it....because if it ISN'T!! I'm Just Saying..

Wannabe singer Ashanti has a STALKER.......yeah right!!! Who would want to stalk her other than HERSELF!!! You just got to love HOLLYWEIRD!!

Singer/Comedian/Actor Jamie Foxx and Singer/Producer Tank, have recorded a duet together called "Marchin On" something smells very 'HOMO' about this. And whatever your thinking people, you're NOT off the mark.
Hey Tank, I saw you at church with your Boo...and the makeup was TOO much!!

Babyshambles member Pete Doherty was arrested yesterday and it has now been revealed that he is being charged with heroin possession. Guess he needed a fix!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday of Heart Attack. She was only 32. It's amazing how news and gossip outlets forget to care about the 'person'. Less than three weeks ago, miserable homo Perez Hilton, was making her the butt of his jokes, for supposedly getting fired from her latest film. Fast forward three weeks later, he's mourning her life. I think we need to give flowers to people while they are walking this earth. My deepest condolences go out to the Murphy family. I will never forget Brittany's body of work, and how she always had a smile on her face. She was the type of girl that you wanted to know and hang out with. So no matter what the gossip and newspapers SCUM come out with, I will always remember her for art, and how she always put me at ease. Brittany you will never be forgotten. R.I.P. has FINALLY happened, Seasbiscuit's parents Matty and Tinisha Knowles are
D-I-V-O-R-C-I-N-G!!! Ole girl is finally sick of Matty's sh*t. C'mon everyone who doesn't believe that Matty isn't Kelly Rowland's father. She looks the spitting image of him. Their empire is worth 112 Million dollars. I can't wait to the court papers. It's going to get UGLY!! Don't worry I will keep your posted on ALL the dirty details, as the unfold. Stay too and the drama unfolds.

Billboard Magazine Says These Are The Top 10 Producers Of The DECADE!

1. Neptunes
2. Timbaland
3. Kanye West
4. Scott Scorch
6. Jonathan 'LIL JOHN' Smith
7. Stargate
8. Bryan-Michael Cox
9. Jermaine Dupri
10.Dr Luke

I must agree with this list, however I think Swizz Beats and The Dream shouldve been included. Oh well there's ALWAYS the next decade.

Mariah Carey is still out plugging away for her "Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel" she appeared on the George Lopez Show singing another trifling song entitled 'It's A Wrap'(kinda speaks to her career)...I'm still questioning WHY. Seriously Mariah, this time we're NOT so interested. It seems that you're no longer relevant. Go back to the drawling board, discover what made you famous, and sit your ass down for a minute. The world can survive without your music for 18 months or so. After your break, come back with the classics.

Ditzy crazy LeToya Jackson was caught up doing a little Christmas shopping,she was buying lingerie for the kids. Isn't that crazy...I told you ole girl was bonkers. As if Michael's Kids need anymore crazy around them. Stop LeToya with the crazies!!

TV and Stage actress Alaina Reed passed away last week, from Breast Cancer. She was 63. Known for playing the 'Rose' character on NBC's 227. She also was on Sesame Street. R.I.P.

Confused hot twot Rihanna now has Breast IMPLANTS!!! Anything for attention. What's next? That back is flat, if you're going to add falsies, that should have been the first appointment, a flat ass on a black girl is a crime!! I'm Just Saying..

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, December 18, 2009


Present Day

Happy Friday Everyone,

My TGIF blast has grown by leaps and bounds. It started out as a little wishful thinking idea, and it has grown into something larger than me. I love the fact that ideas can be shared as a form of communication, that makes one think about the process of life and resolution. I never proclaimed to be a therapist or a rocket scientist, but for all of those who know me, you truly know that I have my share of opinions. Some are right on point, and others are a matter of opinion. At the end of the day any true conversationalist will always let the listener agree to disagree.

This past year we've talked about abuse, users, God, forward thinking, family, resolutions, community and self improvement. All in all we seem to be trying to get to a better place in our lives, and we seem to want more for ourselves, the planet and people who have impacted our lives. Turning different corners in life always brings about a different approach. Some things will work, while others things will not. Stumbling blocks will always occur, because that's how the education process happens. Seeking deeper meanings in our evolution.

The Holidays are all about community and togetherness. Reflections will always happen, and that's what reminiscing is all about. The good and bad in our lives. The more the world keeps on changing, the more it stays the same, the one thing that we can't stop is time, as it continues to move right along. Take the time out to love and care about one another. Small gestures go a long way. We are born to die, and we do not come to stay, so putting off things such as family or friendship battles, aren't worth the angst when you look at the bigger picture. Forgive, purge, process and move on.

Taking time out to acknowledge those who are instrumental in our lives is most important, also to thank God for his many blessings is not something so hard to address. Being present is a constant work in progress, as we're all trying to get to the place of satisfaction, yet it almost seems unattainable. To hope is eternal.

