Friday, December 19, 2008

Harvest Time/TGIF

Hello All,
It's harvest time. I was talking to a close friend last weekend, she and I were catching up. The irony is that, we live less than five miles from one another. As life happens we constantly get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day LIFE. The pace of the world keeps moving faster and faster. Most people don't know how to be 'still'. When I say 'still' we don't take the time to acknowledge the good things that we're truly thankful/grateful for.

We're our worst critics, which I think is a good thing. If you always have a goal to obtain, the hunger for better things is accomplished. Complacency isn't on the face of a winner. Harvest time is about lending a helping hand, to those who are in need, who may have lost 'their' way,It's time to extend your hand to your fellow man. Being 'still' gives time to really observe and focus. Good seeds, need to continue to plant more seeds, trite as it may sound, if a simple plan like that is executed, the crop of our lives will be enriched.

It's Harvest time, and in that spirit....I'd like to challenge each of you to take inventory of your crop. Acknowledge GOD's presence in all that you do. Let's connect!

Happy Friday

Merry Christmas All,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Touch The Sky/TGIF

It's Friday, and it's getting closer to the biggest holiday of the year. Every year around this time, we all start thinking on our lives, and the changes we plan to put into action. Having recently had another birthday, which is a blessing from GOD, and sometimes a curse....because getting older for me sucks. LMAO With reflection I fully have had lots of money, and I've been broke, richer was better :), also I've been younger and older, younger was better :)

The epiphany of it all, is to learn significance along the way. So many times we procrastinate, of course with good intentions. I try to learn something about myself daily, and sometimes the discovery is not always pretty, but the beauty of the thing I regret most (age) is wisdom comes from it On my worst day. I still find something to love about me and my life, and people in general. On bleak days, I'm fully aware of people that I've been able to lean on and learn from. Largely I'm such a better man, because of the relationships that I have with you. On a many occasion you've helped me not only look to the sky, but you've helped me to touch it, I thank you.

Enjoy this fox trot. Happy Friday!

Season's Greetings!!

P.P.S The GAME television show which normally airs on Friday nights, on the CW is on hiatus until January 9th-2009.