Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

The golf world is breathing a sigh of's OFFICIAL Golfing Legend Tiger Woods IS black and here comes the drama. Woods wifey went all Chris Breezy on him, when she found out he was having a affair. Seems Mrs. Tiger Woods has some sista girl in her too. It was a BAM BAM and all of sudden Mr. Woods was KO'd. Poor fella's eyes mustve been bashed in because soon after that he ran into a fire hydrant.....but get this here's what Tiger told a close friend "that his wife went ghetto ballistic at around 2:00 AM yesterday and scratched his face up -- all because of reports he allegedly had cheated on her. He left the house, started driving away and she attacked the SUV with a golf club, Tiger told the friend. He got "distracted" and hit the hydrant". Oh one last thing, the mistress Rachel Uchitel denys the affair, aww but of course she does. Don't they ALWAYS!!

Put the drink DOWN actor David Hasselhoff!!!! On Friday police were called to his house once again for the usual 4 gallon drink minimum. Naw seriously ole boy had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Is this the ULTIMATE cry for help? We've all seen this story before, unfortunately we all know how it ends:(

ABC brass over at GMA is still having issues with Adam Lambert's kissing a boy on the American Music Awards. I don't why, he's a obvious homo lover friend type of guy. He never denied that, and for a while America was eating it up. Go figure right, well GMA still has their panties in a bunch, so Lambert's concert performance has been cancelled and in to save the day, here comes Chris Breezy to save the day, not only will he perform, but he's going to shed some light on his version of what went down with him and RiRi. Truthfully I'm sick of both of them. Let's get back to the music.

Ms. Seasbiscuit herself Beyonce' Knowles television special "I Am Yours" aired on Thanksgiving night, was whack and didn't reveal anything new, just a waste of time, and if I hear that dumb ass "Single Ladies" song one more time....OMG I'm Just Saying.. less Uh Oh's and more OOH NO's. That song is a drag queens anthem!! Suddenly it all makes sense.

COUPLE ALERT!!!! COUPLE ALERT!!!! Now hear this according to the NY Post. Poofy and Camel shared a MEMORABLE EVENING together in a "Private Couples" room. Here's their report: Diddy and Jay-Z checked out CV Lounge's private couples room, which owner Matthew Isaacs rents out for $5,000 a night. The space is outfitted with padded walls and a couch, eight ounces of beluga caviar and a magnum of champagne. There don't seem to be specific rules on what can go on in there, but sources say Diddy and Jay-Z "relaxed and shared a drink while listening to the music." Isn't that romantic....I'm JUST Saying...the music is playing and they're dipping and dropping and getting "IT" in!!!

Oh Damn.....say it isn't so!! Longtime A-list sweethearts Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, relationship appears to be over. That's what happens when you create a relationship for good PR work. It was doom from the start, but reps for the actress say the rumor is false! I believe it's true....oh Jakey boy was missing his brokeback days.

At the Box Office 'New Moon' Still Has Bite With $42.5M Weekend, Sandra Bullock's "Blind Side" was a close second racking in over 40Million dollars.

The Secret Service need to have their *SS whupped, and if that couple were black, they would not have gotten passed the White House Gate....and THAT's ALL I'm Saying. President Obama needs to fire all of their trifling *SSes.

The Queen of Hip Hop soul Mary J. Blige new album cover for Stronger With Each Tear, due out Dec. 22nd. I gotta admit that Mary is looking pretty damn good, so sad for K-Ci, Case and her former drug dealers. Blige is on the right path. Now if we could just teach her some new dance moves...

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rhythm To Flow/TGIF

Happy BLACK Friday Everyone...

Trusting that everyone had a great THANKSGIVING!!! So much feasting takes place, and then the day is gone. Life always has a rhythm, though it may not always be the beat and flow that you would prefer. It still has a certain flow to it, and like it or not we adapt. The way a certain song can tell you life story, without ever knowing you. Funny how that works huh. We live to make it through the hurdles, and we're more inclined to do what's popular, like for instance today....MILLIONS of you are participating in BLACK Friday.....when in actuality if we were patient and waited until January, that's where all the 'best' sales are...but we're conditioned to the rhythm and that beat doesn't stop.

What I really dig is how sexy the word BLACK has become so I roll with it, and it has a certain strength to it. As time keeps moving on, the holidays come and go, family, friends, community and religion are all things that should never be taken lightly. We're here to learn and also to set examples for others to follow. Be the solution and not the problem. You're only able to stand tall if you honor those who came before you. Standing on the shoulders of the lessons learned in life, we only honor our predecessors if we continue the tradition, when you stand tall and stay present, you are honoring legacy.

Sometimes we forget what it all means, and when you get right down to the rhythm of it all, it's the simple things, its not rocket science. Treat others how you would like to be be treated, have patience, which is a lesson that I'm STILL trying to perfect. Seeing yourself in others, helps you to understand their struggles and plight. With every lesson learned, what was the circumstance and in conflict resolution, which part will you play, when you have a certain "Rhythm" in your life, you accept your faults and correct or accept them, your strengths become stronger and in the process you bring humility to your movement.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

Today is a day to reflect back on life love and community. Time to rejoice in the 'now'. For it's all we have. As we celebrate today and all the feasting. Put God and family first. Family is made up of so many different components, all equally having their roles. To give thanks is a MUST...and OH yes we do give thanks.
To those of you who follow me on my blog, I Thank You and Salute You!!! Enjoy Your Day!!

Command Performance

This command performance of the O'Jay's classic "Family Reunion" is different from the live presentation that I normally do. I think this song is very appropriate because it's Thanksgiving Day!! I think when you listen to this classic song, though it's NOT live, I feel it drives the point home, it speaks to the sense of family and true commitment of love and understanding in a very unconditional way. Growing up this song was always a part of any family gathering. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

The queen of talk Momma O' will be at the White House next week to tape an interview with President Obama, to air close to Christmas. Her crews will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a couple of days to shoot exteriors, etc.

When the new television season began, and I got the news about the new D-List of celebrities chosen for DWTS, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they would allow singer Mya who IS a professional dancer to compete. Last night when she lost, it all made sense. Her professional background was held against her, and it was a ultimate slap in her face. Poor Mya let this be a lesson today, you don't need any votes to prove that you're a great dancer, however I do think the race card prevailed. There's NO way in hell Donny Osmond should be the winner...TOO MUCH!!!

Both 'Branded' womanizer's in Hollyweird hunks John Mayer and Gerard Butler share a lot in common, sometimes even the same woman, both have been linked to Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. My thing is this, all the hot girls in Hollyweird know of these boys reputations, but they still want to taste the dip stick. Side note: wasn't Mayer kick ass on "Human Nature" at the King of Pop's memorial..OUTSTANDING!!

Paula Abdul looked HOT at Sunday's AMAs, showing off her thinner than normal body in a black form fitting dress. She and LeToya Jackson are two kind of crazy....but I love it all. Sunday night Adbul seemed less drugged out!! Could it be that old Aresenio Hall is hitting it right?