This is my last TGIF for the year of 2009, I will return Friday January 8th-2010. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for reading my sometimes long winded thoughts. I personally would like to thank you for all your constructive feedback. May your Holidays be filled with meaningful blessings of togetherness and fellowship. I think our paths have crossed for a reason, and if it were a mistake, that was a purpose too. Share a hello along the way, do something a little different, instead of the comfortable easy route home, try another path, see where it leads you to.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

*The Associated Press announced Wednesday that its members have voted Tiger Woods Their Athlete of the Decade, choosing to base their decision strictly on his golf performances, and not his personal "transgressions." He received 56 of the 142 votes cast since last month by editors at U.S. newspapers that are members of the AP. FINALLY some good news for Tiger, and I bet that trashy wifey is PISSED, but ole gold digger simmer down now, YOU'RE STILL GETTING PAID!!! And it's far MORE than you deserve. Congrats Tiger!!!

The SAG Nominations are in, George Clooney,Sandra Bullock,Meryl Streep and Gabourey Sidibe for the Top Honors. Mo'Nique receive a Best Supporting Actress nomination. The SAG Awards are usually the better honor, because it's not as political, the award comes for fellow peers, with that said, I think the movie "Precious" and it's stars will clean up, after all white folks love to see painful plights in African Americans.

Madonna saw Kate Hudson at the movie premiere of "Nine" which stars Hudson. Both blonde were dropped by A-Rod. Madonna was there consoling her. Doesn't get any stranger than that. A-Rod must be some kinda lover. Kate gets around, and word on the street says that A-Rod didn't like Kate Hudson going all prima donna on him at his games. She wanted ALL the attention. Guess two stars CAN'T shine equally as bright. Oh Well!!

NFL star Chris Henry passed away today. R.I.P.

Alicia HOMEWRECKER Keys new CD will debut at #3 in Next Weeks Billboard Magazine. This is the first project of hers to not go to #1. The public has spoken, being a homewrecker doesn't pay, especially when you would prefer the same/same to begin with. I'm Just Saying...

R&B Singer Lalah Hathaway celebrated her Birthday and Grammy Nomination last night at the Pier in Redondo Beach, a who's who of up and coming celebrities were in the house. The highlight of the evening was when singer Rahsaan Patterson serenaded her with his "Stop Breaking My Heart" single singing his ass off, Lalah joined him on a few bars. Aww the good ole days or real singers, but I hear real singing is making a comeback. Happy Birthday Lalah, and I'm rooting for you to win that Grammy!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

Mint Condition is a very tight band, and very underrated. The group had a few hits in the late 90's, but of late, seem to have gotten lost in the music industry plastic factory. This performance is paying homage anohter a great soul group, the Legendary Earth Wind and Fire, singing their classic "After The Love Is Gone". Enjoy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Singer Sade graced New York City with her presence at the listening party for her upcoming CD "Soldier Of Love" which has a release date of February 8TH-2010. Ms. Sade Adu was looking amazing like NO time has passed. I want to drink from her fountain.

Only in Hollywood Kate Hudson and A-Rod, were in love for all of two weeks, a few days longer than the world series. They were so in LOVE, now they are SO over. Kate's kooch has mileage ... slow down blondie!!!

The two top money makers in Hollywood, and I think you'll be as SHOCKED as I was.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Emma Watson is the highest-grossing actress of the 2000s with her six Harry Potter films bringing in about $5.4 billion worldwide! The Guinness Book names Samuel L. Jackson as the world's Highest Grossing Actor. Now I know who to call when I need a loan.

Singer Rihanna graces the cover of GQ magazine, being her usual nasty self. Taking her clothes off, showing breasts and grabbing her crotch, guess with her little secret, it must itch!!! Ewwww ... I'm Just Saying

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

D-Lister Tara Reid took it all off to Playboy....hmmm do we care? NOT SO MUCH!!

Talk Show big mouth Wendy Williams usually has all the gossip or tabloid dirt, in her Hot Topics segment, unless things happen on the weekends, which lately she doesn't seem to care about, because she's being all domesticated on they weekends with her family. Well not trying to be salty, but seriously Wendy we don't care about what you and your version of Ike Turner and son Kev' do on the weekends. Get back to be the blabber mouth that got you on TV. I'm Just Saying...

Like the line from Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Starting Somethin 'If YOu Can't Feed Your Baby, Then Don't Have a Baby'. Rocker chick Courtney Love has just lost custody of her 17-year-old. We know this girl leads a crazy life, but so crazy, they have to take her child away????

Pop Icon MICHAEL JACKSON To Receive Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Awards: The Late singer among seven to be honored by Recording Academy in January. The Grammy's better treat this tribute right. The tribute portion easily should be 30 minutes at the very least.

One of the best concept concerts idea was Lilith Fair.... and A revived Lilith Tour will return in 2010 with a more racially-diverse lineup of women artists than the tours of its heyday more than a decade ago. R&B acts Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott and Ke$ha, as well as pop star Corinne Bailey Rae, will join returning veterans Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, Indigo Girls, Tegan and Sara and Erykah Badu for a tour of at least 18 major markets in the U.S. and Canada next year. I better start saving up NOW for my ticket. This is a show you don't want to miss!! Ain't nothing more gratifying than seeing women doing their thing. I get wood just thinking about it.

