Thursday, February 16, 2012

Famous words from Whitney Houston .....

We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will - Whitney Houston

Truer words never spoken fortunate for us that she leaves a 25+ year catalog that will always remind us that indeed SHE WAS HERE and illustrated BRILLIANCE!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wendy Williams you're phoney and I CAN'T.....

I'm On to you Wendy Williams, today on your show, I didn't find you to be authentic. I found you to be a hypocrite. You were always very negative about Whitney Houston, when in fact you owe part of your television success to her. Your radio interview with her gave you worldwide attention. She blasted you for speaking negatively about her, and basically cursed you out and told you to watch what you say, because you didn't know her personally. Whatever Whitney's personal struggles were they didn't affect your livelihood. As recent as two weeks ago, you begged anyone to send you the reality show 'Being Bobby Brown' to make a mockery of her. I think a soul like Whitney Houston comes along once in a lifetime. You're so high school like the pretty girls vs the ugly girl, or the girl with long hair being tormented by the short hair girls, or the fat girls harrassing the skinny guysm by the way HOW OLD ARE YOU? Ugh I find it in poor taste when we try to bring our own down, the others gladly do it for us.
Today I found your tears to be of a guilty conscious and from a jealous heart. A heartfelt apology wouldve been a welcomed charged for your normal charades.

More Stars react to Iconic Singer's .....

“One thing I was struck by with Whitney Houston is I remember she sort of came out as a singer around the same time I did. I remember looking at her singing and hearing people talk about her, and just thinking, ‘Oh my God. She’s such a beautiful woman and my God, what an incredible voice. I wish I could sing like that.’ I just remember being extremely envious of her and also touched by her innocence.”Madonna

“Omg.. whitney houston died..we’ve lost another amazing singer.” Chloe Moretz

“So sad to hear the news about Whitney Houston. :( She was such a beautiful and talented woman. My heart goes out to her family.” Paris Hilton

“I’m very sad to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston, may she rest in peace.” Matthew Morrison

“My heart is broken… ripWhitneyHouston” Eva Longoria
“Whitney’s inspired words thru song guided me thru my youth. Her spirit lives within us and lasts forever!” Stacy Keibler

“I am devastated. I am absolutely devastated at the news about Whitney Houston. Such a tragic, tragic loss.” Paula Abdul

“God Bless The Dead. Whitney Houston R.I.P. She Was Only 48 Years Young.” Spike Lee

“RIP Whitney Houston An amazing talent & a tragic soul. So sad.” Ricky Gervais

Sarah Hyland:
So I wake up from a 16 hr sleep to find that Whitney Houston has passed. A legend, inspiration and brandy's fairy godmother. RIP Sarah Hyland

Whitney Houston died? This is so sad...Nina Dobrev

"I am absolutely heartbroken at the news of Whitney's passing. Ashford & Simpson first made me aware of Whitney when she was just 16, and I always regretted not having had the opportunity to work with her. She was a true original and a talent beyond compare. I will miss her terribly." Quincy Jones

"Whitney Houston was by far one of the greatest artist I ever worked with. One of the most amazing, anointed, gifted voices I've ever had the chance to capture in the studio. Most importantly, she was a beautiful person; she had such a sweet, beautiful spirit. She blessed us with so much greatness in songs that we can never ever forget her. Whitney was a dear friend, and my family will truly miss her." Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

I love you sooo much Whitney Houston:( U will always be in my heart, mind and my soul. Your music made me the girl I am today. You told me to carry the torch, I didn't know what that meant, but now I know I must continue to sing with all my heart like you did. Melanie Amaro

Tears won't stop falling man! Wow!! I literally was just with her laughing, joking, talking.. She is like family! Wow man! Funny she hugged me and said they dont know.. We from east orane new jersey! Told me to keep making incredible music and to say humble. Eric Hudson

I'm speechless right now. my heart is broken. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Letoya Luckett

In one month we lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston. All in black hisory month, unbelievable. Bryan Michael Cox

R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Ugh I hate that I'm even typing this ... I'm shocked. She was my hero growing up. Keri Hilson

Such terrible news to hear of Whitney Houston's passing. She gave the world so much happiness. God bless her and her family at this time. Amerie