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has found love with Ben Maisani, owner of gay bar The Eastern Bloc in New York City. They have been seeing each other for around 8 months and now they're house hunting in New York together! When did Cooper come out of the closet?

Cooper's sister in crime Tyler Perry made a generous donation to the NAACP for 1 million dollars to be given over a four year period. It was a great gesture, but I'm sure Madea could have pulled the entire million dollars out of her bra and give it to the NAACP in one lump sum.

For the two people who are interested singer Keyshia Cole was spotted in Cleveland with her boyfriend Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for a charity event.

Johnny Gill, Ne-Yo and Fonzworth Bentley.....discuss, and whatever you come up with in your thoughts.....YOU'RE on the money!! Where was Eddie, they could be a revamped version of En Vogue!!

California Governor.... Arnold Schwarzenegger and wifey Maria Shriver continue to break parking laws. She gets away with talking while driving, he gets to park in the red zone, and it's ALLOWED. Shriver broke two more road rules yesterday and got off scot-free. Where's the JUSTICE, just like her husband winning the Governor's ticket for California...I still can't believe it, and he STILL can't pronounce CALI FOR NIA!!

If you molest a 13 year old, and run from the law for a hundred years, NO bail should come to you. A Swiss court has authorized the release of director Roman Polanski on bail of $4.5 million, but the Hollywood director will be required to remain under house arrest and electronic monitoring at his Swiss chalet. But despite the court’s approval, the Swiss Justice Ministry says it will keep Polanski in jail until it decides whether to appeal his release to the country's supreme court. The rules are always different for them right?

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

All I know is that Mya better win tonight on Dancing With The Stars, Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond come on really? and if she doesn't, ABC and race relations have sunk to a new low. Regardless of the outcome the evening highlight was Whitney Houston's performances. She sang "Million Dollar Bill" and "I Want To Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me". Another thing you learn about HOLLYWEIRD is that nothing is EVER truly live. Whitney performed last night....lucky me right. Both of her performances were stellar.

Yesterday I watched the Wendy Williams show and was a little heated and disapppointed. The big part of her show is called "Hot Topic" where she reports the current media news. She was in radio for twenty years, so I was a little taken aback, that she failed to watch the American Music Awards show. Needless to say she had nothing to really say, because she was soo busy in her life, doing her. Well Wendy newsflash NO ONE CARES about your grocery store shopping sprees. We come to you to hear your take on Hollywood, and yesterday you left me hanging. Kinda makes me think that you're a hater when it not's all about YOU!! Wendy I'll say it again to you...GET IT TOGETHER, you're starting to bore me, and I don't want to flip the channel, because I like your messy!

Singer Sade new CD "Soldier of Love" will come out on February 8, 2010. Don't you just love her version of the blues, jazz and heartbreak....where's my DAMN drink, somebody broke my heart AGAIN!!! Seriously welcome back Sade, we've missed you!!

The ABC brass have their got their panties in a bunch. They cancelled Adam Lambert's planned performance on Good Morning America tomorrow. The little gay boy is just being who he is...didn't America like all his drama on American Idol? At the end of the day who cares. He won't be here two weeks from now, so lets just keep it moving. ABC yes he kissed a boy, you AIRED it, now deal with it!!

Ex first lady Barbara Bush's twin Susan Boyle is about to wreck shop on the music charts. Her debut CD is out performing Lady GAG, Adam Lambert and Rihanna. She's on par to sell over 500.000.00 copies in her first week. Which makes her one of the biggest selling artist of 2009. Guess geritol and pampers never go out of style....I'm Just Saying!!

After hearing the news about Susan Boyles numbers Def Jam is extremely worried that Rihanna's new album, Rated R is not performing very well. They reduce the price on Amazon to 3.99 cents, and are considering selling her CD for ONLY .99 on Black Friday Day. RiRi, karma is a BITCH. You might want to hold ANOTHER press conference and tell the truth on what you really did to Breezy!!

Superstar Janet Jackson appears to have shaken her bluess of letting that little frog boy Jermaine Dupri go, recently Ms. Jackson was seen having dinner with actor Colin Farrell. Farrell is known for liking the sista's you remember his porn debut...he was waxing ole girl like his life depended on it. Janet show him what you're working with.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

The American Music Awards was HOT. Why is it that when Superstar Whitney Houston delivers a KNOCKOUT performance, no one talks about it, but let it be a bad performance it's posted EVERYWHERE. I'm going to flip the script, Ms. Houston's performance last night, clearly illustrates why she's in a league of her own. She's been to hell and back, and lived to tell it. Her performance and delivery .... A MASTERPIECE!!
Janet's opening was of the hook, and when she sang 'Together Again' you just know that she was thinking about her brother. Bravo Ms. Jackson for bringing the heat.
BEP's performance was electric.....had people shaking their asses in the stands.
Mary J Blige's performance Amazing, she looked good AND was in good voice. You just got to love her swagger, she has not missed a beat since 1991, when she gave us 'what's the 411' in short SHE's The 411!!
Jay Z and Alicia Keys, a class act!! I wanted to hop on a plane and fly my ass to NEW YORK!! This song is a anthem, makes you want to chant!
Carrie Underwood, OMG who doesn't love this girl. She's sweet, easy on the eyes and has no problem speaking her mind.
Keith Urban some country tastee, makes you look at country music completely differently. Afterwards you just know he and wifey Nicole Kidman were going to knock boots in celebration of his fiery performance.
Taylor Swift wasn't there, but won 'The Artist Of The Year' award.

King of Pop Michael Jackson won 4 0f his 5 Awards, and you just knew that Jermaine Jackson loved the chance to be in the spotlight, bringing his kids,kids and housekeeper up on that stage. I wanted to say Jermaine SIT YOUR ASS down!!

Now the three horror stories of the night was Rihanna and J.Lo's and Lady Gag's performances. I coudn't figure out what RiRi was going for, but whatever it was, she obviously missed the mark!! And Hey.Ho fell on her ass, guess that's where she does her best work. Lady GAG why are you HERE?!!!!!!!!!!!!
All in all I loved the Awards Show last night.

Last week Momma O' Oprah Winfrey announced that she would be ending her show September 11-2011. I was sad and shocked to hear that news. I grew up watching this lady in my living room. She's the reason that I chose journalism and the reason that I'm a writer and she's still the reason that I want to be a part of the entertainment industry. Good, bad or indifferent, no one can deny what this lady has done for television and reading across the globe. She's been at the top of her game for over 24 years. No one ever believed that a little fat black girl, would become the powerhouse that she is
today. She'w worth 2.7 BILLION dollars. I for one will miss her face, she's been a part of my family's life for two decades, seeing her face is like seeing your favorite aunt at Christmas. Let's salivate in these next 18 months, and if you shed a tear, know that no one is going to judge you.