Songbird Mariah Carey is set to go on tour in support of her disaster "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" CD, and my only question is WHY? It's time for ole girl to go back to the drawing board, and come up with a new plan of action.

Closeted Homo Poofy feels that he's responsible for President Obama becoming President of the United States. If nobody else is gonna say it, then I'm gonna say it," he tells Playboy magazine. "The confidence, the swagger we instilled in our Hip Hop communities made that possible. He goes on further to say that he wouldn't mind if President Obama named him The First Son of the United States. OMG Ho Bag is you don't sit your whack ass down somewhere.

Dexter's season four finale on Sunday broke records for Showtime, making it the most-watched episode of an original series in network history!! Let's do the same premise but with a black actor, would it be just a popular or great....hmmm uh yeah, XXXxxxxxxxxxactly. I love the double standard that we live in.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

The epic familial feud between Candy Spelling and daughter Tori Spelling is officially over -- Tori brought the brood to Candy's Christmas party Saturday night and buried the hatchet!!
The two haven't seen each other for 2 1/2 years. But Tori showed up at Candy's doorstep with Dean, Liam, Stella and Jack, Dean's stepson. Well isn't that special? Guess somebody will be getting Christmas presents this year. I'm sure Aaron Spelling is looking down from heaven smiling! FINALLY!!

Disney's "The Princess and The Frog" took in over 25 million dollars this weekend at the Box Office, making it the #1 movie of the weekend. Little African American Princess are saying America "How You Like Me Now"? Congrats's about time!!

The Jackson's reality show premiered last night on Bravo, and for anyone who watched it, clearly it was to witness the 'messy' of this family's demise. STILL Jermaine wants to be the center of attention, Tito looks to be the most strict, with the toughest skin, and I guess he had to be, being the lessor talented and the least attractive of the entire group. Marlon appears to want to please EVERYBODY!!! And Jackie does what he's always done best, LOOK good. So did any of you watch it?

CSI: Miami star Jonathan Togo was arrested in Hollywood early Saturday morning! Togo had the silver cuffs slapped on him after LAPD responded to a 911 call claiming the CSI actor became physically violent with his girlfriend while they were arguing. Haven't we learned anything from Chris Brown? A beat down is NOT the way to go.

Speaking of Chris 'Breezy' Brown, his new CD "Graffiti" was released last week, and though it's very good, it doesn't appear to be moving the numbers of it's predecessor. Some retailers are not stocking the shelves with his CD, and Breezy is NOT happy. So much so, that he's posting comments about his disappointed, and he doesn't appear that he has any remorse about what went down with RiRi. I personally think he needs new management, one who will help him with damage control, because he doesn't know when to keep his trap closed. He's my boy and all, but I'm Just Saying ... it's time to simmer 'down' NOW!!!

"How You Doin" Houston, The Texas city has just become the largest city in the United States to elect an openly gay mayor! City Controller Annise Parker was elected by the people of Houston, even after conservatives and homophobic activists within the city set out on a smear campaign against Parker.

Rapper big mouth Kanye West posted a comment on his blog in response to the honor that Entertainment Weekly gave to his CD The College Dropout, naming it the #1 Album of the Decade. Here's what West posted:
Is it just me, or did he really seen genuinely sincere? Good Job Kanye!!

Is anybody watching the new train wreck on MTV's latest reality show Jersey Shores? Remember back in the day when MTV was actually a MUSIC VIDEO CHANNEL? The ratings have doubled after only two episodes ... some somebody is watching it. From a personal standpoint, I don't get it. Help me out here, maybe I'm missing something. Please share your comments with me.

Golf Champion Tiger Woods has decided to the leave the Golfing game, he has called it a wrap. Some folks handle 'pressure' well, while others retire!! Man up Tiger you've already showed us that you know how to use your BALLS!!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, December 11, 2009


Happy December Friday to you,
Let's GO!!!

The end of they year is here, and December is racing away, I mean literally racing away. Everyone is saying that 2010 is a new decade, things are going to be so much better, than where were are right now. Playing devil's advocate I wonder what's going to make it better, With that said, it begins where change always begins, with YOU/SELF!! Letting go of bad habits, is a wishful thought, and the more realistic approach it to accept that we're creatures of habit, and realistically we're probably not willing to change, or put the investment in to see the distant results.

Worth is a word that we can never stop defining, as it continues to change as you grow if allowed. This week I had the pleasure to speak to two different generations young and older, but the topic was the same 'relationships'. Understanding yourself is when you can say, I deserve better!
All of that comes from within, also to know when to pull the reigns in, is about having standards and prodical. Loving one self should be easy, but it's actually hard for most people to put self first. Giving of yourself is a art, and it's a gift. To give something to someone that you wouldn't give yourself, is a unselfish act, but it's also a foolish act. Surrendering to another, is the ultimate sign of truth.