I'm speechless. I'm in shock right now, just pray for her and the family. Bruno Mars

Can't believe we've lost another 1 of our Royalty. Sister Queen Whitney Houston. God Bless on ur journey as u now stand with Most High! Busta Rhymes

Mama Whit. RIP my heart hurts. Estelle

At this time, the question is now how she went, it's is how she will be remembered. I will always remember Whitney Houston as a true legend. Solonge Knowles

RIP Whitney Houston. A legend lost:( Her voice was insurmountable, her smile was illuminating, she was truly one of a kind and a huge inspiration to me. She has always had sweet and fun words to say to me. I will cherish the moment I was able to share with her, forever. This is truly unbelievable. My prayers and condolences to her family at this time. Ciara

Whitney Houston may you Rest In Peace. You will be missed and you will be remembered for your beautiful voice and positive things you did. Meryl Streep

Deeply saddened by the death of my good friend Whitney. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones. Rest In Peace Whitney, I love you. Jackie Jackson

I'm hoping when I wake up tomorow, this will just a bad bad dream. Terry McMillian

There have been many great singers and there are those who change the game permanently. Whitney Houston was a game changer. I loved her. Beverly McKnight

R.I.P. Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You. Will Smith

She had everything beauty, a magnificent voice. How sad her gifts could not bring her the same happiness they brought us. Barbara Streisand

Just finished My concert with The San Diego Symphony and Sang 4 our Dear Whitney "AND WHEN MELODIES ARE GONE, IN YOU OH GOD I HEAR A SONG .. I LOOK 2U. Jennifer Holiday

I'm speechless, I'm in shock right now. Just pray for her and the family. Chaka Khan

Whitney Houston - I Love You and I Miss You. Crying Real Tears. R.I.P. Diana Ross

Whitney Houston. What a sad tragedy, the end of the life of an incredible talent. RIP to an amazing singer and legend. Joan Rivers

Sad to hear that Whitney Houston has passed away. What a great voice. Sad day for music. Hanson

Alright .. my heart heavy and so are my eyes. Sherri Shepherd

A legend has died. As the world mourns the loss of one fo the all-time greats, we in Newark feel an especially deep sadness. She went from Newark church to global stage, but has always remained a deep part of our pride and collective heart. Cory Booker(Newark, NJ Mayor)

R.I.P. Whitney Houston God Bless her soul. DJ Khaled

RIP Whitney Houston. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones. She will be missed. Toccara Jones

RIP to the legendary Whitney Houston .. Voice is unmatched. Diggy Simmons

I'm sitting here thinking Whitney was prolly going to the Grammys 2moro .. you never which day could be your last. Fabolous

I feel so sad, may she rest in peace. Stacey Dash

We love your Whitney Houston. NeYo

Her voice captured our hearts. Acting captured our minds. Being Bobby Brown made her a friend/auntie in our heads. RIP Whitney Houston. Niecy Nash

I had the pleasure of knowing/working with Whitney. Known her 4 lon time. My prayers r w/fam robyn, bob, ect.., RIP Whitney "THE VOICE". Q-Tip

Whitney was not trendy, she was timeless. Bre Scullark

Just finished a cover shoot. The theme was 'I'm Every Woman"... I love you Whitney! Nia Long

RIP Whitney my lady ... Always one of the Most Beautiful!! Maybe now u will be a your and the family forever. Kimora Lee Simmons

RIP Whitney Houston. 1 of the most talented & beautiful black women of our time. She shared her pain and triumphs with us. Gone but not forgotten. Terrence J

LORD HAVE MERCY!!! We've lost another gret! RIP Whitney Houston! My heart hurts. Taraji P. Henson

I love you Whitney Houston. There will never be another. Ill always remember the sound of your voice and the impact ur music had on my life. La La Anthony

So sad to hear about Whitney! I just took the girls 2meet her last wk! I'm so glad they got to meet such a Amazing Icon! R.I.P. WH Tameka 'Tiny' Harris

Heart broken and a crying mess. I love you mama Whitney. You taught me far more than you know RIP. Tika Sumpter

RIP Whitney Houston...The Voice of an Angel. You will never be forgotten. Willie Taylor(Day 26)