The Twilight New Moon Saga.....KILLED at the box office grossing over 140 million dollars in it's opening weekend. Aint nothing wrong with a little neck sucking.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, November 20, 2009


Scene - Present Day

Hey everybody.
Happy Friday to you. Taking a moment to be still and let life happen, and being ever so grateful for all that you have and do not have. To relish in the now is a good place to be. Giving thanks is always in order. The happenstance part of where we get to next is always intriguing because it's the fuzzy part. Why does the curious mind always push the envelope, always demanding to know more? I think it's good to press the issue. Being afraid to let life happens, never gets you anywhere.

Death happens every day, and a new angel earns their wings and take flight. Having a angel on your shoulder can be a comfort to some, while others fear them. As Thanksgiving approaches we have to let these thoughts resonate within us. Being thankful isn't always easy. Do you ever sit and ask God what is his design for your life? Are you being still enough to hear his answer? More and more on my path, I'm asking those questions for myself and not so much for others these days.

Thanksgiving is a time to fellowship, to toss all your issues and angst aside, if only for a few hours, it's a chance to see your family and friends, and partake in the feast that we've all come to know and appreciate. When we bless the food that we'll devour, for that brief moment we're unified again, in accordance to the good book. Little things like giving thanks for being in the land of the living. To see another gathering of reunion. Some were not so lucky or maybe they were, to not see another holiday, just depends on how you view it. I more so appreciate the day for the meaning, than the food, most probably appreciate it equally.

Last year around this time I talked about "Harvest Time" which spoke to the need to make time for people and things, that we tend to take for granted. A year has passed when you reflect back, how did you make out this year? Did you make time for the forgotten family members, or the old friends that you may have lost touch with? Was a burden lifted or still just as heavy? Yes this all leads back to the holiday that is vastly approaching. In times such as these no matter what struggles and problems you're presented with, be it big or small, the resolve is always in the resolution, because at some point you have a 'Angel' helping to cushion your landing. Like rocks of Gibraltar bumps and bumps yet STILL WE RISE...and oh yes, we do give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Janet Jackson breaks her silence. Such a adult interview, she was very grown up and not skirmish like she normally is. I always said that she was the normal Jackson. Clearly in mourning and missing her brother tremendously. I came away with a different opinion of the Jackson siblings. She managed to pant them as 'very' normal in their grief. Which speaks volumes. During the interview Jackson revealed that she and the frog Durpi were no longer together, and that at a young age her father told her to call him Joseph and NOT daddy. Crazy Right? Lastly she felt that Dr. Murray was responsible for Michael's death.

Could Steven Tyler of Aerosmith have a drug problem? Let's see isn't show bizness built on sex, drugs and rock n roll? DUH so having a drug problem is part of the territory. Band member guitarist Brad Whitford fear the worst. Tyler is taking a two year leave of absence, when he returns he'll be about 95 years. All is fair in Rock N Roll!!

David Beckham is going to do some good by visiting US soldiers stationed over in Germany during his Thanksgiving break. Word of advice David you might want to leave Stick lady at home.

Jealous little boy anchorman Charles Gibson hasn't been making nice with former co-worker journalist Dianne Sawyer. Gibson is NOT happy about Sawyer being his replacement on world news tonight. He wanted George Stephanopoulos, well ABC brass had a different plan. Get over yourself Gibson, you're NOT the boss of Dianne Sawyer!! Waking up in the wee small hours of the morning for years, Sawyer has paid her dues.

Hot kooch Rihanna has a new boyfriend.....can somebody say BULLSH*T. Supposedly she's dating actor Tristan Wilds from Beverly Hills 90210. Her PR people should come up with a more convincing storyline than this. I'm NOT buying it. Try AGAIN.

Superhead's booty boy Darius McCrary is replacing Shemar Moore as Malcolm on The Young and The Restless. Whoever the casting director is for the show, needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY!! Moore is too busy on Criminal Minds, but damn, couldn't the find a better replace? I'm Just Saying..

NBA baller Jayson Williams has agreed to a plea deal that will send him to prison for between 18 months and up to three years. Jayson was accused of shooting his limo driver and then trying to cover up the offense. He's expected to plead guilty to aggravated assault on Friday and will have to serve at least 18 months in prison. I bet his new cell mate will appreciate his tight end.

Another white chick busted Senator John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra Forbes Kerry, was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI. Will they ever learn? Of course she'll say that she wasn't drinking,,,you know politicians have the best cover ups. I'm Just Saying..

Victoria Beckham says that she prefer sex over sleep, and obviously over food too. Ain't nothing wrong getting bended by Beckham.

Tom and Katie celebrated their anniversary together over the weekend at an Italian restaurant in Boston on Saturday night. And "scene"....the smokescreen continues to build.

She went from Effie to Winnie, singer/actress It has just been announced that Jennifer Hudson will be appearing in the new biopic Winnie, which follows the life of the former wife of Nelson Mandela. I don't like it one bit, I'm sure a MUCH more deserving actress was available. Every time I see Hudson, she is Effie and while that worked in the movie Dreamgirls it doesn't play out so well when she's called to do something more than have a bad attitude and sing. It's call ACTING...hire a coach!!

In the sometimes I feel like a man, when I use to be a woman department, Chaz Bono appeared on GMA today, and said that gender is between your ears, and NOT between your legs, well tell my ding ding that:)

Australian fans were outraged when they found out that pop star Britney Spears was lip syncing her songs in concert. WTF everyone knows that Britney can't sing, fans bought her entire package, and that package included a NON vocal lackluster ditsy Superstar. Face it kids, real life ain't always pretty, you get what you paid for. Britney ... says THANKS Y'ALL!!

Momma O' hasn't missed a beat since her 24TH season opener, with ICON Superstar Whitney Houston, which gave her biggest ratings in four years. Two months later Winfrey scores a even larger ratings win, her interview with Sarah Palin had an 8.7 household rating. America has spoken, Palin really can see Russia from her window. She's NOT dumb after all, because Palin appearance on Oprah, assures her MORE book sales.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

What a honor to have three up and coming artists pay homage to a Superstar. I still love this performance, and this is what I think tributes should be a like. We don't have shows like this anymore. I love the fact that Usher, Pink and Mya danced in unison and separately. All performers brought their A game, and honored Ms. Jackson righteously.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Janet Jackson's interview with Robin Roberts airs tonight. ABC must have a exclusive contract with the family, because every time a Jackson speaks, its with ABC. I feel Janet is the most credible of the lot, but I'm not sure if revealing your true feelings of grief should be aired on television, but like the rest of the world I WILL BE WATCHING!!! Are we nosey are just curious? Hmmm

Talk show blabber mouth hostess Wendy Williams show has been renewed for the 2010-2011 season. Wendy listen closely, you've caught my attention, you will lose it, if you try to go soft on me. You got your talk show because you were spilling all the beans and telling the dirt, keep it gangsta, and don't back peddle. There's STILL more people that you can out, don't worry I got your back *wink*. CONGRATS!!