When someone takes your 'worth' for granted, it's a sign of not valuing you as a person and the mutual benefit role that each of you play. Knowing your worth is standing up for yourself and saying 'NO' this is unacceptable. (I don't need your sob story nor apology. You've crossed the line)
If you don't set up boundaries, all hell breaks loose. No one wants to be taken advantage of in any situation. We're all at a vulnerable state to someone. Falling in love is acknowledging that you feel comfortable with that certain person, and where there's comfort comes truth.

In order to know what you will and won't tolerate, you must have an idea as to what you require from others, and to always know what you give as well. Foundation is the ground seed that we come into this world under. We often take for granted what we are privileged to live in this country, because it came easier to us than most, does that make it any less opulent'? Work is always going to be required in obtaining anything meaningful. Hey I didn't write the book on this subject, but I did read it a few times. As I've said time and time again. This is YOUR life not a dress rehearsal, understand what you're going to do with all that's being afforded to you.

When you know what you're 'worth' is adequate love isn't the type of love to seek. Looking at other's relationships is not the boundaries that you want to create. You must explore the depths of your core and soul, and find out what loving yourself can be like. I've often been accused of loving me too much, and I gladly accept that blessing or curse. Learning your worth will save you loads of pain and heartache, and sometimes even heartbreak. None of this growth exercise can be achieved if you're not willing to demand you place in this world and that can only start when you know what YOUR worth is for self. Only you can validate yourself.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Command Performance

Effortlessly and CLASSIC!! Very Underrated Roberta Flack is a true song stylist. She won back to back Grammys for Song Of The Year in 1973 and 1974, which rarely happens, especially NOT in those days for African American artists. This performance is very lovely.

I'm Just Saying..

Actress Jennifer Garner is STILL married to Hey.Ho's ex - Ben Afleck!! A four year marriage in HOLLYWEIRD is like a Silver Anniversary to normal mortals:) You can check out her story in the latest 'W' magazine. Congrats Jen and Ben...

Enough of the Tiger Woods stuff people. I still think ole boy is a great Champion and a Trojan. As I said before,I would divorce that whore and pay her off with about 200 million dollars,make her sign a gag order and keep it moving. In white America he would be regarded as a catch, but here's the thing, Tiger NEVER wanted to be black, and lookie lookie what happened. Tiger get a thicker skin bruh, you're going to need it. Learn to respect the game, if you were broke your wifey would've NEVER married your granola ass. I'm Just Saying..

President Obama Accepts The Nobel Peace Prize In Oslo, Norway!

Ancient journalist Barbara Walters voted the First Lady Michelle Obama the most fascinating person of 2009. Isn't Wa WA such a kiss ass? She's no longer relevant, and keeps coming up with these cheesy specials. If you do your research, Mrs Barack Obama was fascinating MUCH before she got in the White House!!! Congrats Michelle, we knew it ALL along....Wa Wa is just catching up.

Singer/Actress Jessica Simpson is getting 'smashed' by Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan. Her stuff must be FIYAH, because she's always getting the 'wood'.

Attention Whores like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, David Hasselhoff, George Michael either GET help seriously, because you know what comes nexxxxxt!! Fame costs and this IS the life you chose!!

Hollywood latest 'IT' couple Star Trek's Chris Pine was hooking up with Iron Man 2 actress Olivia Munn. Let's see how long this lasts.

The Craft's & Half and Half star Rachel True has been granted a temporary restraining order against stalker Elenora Redmon, who was recently arrested outside the actress' home with a large sex toy claiming she wanted to "PHUCK" True with a cobra. Sounds like a lesbian lovers quarrel to me.... I'm Just Saying..

Singer/Producer R. Kelly is writing his autobiography, and he's going to let it all hang out. The child pornography charges, the Aaliyah marriage....everything! He's going to 'tell it like it it' . Will you read his book or do you just want to get his 'Sex'? Probably most of you are wanting BOTH :) LOL

Sexy Ass actress Nia Long has got herself a new man....and ladies y'all about to be some jealous haters:) it's Terrell Owens. Lucky Terrell .... Nia is SMOKING hott, and very consistant.

The judge is out to break rapper Nas Escobar pocket, he awarded Kelis the gold digger $40,454/month for spousal support, $10,647 for child support and the lawyer bill is $46,022. All of this is based on what Nas has and also what he has coming, since Kelis decided to let it be known that her ex-hubby would be dropping two more albums. Nas’ lawyer is still fighting the custody battle because at this time, Kelis has full custody and Nas wants to be able to have his son spend the night. Damn, this situation is still a mess. NAS....she's NOT worth that much!! Normally you're smarter than that bruh!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Some five years later singer Justin Timberlake is having regrets for NOT helping Superstar Janet Jackson through her nipplegate ordeal. Well Justin it's too little to late. You should have been man enough to stand stall, but you weren't, always on your 'please like me' crusade. Since the nipplegate incident Ms. Jackson has not received the same reception from radio and telelivision as she once knew.