I just Heard that Whitney Houston passed away 2day. I want everyone 2 remeber her for what she was and that's a LEGEND & a music Icon! RIP My prayers go out to her family and friends!!! I'm speechless right now. RIP Whitney Houston. Kevin Hart

WHITNEY??? Pls No!! R.I.P. my beautiful! This REALLY hurts my heart!! Keyshia Cole

RIP to my auntie Whitney Houston! your voice was that of a an Angel! U will be remembered as a LEGEND! Marques Houston

So many tears, hurting so bad, this is unbelievable! I really don't know what to say. I wanted my sister Whitney Houston 2 make it. Mary J. Blige

I'm so sad...Whitney Houston was so kind, sweet, wonderful, amazing, talented, and a true gift to the world. #Iwillalways love you WILL.I.Am

I'm So sorry to hear about Whitney. We have lost one of the greatest singers of ALL time. Simon Cowell

I honestly dont know what's more sad the news that Whitney Houston has died or that so many people seemed to relish telling me. #notcool Simon Pegg

Sick to learn of Whitney Houston's passing. On Clive Davis's big night. Prayers to her family. So sad. Carson Daly

Still can't quite believe this -- interviewed #Whitney's mentor Clive Davis only last night, talking about her incredible talent. Piers Morgan

Devastaing news. Tamron Hall

I Look To you - Whitney Houston. Demi Lovato

I grew up listening to her music and admiring her and wanting to be like her..when you sing something, Whitney is the first voice any female is companred to. It went from her being this untouchable amazing superstar that I could only in my dreams imagine passing in the street to her being part of the film, being my co-star, (and) turning into this awesomely mother-daughter relationship, and become a mentor and friend. She was amazing and she was so kind to me. I got really lucky to see her on something she was so passionate about. Jordin Sparks

Today, as our dearest Whitney Houston is laid to rest, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her loved ones. The shock and sadness will linger for some time, but we continue to hold fast to the beauty, the talent, and the gifted performing that touched us all and put Ms. Houston in a league of her own. I not only esteem Whitney as an artist unmatched, but as a champion soul as well. I pray God give her rest and say to her, “job well done.” I believe that Whitney is in the arms of Christ. She is well loved, and quite missed. Marlena Shaw

I cannot begin to express my sadness & pain that I am feeling for the loss of my baby sis, Whitney. Its still not real to me. I send love and prayers to Cissy, Bobby Kris, Bobby & the family. Natalie Cole

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stars reacts to ICONIC Whitney's passing..

"Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth." — Mariah Carey

"A light has been dimmed in our music community today, and we extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, fans and all who have been touched by her beautiful voice." — Neil Portnow, president and CEO of the Recording Academy.

"I truly, truly adored Whitney Houston. Her album 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' was the very first album I ever bought." — Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child.

"I can't believe that Whitney is gone. My heart goes out to her family, to Clive (Davis), and to everyone who knew and loved this amazingly talented and beautiful artist. I will always love her." — Barry Manilow.

"The morning of the Grammys, the world should pause and pray for the memory of a gifted songbird." — Rev. Al Sharpton

"I've know Whitney since she was a little girl and I loved her. She was like family to me. I will miss her." — Smokey Robinson.

"Without a doubt, her voice, for me, and for the world, was the gold standard. She had it all, she broke all barriers." — Tommy Mottola, former chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment

"Whitney Houston was the greatest singer I've ever heard and she will be truly missed." — Tony Bennett

"Whitney was the reason many of us do what we do." — Pink

We have lost another legend. Love and prayers to Whitney's family. She will be missed" Christina Aguilera

"Nooooo". Katy Perry

This is the saddest thing I've ever had to write in my life, R I P to one of the greatest humans that I have ever known Whitney Houston. Wyclef Jean

Whitney. Rest in peace. There will never be another like you. Lenny Kravitz

At Grammys rehearsal hearing Whitney Houston has passed away at 48. Everyone here is absolutely stunned. Ryan Seacrest

I'm distraught over the news that Whitney Houston has died! She was the most INCREDIBLE talent. What another sad day for the world. LaToya