Musical genius Andrew Lloyd Webber was diagnosed with prostate cancer and, luckily for him, they caught it early enough and he underwent surgery to remove his prostate 3 weeks ago. Webber was rushed to the hospital last night after developing a postoperative infection. Feel better soon.

Like a fine wine that gets better with time Johnny Depp beat out ALL the young hunks for People magazine prestigious "Man OF The Year" cover. People magazine rarely gets anything right, but having Depp on the cover is something I can agree with. The magazine is light years away from what it should be. Why Morris Chestnut, Boris Kudjoe, Taye Diggs, Lenny Kravitz, Idris Elba, Djimon Hounsou, Mario Lopez, Terrell Owens, Maxwell, Brad Paisley,Keith Urban,Larry Johnson have never graced the cover I'll never know, some of it has to do with money AND you know the rest.

Rocker chick Avril Lavigne was reportedly spotted out several times with Lindsay Lohan's and every other young starlets boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, is it his burrito that brings all the chicks to the yard, or is it a smoke screen?

Has Cameron Diaz stars alongside James Marsden in their latest thriller, The Box, lost her mojo? Lately everything Diaz touches tanks, her latest project was no exception. C'mon Diaz we want to see you bring the crazy "Mary" in you back. Seems that she just like Vivica Fox, once they got of hold of some good pee pee they lost their minds, 5O Cent and Justin Timberlake, what did you do to these gals.

The oh so no longer HOT d-Lister Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt got into an epic fight early this morning ... neighbors heard Hilton begging him not to go. I'm scratching my head, doesn't this feel like drama to be played out on a reality show? Hilton's best work has always been on her knees. Stay tune as the drama unfolds.

Is David Letterman's marriage on solid ground? Word on the streets are saying there is trouble in paradise. Recently Letterman went public with a past affair, and pissed off his wifey. The deed in the dark always finds its way to the light.

Actress Kirstie Alley is fuming with late night talk show host Conan O'Brien. Alley has been the butt of many O'Brien's jokes. She was tweeting Star Jones saying O'Brien acts like she bit his d*ck off, she went on to refer to the late night host as Conan O Bitch O'Brien. Alley is filming a reality show, I'm sure it will be outrageous, just like her. In my opinion Rooster Head O'Brien shouldn't talk about ANYONE. His focus should be on saving his late night show from tanking. Conan trust and believe Leno has his eyes on his old job.

Basketball great Allen Iverson calls em like he see's em. Recently Iverson called his coach a Dumb F*cker. Unfortunately the truth hurts, his rantings have got him a leave of absence. Hmm...Something ain't right in the water. This man needs to be with a team where his greatness can be rewarded. If he doesn't get a ring, it will be a travesty.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

I've never done this in my column before, but R&B has just got a new face it's singer K-Michelle. MJB paved the way for the hoody hoods to have a voice, if I were Keyshia Cole and the rest of the up and coming... I would take note and be VERY afraid, this girl ain't playing yall. Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you to K-Michelle. Enjoy!!

Word on the street is saying that 'Cougar Town' star Courtney Cox whom by the way is one of my favorite television actresses, people on the set are saying that she's real b*tchy and demanding. Uh DUH, it's her TV show, she's the producer, I think b*tchy and demanding is required. One thing you cannot do is belittle and degrade folk, so Courtney if you're doing that LIGHTEN UP!!!! I'll be watching you.

Hollywood parents need their ass whupped. Back in the day it happened to Gary Coleman, whose parents spent ALL of his money, then it happened to Macaulay Culkin, The Lohans, have driven their daughter to drugs and beyond, now that latest news comes that Aaron Carter's recent elimination from "Dancing with the Stars" cost him a steady paycheck and the timing couldn't be worse -- Uncle Sam says he owes over a million bucks in back taxes. According to documents filed in Los Angeles yesterday, the alleged former teen heartthrob owes a staggering $1,010,635.08 to the government. Of course you know you can blame his PARENTS for mismanagement of funds. DAMN DAMN DAMN!! These parents have pimped their children.

There's a little freak in all of us, like it or not. We've all got our necks and other things sucked on at least once. Vampires, werewolves and humans all came together for the 'New Moon' premiere in Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the 'Twilight Saga' co-stars were on hand to celebrate the film, which opens nationwide on Nov. 20. Don't be embarrassed if you're in line to see this movie, it just means, you a DL freak.

America's favorite Angel Farrah Fawcett's will was read recently, and I think it speaks volumes. Ryan O'Neal her on and off lover, and Alana Stewart her best friend. Both of these people I think capitalized off her illness, and at some point you just got to say WTF are you people in this for, are you really down for Farrah or along for the riches? Though Farrah Fawcett’s longtime lover, Ryan O’Neal, was by her side for months as she battled cancer, he was left out of her will, Radar Online reports. According to a copy of Fawcett’s will that the Web site obtained, the actress left $4.5 million to the couple’s son Redmond, $100,000 to ex-lover Greg Lott, $500,000 to her father, and $500,000 to her nephew. Fawcett’s close friend, Alana Hamilton Stewart nada.

Sarah Palin seemed very intelligent on Momma O's show yesterday. Who KNEW? Palin's no idiot, she knows appearing on The Oprah Winfrey is going to make her book a instant best seller, so maybe she's getting the last laugh after all.

PRECIOUS director Lee Daniel recently said the he wanted to produce the film, because he was abused by his father growing up for being gay. Whoa that would explain the hair. Daniel's film is getting rave reviews, and Mo'Nique is magnificent. Her performance is worthy of an Oscar....are you listening Academy?

It started with Kanye West, now Hip Hop has a new face thanks to Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi made the cut for GQ’s 2009 Man of the Year issue. If GQ magazine is paying attention, you know it's a new day. Congrats fellas.

Two veteran Superstars are performing at the AMA's this Sunday night. Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston, and all I'm going to say is ladies STEP UP YOUR GAME, you both have a lot riding on this. Janet please please please leave those ancient rhythm nation dance moves at home, and Whitney bring The VOICE back, and leave Bobby at home...OOPS you did better than that, you finally woke the phuck UP!!!

My birthday is coming up, if you want to get me something.....take a look at my boy Chris Brown boots, they are SICK!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Halle Berry was on The Tyra Banks show last week, pretty lady said that she hates the f*cking paparrize taking pictures of her daughter. She said taking pictures of her is acceptable, because she wanted fame, and it comes with the territory, but her little precious is OFF limits, so back up you paparrizi bitches!!(my words, not hers)

Don't your love when the white chicks go on their drinking binges? Shayne Lamas was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol... of course she said that she said she wasn't drunk. Of course your weren't sweetheart. I'm sure it won't hurt the ratings of her "Leave It To The Lamas" reality show.