First rate news journalist Bryant Gumbel recently revealed on the The Regis and Kelly morning that he had undergone Cancer surgery, a stunned Kelly Ripa lookes on. How Gumbel managed to keep that news from linking, I'll never know, but I applaud him. Get well soon Bryant!!

Pop Superstar Whitney Houston, who the grammys snubbed graces the cover of InStyle magazine's January 2010 addition. I know that Whitney will have the LAST say!!

Grandma Moses Susan Boyle is #1 again in next weeks Billboard Magazine, selling over a half million copies of her just 'average' CD. Isn't it amazing what happens when white america speaks?

Superstar Tennis player Serena Williams, spoke on being fined 82k. She started off by correcting the amount which was 92k. She didn't mention names, but I WILL, Tennis Great John McEnroe made a career out of using the F-BOMB at the officials, and again that's considered passionate Tennis. Serena has been wronged on MORE than one occassion at the US Open. It's blatant racism. Another sport that African Americans excelled at, when were weren't suppose to. So not only is she punished for being a woman, she's also punished for being African American, and lastly she's punished for being the baddest chick in the game. Hate on Hater' can't black her greatness!! With her statement Serena is doing what she does best....serving ACES bitches!!

Rapper Eminem scored the coveted position of top-selling artist of the decade selling 32.2 million copies in overall album sells which can largely be attributed to both 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP and 2002's The Eminem Show. Isn't it amazing the foundations, SugarHill Gang, Rakim, LL Cool J, Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre', Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan and Ice Cube paving the way for the little gray boys to have a chance to EXIST!!!

More of the same madness Miley Cyrus wants to change her whole musical sound after finishing up on what she claims could be her last pop record. Basically she wants to take a break, and have sex, get tats and drink more booze to get through listening to recordings of her father's 'Achy Breaky Heart'. Little girl my advice is to ride the wave of your success while it lasts, which isn't too much longer. We as humans, asks for things, when we get it, just ungrateful. Shame Shame Shame!!

American Idol's favorite homo boy Adam Lambert tells People magazine that he has a bad acne problem. Hey Adam....I'm sure you know what's good for get to 'IT'.

The new version of Bobby and Whitney, Ms. NO NO NO herself Amy Winehouse, can't seem to get enough of her ex Blake Fielder-Civil so she's going to remarry him.....WHITNEY nooooooooooooooooooooooo....oops I mean Amy stoppp!!

Singer George Michael is in dire need.....hey WHAM boy didn't anyone tell you that Drugs Kill. GET HELP Please!! Your friend Elton John and his partner is worried about you......if you need a little bathroom action, have them drop you off at the park!!

Nicky Hilton's Hollywood Hills home was broken into on Tuesday! It was some of YOUR friends silly ass!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

An African American princess, OMG Say it isn't so.....awww but it is!! This Friday 'The Princess and The Frog' opens nationwide. I must admit Disney has STEPPED their game up. Now little girls African American girls can see a mirror images of themselves.

Media attention whore Jermaine Jackson, is STILL trying to benefit off of his brother's passing. Now he's talking about a Jackson 4 reunion, minus brother Randy(guess he never got over, Jermaine stealing his wifey, and having kids with her too) which I guess is the only one who has scruples. Jackson goes on to say that the public doesn't really know any of the brothers other than they're onstage persona....AND WE DON'T wanna know you. Go sit your pastie shoe polish head wearing ass down. LONG LIVED THE KING, and not the circus, nor the zoo. Back in the day Jermaine wrote a hateful song called 'Word To The Badd' dissing his brother Michael, hey Jermaine, I haven't FORGOTTEN!! So I wont be watching your train wreck reality show on Bravo, No thank you.
Next thing you know ole ditsy LeToya will be doing a 'Thriller' tour singing Michael's classics to a party of one.

Rapper Nas Escobar's September 10th DUI charges were dropped, because according to news reports, the Atlanta police accused him of being drunk and high off of the Mary Jane. Here's the retracted statement "Nas has not been charged with any offense whatsoever, including DUI," said John C. Mayoue, who represents the New York native. "The state’s own lab results were negative for any drugs, including marijuana." The racist ass south always profiling. A Rapper FINALLY wins, I know the police officer is pissed!!! It's always a offense to 'drive while being black'!!

Cat fight Meow, Z-Lister Tila Tequila! is spilling the beans, and trust me it's fact. She and Rihanna have been going back and forwards with each other. RiRi saw her backstage at the AMA's one year with a drink in her hand, well supposedly Tequila doesn't drink. When the Z-Lister heard what Rihanna had to say, then things got VERY attention boys and girls, because I'm NOT going to have this convo's what she had to say: “Since you’re still cascading around town like you’re a prefect little princess, angel…..honey I hate to burst your bubbles…..but yes….yo shit really do stink, and even worse…..yo shit has STD’s, known as HERPES, down in your private area.
So…..that’s about it. Sorry I had to tell the world your DIRTY SECRET, but you left me no choice girlfriend. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business……but since you wanna play dirty with me……oh….you best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! POW!