R.I.P. Sister WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!! We will always love you. Ceelo

She was A TALENT & A LEGEND. She was never a "reality star" No jokes from me about Miss Houston today. Kathie Griffin

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Whitney Houston. A legend with the voice of an angel, she will be missed. Bret Michaels

i truly hope you are in peace WhitneyHouston i feel so honored to have known you! i love you. Kelly Osbourne

"No words. Just tears. Rihanna

"Tell our loved ones how much we love them while they're still here. I wish I could've told Whitney how great she was one last time" Nick Cannon

"Jesus Christ, not Whitney Houston. Greatest of all time." Nicki

"My heart is weeping...RIP to the Legendary Diva & Icon Whitney Houston!!!!! Such an incredible influence over music as a whole!" Toni Braxton

"Cookie & I are shocked & saddened about the news of WhitneyHouston. A great friend & one of the most beautiful voices this world" Magic Johnson

"Whitney Houston was the first cd I ever bought. She had a God given gift. Hopefully, she's singing with angels now. "I can't stop crying. I have a show to do soon. Wow, I learned how to do what I do because of 3 great women, one being Whitney. She was always so kind to me. This is not gonna be an easy show for sure. I'm doing what she taught me to do by listening to her records over & over as a little girl. Her death is very surreal." LeAnn Rimes

"RIPWhitneyHouston..IWillAlwaysLoveYou will remain a classic. Wiz

"RIP Whitney Houston." Drake

"Rest in Peace Whitney We are heartbroken. She had the voice of an angel and a true artist's soul. Our deep love..." Heart

"My heart is saddened.. Everyone please keep Whitney Houstons family in their prayers.. May she rest in peace" Rev Run

"I found my voice singing Whitney Houston's music. Today I lost my idol." Jessica Simpson

"R.I.P. Whitney Houston, really can't believe this" Russell Simmons

"just heard the news. so crazy. One of the GREATEST VOICES EVER just passed. RIP Whitney Houston. My prayers go out to her friends and family" Justin Bieber

"Devastating news about Whitney Houston. What an amazing talent." Courtney Cox

"I'm in Houston on the night we lose WhitneyHouston .. Tonight's show is dedicated to her legacy. Tyrese Gibson

"How tragic to hear about Whitney Houston's passing. Such a shame. She had one of the most iconic voices of my lifetime. #rip" Nick Lachey

"R. I. P. Whitney Houston. I will always love you and your music and talents will live on forever." Billy Ray Cyrus

"R.I.P Whitney Houston dead at 48. Music is forever though" Young Jeezy

I feel sick.... Life is precious, we are fragile souls. Let's love each other! I miss you beautiful Whitney, the whole world misses you!! Alicia Keys

Oh Dear Lord! Huritng so Bad!!! MY Sister Whitney!!!!!!! Newark please Pray!!! World Please Pray! Queen Latifah

Thank u 4 the times we worked 2gether your Voice touched the World! N this rough time I pray for The Houston Family... Missy Elliot

I just can’t talk about it now. It’s so stunning and unbelievable. I couldn’t believe what I was reading coming across the TV screen. Aretha Franklin

This can't be true... One of my idols gone?? No. This is so unbelievably sad... Demetria Lovato

RIP Whitney Houston. Drizzy

R.I.P Whitney Houston... A true icon of our time. Gone too soon. My heart goes out to the family in their time of distress. Usher

Whitney Elizabeth Houston 1963 - 2012

A Voice like hers comes along once in a lifetime .... The memories alone will help get us through, think of the days of me and you, you and me against the world .... and one when one of us is gone, the other is left to carry on, and remembering we'll have to do!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Recording of Arts and Sciences ......


The Recording Academy Statement re: Whitney Houston
February 11, 2012

Six-time GRAMMY® winner Whitney Houston was one of the world's greatest pop singers of all time who leaves behind a robust musical soundtrack spanning the past three decades. Her powerful voice graced many memorable and award-winning songs. A light has been dimmed in our music community today, and we extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, fans and all who have been touched by her beautiful voice.

Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy®

I Can't Say Goood.......

Today is one of the saddest days of my life, Superstar Icon Singer/Actress/Producer Whitney Houston has passed away:(