Legendary Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin pulled a Diva move recently at a taping of The 25Th Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The Queen demanded that all air conditioners in the building be turned off, and if they didn't agree to her terms, she would cancel her performance. Long story short, all hail to the queen. The air was OFF!!

King of Pop's movie "THIS IS IT" has grossed over 200 million dollars worldwide in only two weeks of release. I love that our legend superstar Michael Jackson, is SHUTTING the critics and media down. The numbers DO NOT LIE....we ALL love us some Michael Jackson. If you haven't seen this movie, I say RUN to your nearest's best 1 hour and 55 minutes that you'll ever spend with your clothes ON :), and believe me, you will shake your ass!!

2012 Dominates The Box Office grossing over 65 million dollars. Personally I thought the movie was AWFUL!! Hey what do I know right? LMAO

In the wacky world news department, set your DVR Sarah Palin is on Momma O's show today,and you can best bet it's going to be Interestingly CRAZY. Palin never disappoints in or out of bed!!

50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox are up getting it 'IN' again, this time it's for 50's new single "Do You Think About Me" and apparently the answer is YES. Vivica lost her mind when 50 dumped her, she hasn't been the same since. Poor Thing get it together V, 50 aint all that!

Momma O' offered up an apology to actress Robins Givens and all women who have been abused. Recently Momma O' had Boxer Mike Tyson on her show for a sit down chat. Iron Mike said that back in the day, the Barbara Walters interview he and then wifey Givens gave, she lied on him, and during that interview he wanted to sock her. The audience had nervous laughter. Givens felt by Oprah not making a comment to Tyson, she was basically letting him off the hook. Momma O' apologized and all was forgiven.

Def Jam artist Amerie can't seem to get a break. her record sales started to tank at Columbia thanks to Beyonce's power player Matty Knowles, it's been all bad ever since. Her latest CD debut outside the Top 40 which is worse than awful. She's a pretty girl with BODY. I hear Ray J is looking for his next victim on reality TV. I'm Just Saying..

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stand Strong/TGIF

Happy Friday Everybody,

Being an adult, is what we all yearn for as children. Doing things and not having to answer to anyone seemed to be heaven, how little did I know. We always answer to somebody right? Sharing insight, ideas or pains with another can be therapeutic and educational. The road is paved and woven with so many different textures. We may not be in the military, but every day you live, you're fighting and at battle about something.

I saw the actress Suzanne Somers on a talk show this week. She has a new book "Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place" that she's promoting. She had cancer about ten years ago, and was in remission until a year ago. Her doctor's diagnosed her as having full body cancer, something that I've never heard of before. She takes 60 pills a day and hormones. To understand that doctor's are just 'man' and not God is so powerful to comprehend. Standing in the battlefield armed and prepared to address whatever needs and ailments necessary is the only way to prepare for combat.

In my life, my greatest heroes have always been women. Their strength and vulnerabilities are so incredibly attractive. Society doesn't always show them in the best possible light, and sometimes they aren't considered equals, yet without them where would we be? Life seldom is fair, and STILL it's rare to see them complain, and more often than not will always go to bat for whatever cause at hand. A woman loves her children and is fearless when it comes to them, a woman loves her man, right or wrong. A woman serves her God, and a woman prepares her table for feasting. Do they cry, yes they cry, but seldom is it ever a pity poor me yelp.

Women stand strong through any adversity. I remember my mother's struggle with Ovarian Cancer. She would take two 800 milligrams of Motrin and work a 12 hour day, with stage 4 cancer. She did that for months. Ironically her doctor never stopped to suggest taking a CA 125 test, which isn't covered by your HMO but it's a blood test that checks for Ovarian cancer. So going back to Suzanne Somers book, I think it's your right to stand strong, and fight for your right to live and be vigilant about what happens in your life.

We men rarely say job well done to the homemaker, the wife, the mother, the corporate CEO who also prepare our meals, it doesn't matter how tired she may be, we expect the intimacy and want our needs and desires fulfilled on the regular . To say I may not always know your struggle, be it equality, your hurts, fears or desires, but to say I'm here with you, through the struggle regardless, I'm with you and I stand strong, because like you've provided for me so many times, today I can say I got your back this time.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Hootie and the Blowfish front man Darius Rucker on a CMA award for be new artist last night. Who knew maybe country music is starting to broaden their horizons. Only one other African American has won this award the legendary Charlie Pride who took home the same trophy in 1971. Rucker knows a thing or two about being Best New Artist, he along with his group The Blowfish was a grammy for best new artist 16 years ago. Nice to still be 'new' at something. Congrats bruh!!

America's Bambi Taylor Swift won four CMA awards last night. Clearly sending a sign to Kanye West to basically phuck off. Taylor he's sorry. And we're moving on!!

The American Music Awards airs on November 22. All the big guns will be in the house. Superstar Janet Jackson will open the show with a 8 minute medley. Icon Pop Legend Whitney Houston will receive a special International Award AND perform, Rihanna performs, Rapper mogul Jay-Z is taking to the stage,Jennifer Lopez, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Alicia Keys and the Black Eyed Peas. Dick Clark has always loved Michael Jackson, so I know a righteous tribute will be done for him. I will be in attendance. Should be a great show.

Ever wonder why so much drama always centers around beauty pageants? The girls are so hungry for fame and glory, just give them a camera and a reason to drop their panties and the rest is HISTORY! Former Miss USA 1995 Shanna Moakler left her position as Miss California co-director when the Carrie Prejean incident got pretty heated earlier this year. We come into this work naked, I really don't see the wrong, but we live in a judgemental society.

Boxer Iron Mike Tyson is such an easy target for the paparazzi. Yesterday a photographer got too close and Tyson doing what he does best socked him. So much for damage control. Mike get yourself together, you wanted fame, YOU got fame, and it's costs...this time it's your privacy. Deal with it!!!

Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston were happily sitting together in the VIP when this guy starting really obviously making fun of Demi and things like her relationship with a younger man,” an insider said. “It went on for quite a while. Ashton Kutcher heard it and approached him. At first he thought the guy wasn’t serious and was like ‘what the?’ He then realized he was serious. Ashton lost it.” Hey Ashton were you Punk'd? You're getting the last laugh, because your marriage apparently is working.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

Pink is such a versatile artist, who clearly has vision of how she wants to represent and be represented. Real talent still exists in this industry. I love Pink's performance as she attacks a serious subject matter 'abuse'.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Star paying homage to a SUPERSTAR...

I had the opportunity to witness magic last week, when I attended R.Kelly concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. I had never seen the brutha's show before, and to be honest with you, I wasn't really looking forward to it. I was merely doing a friend a favor by being her date. Wow, was I in for a surprise. It was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. The show started ON time, he had the crowd eating out of his hands, the moment he stepped on stage. We were on our foot dancing for two solid hours. Everything about it was a class act. The icing on the cake was this tribute to the King Of Pop. The sound quality is muffled, so's WORTH sharing. Enjoy

I'm Just Saying...