I think we can definitely say Tila just KO'D innocent princess RiRi. BAM BAM B*tch went down.

Now that ex Destiny's Childs singer Kelly Rowland has finally awakened from her coma like state, where she idolized the ground that Beyonce' Knowles walked on. She's headed to Chicago for a court appearance, because her name appears on a lawsuit. Rowland is pissed because Matthew Knowles doing his usual tricks, ole boy would buy off songwriters and put Bey's name on songs that she never wrote, to get her songwriting credits and songwriter awards. MY MY MY...wasn't it just yesterday when Seasbiscuit(Beyonce), claimed to have written 'Irreplaceable' only to find out that NE-YO was the 'real' writer.

You might want to set your DVR for Thursday's episode of The View, gay boy Adam Lambert is dropping by, and he and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are going to be two catty girls going at it. You don't want to miss it!!

Singer Chris Brown new CD 'Graffiti' drops today, and it's a SMOKER. Last week R. Kelly dropped his "Untitled" CD and it's a SMOKER too. Two great stocking stuffers (take that anyway you want it) for Christmas from two media bad boys!! If the music speaks, I cop it..that's the 'artist' in me. Like Wendy Williams Say's "Don't Judge Me" :)

During President Obama Town Hall meeting, someone asked him if he was going to legalize Prostitution and Marijuana to stimulate the economy, I don't know about y'all, but suddenly I just got stimulated "I'm JUST SAYING" is it wrong to accept pay for something that you'd do anyway? Anyway back to the question...President Obama said 'no that will not be my strategy'.

Rapper Mogul and fellow Sagittarian Jay-Z celebrated his 40TH birthday this past weekend with a bunch of A-Listers. That's how to do it, also wifey was there on hand instead of POOFY for the celebration. Happy Birthday Jova!!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Momma O' wants the first Tiger Woods interview. All of Tiger's jumpoffs are coming out of the woods, No pun intended. The smart thing for him to do is divorce his trashy wifey and pay her 200 million dollars, and make her sign a gag order, and become to playboy bachelor. DONE end of story!!!

Alexa Joel daughter of singer Billy Joel and Christie Binkley. was rushed to the hospital after attempting suicide. Guess it's true that all that glitters isn't gold. Get well soon Alexa.

Secretly you know that country singer Carrie Underwood, has to hate Taylor Swift just a little bit. Before Kanye West's stunt, Carrie was the media darhling. I know she's somewhere saying LOOK AT ME, I'm STILL here!! That Kanye has help Taylor Swift steal Underwoods thunder. Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Bullock's movie 'The Blind Side' was #1 at the box office this weekend, taking in over 21 million dollars. I recommend this movie to everyone. Finally it's not the white person saving the african american world.

Like him or not rapper bad boy Kanye West's CD was voted the #1 CD of the Decade by Entertainment Weekly followed by rapper Jay Z. You can't hate on Kanye's talent, now his mouth is another story.

Can you say catfight? Singer Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles are teaming up for a duet entitled 'Put It In a Love Song'. So far Keys CD is a disappointment, and I guess Beyonce' Knowles was sent to the rescue....good luck!!

Devyne Stephens, CEO of Upfront Megatainment (who also signed Akon), Diddy, Jason Jeter (CEO of Grand Hustle) and Chaka Zulu (CEO of DTP) all came out to support and honor Atlanta’s new mayor. As straight as he claims to be. Maybe he graduated from Spelman:) I'm JUST Saying..

For those of you who missed the Whitney Houston two day interview on Momma O's show, fret not, it re-airs Dec 14TH and 15TH!! Mark your calendars. It's a great interview!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, December 4, 2009


First Take...

Isn't it so easy to just fly away, and forget about your cares and responsibilities. Oh but if it were all that simple. This is the time of year where I reevaluate everything in my life and my purpose. A spring cleaning if you will in December. All dead weight must go. No longer will I give a pass to stagnation, at least not in 2009, Next year we'll get the chance to try harder with resolutions. The world keeps changing, and are we even aware of these traditions that they call 'resolutions'.

Lately I find that people are afraid to stand by standards and traditions, so most opt to go with the popular votes. That can only get you so far. Honestly some people were never taught values and standards. Thinking outside of the box may have you alienated, but I feel the rewards are more gratifying. Being insecure is in abundance. Walking alone, in deep thought is a lovely conversation within itself. We can no longer make excuses for the lack thereof. Inventory is a must in our lives. To reconsider is to revisit. You can change your mind, if and when you do, be gallant in your decision.

Am I being the best that I can be....and yes I have to reevaluate myself and what I have to offer others as well. No man is an island. I'm not perfect, and neither are you. Putting your best foot forward, falling, stumbling, crawling, who cares how you get there, just as long as you get there. Examples are part of you destiny, you must teach others' the lessons that you've learn, as someone has taught you from their mistakes. It's not a new rule, but it's one that perhaps has been forgotten or set aside. To know your value is a tool and a great beginning.