Now that explains the permed hair. Sister girl comedian Katt Williams is holding little 17 year old boys captive in his home. Wasn't this the same little punk azz b*tch, that tried to sweat Michael Jackson in his HBO stand up. Well Kitty Kitty, no 17 year old boy ever called 911 saying the King of Pop was holding them captive. When you give ugly, you get served UGLY!!!

Set your DVR for the Friday's addition of BET's The Monique Show, where the cast of THE GAME TV show reunites, to talk about their new season, and what the cast has been up to. If you can get past all of Monique's screaming and "Yeah Baby's" its a half decent show, but remember you've been warned, your ears will NEVER be the same.

Yesterday, J.Lo was granted a temporary restraining order, keeping her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, from banking off their brief marriage. Ojani was supposedly looking to release candid photographs and video from their time together, as well as helm a "mockumentary" about their relationship. If Hey.Ho is fighting this hard to keep this mockumentary from being released. Ole gurl must have a LOT to hide. Which makes us ALL want to see it all the more. Keep pushing the envelope Ojani, I hope you win:)

Happy home wrecker singer Alicia Keys upcoming CD 'The Element of Surprise' has been pushed back to December 15Th. Originally slated for a December 1st release. Her first single 'Doesn't Mean Anything' didn't catch on at radio, and I suspect that her cheating with Swizz Beats while he was married, might have a little bit to do with it. Also her second single "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" is just downright nervy, because I'm sure Mashonda the ex-wifey of Swizz knows ALL to well what that feels like. C'mon Ms. Keys, it's time to step your game up. What do yall think of the cover of her new CD, kinda different right?

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are rumored to be doing a remake of the movie classic Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Their version would be more Thelma and Louise...I'm JUST SAYING..

Word on the street has it that Pop Superstar Ms. Janet Jackson if ya nasty is STILL with her frog looking boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. I just have ONE question for you WHY Janet WHY? Please DO NOT LET him produce anything else for you. You're in DESPARATE need of a hit record. I'm ROOTING for you.

Our hearts go out to singer Celine Dion who recently suffered a miscarriage. People who want kids, can't have them, and the one's who can, often time shouldn't have them.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Poofy was spotted dancing with his pants around his ankles in front of a bunch of fellas.....maybe lap dancing was involved. After all you only turn 40 once. Hope it was a happy birthday.

Shaquille O'Neal's wife Shaunie has abruptly flown to Los Angeles and filed a petition for legal separation in Los Angeles County Superior Court ... and Shaq's people think it's all about money. When ISN'T it about MONEY.....HIS money. I'm Just Saying..

Rapper Eminem is reportedly going to do another movie. A horror movie. A horror movie in 3D!!! Is his rap career over?

Chris Brown is scheduled to appear on our favorite big mouth talk's show. Get your DVR's/Tivo's set because I know that Wendy Williams will have a field day with Breezy this Friday!!

Get well soon goes out to Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is battling cancer.

Trashy California Carrie Prejean has a sex tape, goes to show what you do in the dark will come to light. No wonder you didn't win. Hope it was worth it boo.

Good's going to be scary. Sheneneh and Wanda, a comic caper starring Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence as the female characters they developed during their stand up days! I CAN'T wait. Martin and Jamie both could use a hit. So fellas make sure you bring the heat, because you know Tyler's MADEA is watching, and shaking in his boots.

Poor Innocent Me Angel(NOT)Rihanna made her promo rounds yesterday by hitting up the Alexa Chung Show and following it up by attending the Glamour Awards at Carnegie Hall where she was awarded woman of the year. For real GLAMOUR Magazine? Wow!!

Momma O' is sharing the spotlight with talk show hostess Ellen on the cover of next months O Magazine. Ellen also stopped by Momma O's show yesterday. You got to respect Winfrey she knows how to make the ratings do what it do!! Season 24 has been a ratings winner.

David Letterman's blackmailer wants charges dismissed. Well sir, to bad so sad. You're going down, careful not to drop the soap.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

America's Bambi singer Taylor Swift hosted SNL Saturday night, and had the last laugh at the expense of Kanye was light hearted humor. She said a song about "Monologues" and was prepared with her security...just in case Mr. West got anymore bright ideas. It was good fun, I'm glad she's over that incident.

Last week at the Soul Train Awards songstress and might I add cougar Toni Braxton sang a duet with current sex boytoy Trey Songz had a passionate lip lock session. A few days later Toni Braxton separates from her husband. Here's the nervy thing on Braxton's part, she planted that kiss on Songz while her husband was in the audience watching. Toni don't you KNOW NO GOOD!!! Are you that desparate for a hit record?

I saw R.Kelly in concert last week, it was a "Ladies Only" affair and the message was clear, they ALL wanted him to knock their backs out. It was like 'I don't care what they say you did', I just want you to do 'IT' to me too. I'm Just Saying...the bruh has NOT lost his following, and the show was SMOKING hot and on point.

Producer/Director Lee Daniels movie "Precious" opened at movie theatres. It was only on 18 screens across the country, but it took in a whooping 1.8 million dollars for a place in the top ten. Basically every screen that the movie played on, grossed 100K. No bad.....put a big black girl in a movie, let her have a couple kids, all of sudden it's what white folk expect of the black plight. UGH :(

From low budget oomedian to a thief, Katt Williams this no laughing matter. Now brother when youre the butt of the joke, lets see if you have a sense of humor about it.

Momma O' has sent out a final warning message to has been Rosie O'Donnell, who swears every chance that she gets, that Oprah and Gail are lesbians. Winfrey warned O'Donnell to get off my nutts or ELSE!!! You don't want to mess with the Big O'.

Hova finally admitted that he and his wifey are trying to procreate. Hmmm I wonder who's on top. Well that's doesn't matter, as long as somebody is getting 'IT' in.

Former baseball star Sammy Sosa who use to be actress Vivica A. Fox's complexion, was seen out over the weekend looking lighter than A-Rod. That light skin/dark skin drama never ends. Love yourself people!!

Rihanna's interview with 20/20 on Friday was interesting, and that's ALL I'M SAYING!!

VIBE magazine returns to newsstands in December. Their welcome back issue has Breezy on the cover, and I think it's a great choice. Check it out, and let's support VIBE magazine, it was good reading back in the day.

Health Care Reform Bill is “A Go” with an Abortion Restriction, Moves to Senate. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? So many people would love to see President Obama fail, but I dont think they will get their wish.
Face it, the country has been in a state of emergency for more than one year....we can blame a BUSH for that.