Never let anyone take advantage of your nor your good deeds. In life we have dead weight around us all the time, sometimes its in your family, or in your friendships, and of course it clearly exists in the work place. Over the next few weeks, I suggest that you take a look a deep look at yourself and your actions. Also look at the actions of those around you. So many of us tend to get complacent. We're all looking for new reasons for existence, things like twitter, texting, facebook, blue tooth, blue ray, LCD, Mac Books, are all the wave of a new generation and movement. If you don't pay attention you get left behind. Taking inventory is chance for you to say what gets left, you are in control of your life and your surroundings.

Change is constant, nothing puzzling about that. Make sure the world that you create is a world in which you have equality, a world where no one hurts or goes hungry. Visualizations of a deeper understanding and a deeper meaning with a greater appreciation. Take your inventory, you got some work to do, when you've fully cleaned house, make sure that all is in divine order.

What are you doing with you life?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Command Performance

Anita Baker it gets no better than this. I love the simplicity of this performance because the song tells the perfect story of a love at it's best. Anita always brought a certain genuineness to her live performances. She would have you eating out of her hands, you believed everything that she said and sang about. This performance is from 1987, and its classic which goes to show you, that if the music is right, it will stand the test of time.
Today's artist could greatly benefit by watching some old footage from La Baker.

I'm Just Saying..

The Grammy nominations are IN, Beyonce Knowles' and her dad must have blown the entire NARAS board, because she's up for 10 nominations. My head is spinning trying to come up with clever ways to ask WHY and HOW?

Taylor Swift received 8 nominations, and should send a check to Kanye West, because he single handily blow up her career, by being a dumb ass.

Kanye West received 6 nominations, so much talent, but ole boy needs to get a hold of himself before it's too late.

Lady GAG received 6 nominations:(
Whitney Houston didn't get a SINGLE the grammys are about talent right?
Don't get me wrong, I get the Beyonce Knowles movement, and I was on board for the 'Dangerously In Love' movement, but the unimaginative 'Sasha Fierce' were pure fluff with NO substance.

Other notable Grammy nominees include: MusicSoulchild, India Arie, Drake, Ledisi,Maxwell,Katy Perry, Adele, Pink, MGMT, Kings of Leon, Jason Mraz and The Ting Tings.

Maxwell performed a tribute to Michael Jackson singing 'Lady In My Life' on the Grammy Nomination special, all I have to say is that he should not have sang that song, he was so OUT of his element, and did NOT honor Michael's legacy, where the hell was Ne-Yo? he honors Michael in the way that it should be done.

Nicole Richie, who shot to fame as Paris Hilton's BFF on the Fox/E!
reality series "The Simple Life," will return to television as the star of a scripted comedy in development at ABC. The only question I have is will she play a white or black girl?

Remember the story that I told you about Tom Cruise and his marriages to save face, well According to OK! MagazineKatie Holmes has accepted $75 Million dollars in a new marriage agreement with hubby to have baby #2. Maybe Meredith Baxter Birney should give him a call.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Pop Superstar Whitney Houston continues to her comeback, her 'I Look To You' Album Certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales in excess of 1 million units in the United States. Congrats Whitney....wonder what ole Bobby is eating on this days?

Journalist Barbara Walters needs to give it a rest already....her 10 most fascinating people of 2009 are Kate Gosselin(LOSER),Sarah Palin(Where's Alaska),Adam Lambert(Kissed A Boy),Brett Favre, Tyler Perry(SHHH) and Lady GAG(:-) yawn).....two people on the list are worthy. She on the other hand is not. C'mon Barbara Wa Wa I think it's time you passed the torch to someone else.

King of Pop's 'THIS IS IT' will be available on DVD January 26TH-2010. Whoever came up with that whack release date, should be fired. DUH Christmas is in 4 weeks. Why are they always trying to reduce this mans LEGEND!! Their will NEVER BE ANOTHER Michael Jackson EVER!! For those of you who have not seen this movie, you are sleeping on greatness!!

Elyse Keaton is a lesbian....say it ain't so!!! Family Ties star Meredith Baxter Birney came out of the closet. She's been living this lifestyle for seven years. Baxter had a couple failed marriages and five kids, wonder what her ex's will to say. Now if only the rest of Hollywood were just as brave.....come on out kids...we're waiting!!

ABC's Ugly Betty is struggling in the ratings on Friday nights, will soon get a reprieve. ABC has decided to move it to Wednesday Nights after "Modern Family" and "Couguar Town" good luck. I hope it works.

Here's a whacky Hollywood story....Alana Stewart, a close friend and co-producer of Farrah Fawcett's documentary, has taken to the airwaves to reveal she has spoken to Farrah from the great beyond through James Van Praagh! And just what did Farrah tell dumb*ss....probably went something like this "SNAP OUT OF IT BITCH" I'm Dead!!...guess LeToya Jackson isn't the only Koo Koo one in Hollywood.