In coverup news singer/actor/dancer/producer:) Marques Houston married a cute little me no speak english latina over the weekend. I'll bet Chris Stokes was his best man, but I wonder what Omarian, Raz B and the rest of the gang has to say about that.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, November 6, 2009

In The Valley/TGIF

Scene - Present Day

Hello everyone.
I'm at the point in my life where I'm trying to seek a deeper understanding of God and his desire for me in my lifetime. Having a purpose is partially the reason why we're put here on this earth. Understanding what that means is half the battle. Some say how can you believe in something/someone in whom you cannot see. Wisdom comes from seeking a deeper understanding of self and the elements around you. We come into this world through our Mother's, a Father's role is a significant part too. On many occasions children are not planned for. A passionate moment, can have a lasting effect. From early on most of us are taught to pray and go to church on Sundays.

We call on God when we need him, and expect him to deliver whatever burdens we present to him. To live a God fearing life is only as hard as you make it. If you can call on him when things are at it's most crucial point. Why is it so hard to give him some of your time when, your life is going great?
People are afraid to talk about religion, out of fear or ridicule. The state of the world constantly reveals that a greater being truly exists. We're in complete chaos, and it's not by coincidence. The good book talks about natural disasters, yet when we they happen, we're always surprised.

Why is God so forgiving to us? When we come to him and ask for forgiveness it's granted, yet we turn around and do the same thing again. The second time around, I feel that we're less remorseful. Sin is sin, and not one sin is greater than the other. It's very easy to condemn others, without taking your own inventory. Personally for me, I've been afraid to really connect to God and let him truly utilize me and do the work that's required. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm his child. Living to merely exist is not the role that I signed up for. MY wish is to do more and stretch the boundaries for a greater understanding.

If you're in the valley struggling, that's when most of us call on God to get us out of trouble. Some will gamble, if you're lucky enough to win, more so than not you will hear these famous words THANK YOU JESUS, now did God really give you that win? Sounds familiar right? Science breaks down ideologies to it's purest form. To understand that your mission, has already been designed for you. with little say from you. A lot of people are clandestine when it comes to their views on God. A lot of people will shy aware from religious topics, In the proper setting I feel those doors should be open for topic of conversation.

Giving God the glory in the past hasn't always been where my heart was, There have been times when I felt he's failed me, and of course there have been times, when I've felt that I've failed him. We've all dealt with loss, to have questions, when we're not suppose to ask, can definitely test your faith. You cannot fake it, if you're not a believer. It's a ongoing process to understand what life entails to make it into the Pearlie gates. Unfortunately not everyone will make. Then there's the group of non-believers.

In a world where you're free to believe in whatever you choose. Live and let live is my motto. God is all knowing and purposeful. Incorporate more positives into your surroundings. Problems continue to come, and that wont change. Calling on God only when you need him, doesn't mean he will answer. When he doesn't come to your rescue, is it a request failure? At the end of the day, when he comes it's always in the nick of time. Those of you who are like me, please join me and give God more of your time. Don't be afraid to believe, and pay attention to ALL warning signs, because you just never know.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Apparently Kate Hudson's kooch is a lucky charm, because A-Rod and the New York Yankee's won the world series. I can just imagine how the celebrated.

Once a cheater always a cheater...According to Life & Style, Eddie Cibrian is already cheating on LeAnn Rimes. This shouldn't surprise LeAnn, after all she did it to someone, fair exchange is NO robbery.

For anyone who hasn't seen THIS IS IT, you're doing yourself a disservice. See for yourself the state that MJ was in. The media tried to spin his life out of control and weaken his BRAND. He was in complete control of his life and career, he knew what he wanted and he always was pushing technology to the next level. The movie was bittersweet, because we will NEVER have those moments of his greatness. I applaud ALL parties involved in bringing THIS IS IT to the fans, the dancers, singers, musicians, producers all did their thang. BRAVO!

Singer Mariah Carey was on Larry King Live yesterday and implied that her ex-husband Tommy Mottola emotionally abused her. How sad for you Mariah Carey, now lets talk about how you broke up a happy 20 year marriage for your selfishness. He was twenty years older than you, a father figure, and with that comes a certain amount of control. At the end of the day it was worth it, you're a superstar now with a young saucy husband (Nick Cannon) who I'm MORE than sure, you control. So what's the difference Mariah??????????? I'm Just Saying...

Actress Melanie Griffith is out of rehab and looking FABULOUS!!! David Hasselhoff, Amy Winehouse,Keifer Sutherland and Lindsay Lohan....STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY AWAY!! Good luck Melanie, I'm rooting for you. The world is a hard knock life sober.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are going to co-host next years Oscars. Both worthy hosts, but I think either of them could do it alone, my choice would be for wild and crazy Steve Martin to go it alone. He did it before BRILLIANTLY!!

Paying for sanity....well I think it's the best money loopey Britney Spears ever spent. She paid her lawyers $1.32 MILLION in the last 7-months. Britney gave roughly $280,000 to her legal team to keep Adnan Ghalib, Sam Lutfi and Jon Eardley away from her.

Singer Lenny Kravitz recently returned to America after living in Paris for two years. He plays Nurse John in director Lee Daniels "Precious" movie release. Kravitz left america because he didn't like the vibe of the world and the lack of interest he was receiving for his record label.

Damage control and PR goes hand in hand. Enter singer Rihanna wearing ALL white to convey INNOCENT victim. RiRi appeard on ABC's Good Morning America, saying that she wants to be a role model for girls, and that she should not have gone back to Breezy. Basically she felt that love over clouded her judgement, that and the good pee pee that he was giving her. XXXXXXXXXXXXXactly :) I would have more respect if she had addressed this situation before now, and it's clear that she's only speaking out NOW to promote her upcoming CD, which has been met with resistance and radio and public acceptance.

Equally as guilty Chris Brown is on the promo circuit too, telling his side. BOTH parties guilty. Power brass needs to let these two kids move on with their lives....I mean seriously. MOVE ON!!

Superstar Janet Jackson breaks her silence November 18th with GMA host Robin Roberts. She will talk about the loss of her brother Michael Jackson.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

Two of Hip Hop biggest artists at the top of their game, rapper/mogul Jay-Z and the Queen of Hip Hop Mary J. Blige came together to make history one night in New York City. I love artists when they come together to tell a story through song. It's about a consciousness that's unequaled, in it's purest art form, freedom of speech. The sweet delivery makes it very elegant in a Hip Hop world, where society says it's only for gangsta's and criminals. Hip Hop continues to push the envelope and make you take notice of the BRAND, because it's NOT ever going away. It's a movement and a state of mind. "Song Cry" covers all boundaries and genres. It takes the listener on a journey and visually you're watching two legends stand on top of their game and fully represent.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Sean Penn's 16 year old son was arrested for narcotics on his school campus. He was probably carrying for his Father. Sean GET it together. While you're out cheating on your wifey, your son is coating his pain with drugs.