Tiger Woods squeaky clean I'm HALF Asian image will forever be tarnished. All the mistresses are coming forward. Tiger Tiger Tiger never text message anyone, it INCRIMINATES you. He told one of his jumpoff's that he was going to 'wear IT out' Guess you really 'aren't' black, because you would know better. OMG, now we'll see how the golfing world treats him. Poor fella.

Ain't Love Grand...Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale were spotted in Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland Tuesday night in London with their two sons Kingston and Zuma. No Doubt Stefani knows how to have a successful marriage EVEN in Hollywood!!

Sarah Jessica Parker, who became the mother of twins Marion and Tabitha via surrogate in June, is feeling both blessed and regretful as she tries to juggle her career with raising three kids. I guess so when your husband cheats on you with a 25 year year...tsk tsk tsk. Talk about SEX and The City, and the mistress, Matthew Broderick you beast!!

Little innocent Natalie Portman had a few things to say to Marie Claire magazine "OK, so I didn't really go to high school parties," she says, "and yeah, I didn't touch pot till I was in my 20s. I didn't get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that's a good thing in many ways."

Boring drama diva Mariah Carey is getting dropped from her Def Jam label. "Memiors" tanked, and she is over 40. Mariah what are you going to do? Nicky baby, make sure that you're stashing money. I'm Just Saying....

DWTS screwed over Mya. Guess now they will get screwed.....little frog man Jermaine Dupri is set to be on the next installment of this trainwreck show...what they don't know is that little frog man can ACTUALLY dance his ass off.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

SO WHAT, the Tennis world has never been comfortable with two black females running it. World #1 Serena Williams has been fined over 82 grand for her US Open outburst. Clearly her frustrations were understandable, a few years back, a linesman got FOUR calls wrong in a single game, and resulted in Serena losing the match. Williams won over 6 million dollars in prize money this year(a record in Tennis), so if the WTA wants to fine her 82's NOT going to shut down the Williams Dynasty, between she and sister Venus they have collected over 50 MILLION dollars. Not bad for two girls from Compton Kali. The double standard in Tennis, Martina Hingis was banned from doping, but you never hear about that, that's the irony of it all. Tennis great John McEnroe made a career out of his outburst,and they consider that passionate Tennis:(

Grandma Moses Susan Boyle debut CD is killing at retail, she's on par to sell over 675,000 units in her first week, making it the biggest first weeks sales of 2009. Just goes to prove that dreams really do come true, and age is just a number THIS TIME!!!

RiRi's 'Rated R' didn't move units on Black Friday even after dropping the price to just .99 cents. Guess here innocent poor me 'Interviews' and weak ass GMA performance didn't help her sales. She will be lucky if she makes the Top 6 spot on the Billboard charts.

Song Stylist Chaka Khan is the face of UK plus size retailer Evans for their holiday campaign. Her 1 minute impromptu moment was the most decent part of the whack Soul Train Awards! Chaka is the truth!!

Superstar Janet Jackson and stud boy Alicia Keys, both announced plans for UK Tours next year. Will you be there? Hmmmm

Boring ass Mariah Carey plans to re-release a remix version of her flop "Memoirs of An Imperfect" CD in February. One quick question Mariah 'WHY WHY WHY' that ship has already tanked, at the very least have some kind of pride for yourself. Go home and let ole Nicky let you ride on his Cannon and knock your back out. Maybe he can give you inspiration for you next CD. All that "I Want To Know What Love Is" crap was weak. L.A. Reid should be fired for even releasing that joint.

Rapper Lil Wayne, must be a beast in bed, he has all these baby mama's running around, and for the life of me, I can't see where his steelo comes from. In my opinion all these ladies including Lauren London are all bonafide gold diggers, c'mon really sex with Lil Wayne, being in love with Lil Wayne....yeah the room couldn't get that dark. He's a modern day version of predator. His music is fire, but the rest of the package needs to be repped at your local zoo. Wasn't it just yesterday he was caught tongue kissing rapper Baby....YUCK!!!

Lady GAG fell and bust her ass while performing in Montreal. Suddenly I'm starting to like her more:) I'm Just Saying...Where are the real singers @? C'mon on Christina Aguilera, K-Michelle we're ready for your close up, Renee' Olstead get in back in the studio, Lisa Tucker we're ready for you. All them chicks got mad talent. If you're going to let someone dance and entertain you, why can't it be my girl Ciara? GAG has nothing on CeCe. Who clearly needs to fire her management.

It has been announced that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvin. Marc is an investment banker and the two met while attending Stanford University together. Wonder if ole Hillary will give her any advice on having a successful marriage.

Today is WORLD AIDS DAY!!. This epidemic continues to kill millions. Ironically more and more people are having unsave sex. Kids in high school are dropping it and dipping it, like it's the thing to do. HIV/AIDS does NOT descriminate. Everything that looks good, does not always taste good, and isn't always for you. Ladies that fine new man in your life, might just have a MAN in his life...that DL shit IS real!! Love yourself, put yourself first. Be smart about it......

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..