Josh Duhamel married less than one year to BEP's lead singer Fergie, was accused of cheating with a stripper. Of course he denies it, but you know my STAPLE thought is this...TO EVERY RUMOR..........XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXactly. Poor Fergie, guess we'll see if really believe what you sing about in your song 'Big Girls Don't Cry' well!! If you did it's okay, then kick his ass to the curb.

Poor Lindsay Lohan, she's SCREAMING for help. Now her attention whore father Michael Lohan is selling taped conversations of his daughter. On one recording you can hear Linday saying “No one cares about me. They don’t, by the way. It’s about how they feel, not how I feel. It’s not about me. It’s never been about me, unless I fight for it.” When this poor kid ends of dead, BOTH her parents should get life sentences for murder. It's THAT simple!!!

America has condemned singer Chris Brown, but I'm going to go on record and say...I WANT HIS PROJECT TO BLOW UP AND BE A GIGANTIC SUCCESS!!! The kid made a damn mistake. Ri Ri should you. MOVE ON!! Welcome Back Breezy!!!

Actress/Director Penny Marshall get well soon. She was recently diagnosed with having Brain and Liver tumors, and underwent surgery October 30th. We wish you a SPEEDY recovery LAVERNE!!

I love your smile singer "SHANICE" husband actor/producer Flex was recently seen with some chick for a photo op. Hmm well Shanice poor thing, that's only HALF your worries. Let's hope that the meeting was on the up and up, and it was STRICTLY business. Yeah Right!!

I recently saw actor Terrence Howard at LAX airport, and he was switching more the KKK sisters. I was like is that Rupaul. I'm Just Saying...

More dirt from rapper Beanie Siegel on HOVA. He said that Jay-Z once stood over former business partner Dame Dash and pissed on him. Is that the new kinky? Well maybe we have R.Kelly to thank for that madness.

Singer Rihanna said that she was very upset that they police released the pictures of her bruised and banged up. She felt they were out of line, and didn't care about her well being, but were more concerned for the sensationalism of it all. That's true, so Rihanna are you upset about anything else?

OMG hold your ears. Tonight singer Mary J. Blige is going to sing the National Anthem at the World Series, and NOT one note will be sung on key. The world loves Hip Hop momma, but she's never been pitch perfect. C'mon guys I love her to, but... I'm Just Saying

Tennis star Serena Williams, is doing more than letting her mouth get her into trouble. She's hitting the association where it hurts, in their pockets. She banked $6.5 mil to beat previous earnings champ steriod taking Justine Henin who retired from Tennis right before the French Open, (because the committee was on her trail for doping).
*Serena Williams has set the record for single-season prize money in women's tennis by topping $6.5 million in 2009, reports the Associated Press. Williams broke the WTA mark of slightly under $5.5 million, earned by Justine Henin in 2007. Serena won the season-ending tour championships Sunday, beating older sister Venus in the final, and ends the year ranked No. 1. The younger Williams also won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2009. Williams' career prize money is now at a record $28.5 million.
Why was LADY GAG on BET's 106 and Park? Black people when are we ever going to learn? They don't want us in their world, but we'll always kiss their azz and welcome them into ours. She's a waste of a time slot, that should be given to a deserving up and coming R&B artist, such as Melanie Fiona.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

One of the baddest chicks in the game is actress Stacy Dash, her peers are Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Nia Long. All of these women are on FIYAH, but few really know Dash. She has been acting for over twenty years. She's best known for her rule in the hit movie and tv show Clueless. At the time she was 29 years old, playing a 15 year old. That's good genes. Today she's 43 and DOING it!! It would be nice to see all of these great woman in movie together, getting equal billing...hey a boy can dream, can't he?

Looks like ABC's former ratings winner UGLY BETTY is struggling on Friday nights. Hopefully this will not be the last season at MODE. First they pull it from it's scheduled line up last season, now it's airs on Fridays, seems to be ABC wants to kill the show. I think it's time to start a petition. C'mon brass, it's a great show.

Wendy Williams former sidekick Charlamagne recently got fired from his Morning Beat 100.3 spot in Philly. Word on the street is that Hova didn't like Charlamagne's interview with rapper Beenie Siegel. Siegel had some less than flattering remarks about Jay-Z. Damn does Mr. Carter have that much power to stop freedom of speech? YIKES!!! Maybe the truth is hard to digest.

Rapper Nas Escobar and ex-wifey Kelis are at AGAIN. Apparently Mr. Escobar does not want to pay 72 G's a month. I DON'T blame him. That milkshake is proving costly. Aint love GRAND?

Back in the day when Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman, he had a clause in his prenup. It went a little something like this. If they were to stay married for over 10 years, she would get HALF of his fortune. Brilliant Cruise ended his marriage in its ninth year. That was dirty Tommie Boy. To keep his little secret a "HUSH" he went out looking for his next COVER, he auditioned Jessica Alba for the role of WIFEY who said NO, he tried out hot Latina Penelope Cruz, who would NOT go along with this publicity stunt, so little TV up and coming actress Katie Holmes jumped at the chance for stardom, and the rest is HISTORY. Holmes still isn't a STAR so, umm was it worth it? Can Tommie boy work it, from what I'm told, he could teach Lil' Kim how to give brain!! OUCH

24 star Kiefer Sutherland can chug with the best of them. Most of the world drink coffee or tea, well Mr. Sutherland has deep affection for the 'sauce' his morning bar tab was 700 dollars, now that's gangsta....I ain't mad!! You get the feeling, that you would never want him to meet Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Bobby Brown together, that would a Rehab Reality show bonanza.

Speaking of booze E' late night talk show hostess Chelsea Lately appears on the cover of Playboy magazine, WHY WHY WHY she's NOT cute, she's not taking off anything and again WHY? XXXXXXXXXXXactly, guess her old man has deep pockets or either Hugh Hefner owed him a favor. Sorry Chelsea .... I'll PASS!!

Conan O'Brien is shaking in his cowboy boots, looks like NBC will have a new owners soon, and just possibly the good guy(Jay Leno) will have the last laugh. He may just get his old timeslot back. I don't know who came up with the brilliant idea to replace Jay with a ROOSTER, seems VERY radical to me. Stay Tuned!!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Just Saying..

Michael Jackson's documentary "THIS IS IT" opens at #1 at the box-office. Worldwide the film brought in over 101 million dollars. American audiences was a let down, the film did 21 million dollars. I'm sure the media will have something negative to say about that.

Why in the hell would the Olympic commission book the whack Spice Girls spice, sugar, rice krisper treats who cares? Guess talented groups like En Vogue, Destiny's Child(a reunion)SWV or Wild Orchid(Fergie's old group) weren't available. Well you get my point.

Rihanna has dropped two singles and both of them are duds. Her label heads came up with this great concept for her to break her silence on her relationship with Breezy. I don't think that will help, or maybe America is looking for talent for a change. Stay tune as the plot thickens.

The I'm EVERYWHERE Beyonce Knowles will have a TV special behind the scenes look at her tour and her life on Thanksgiving night. I'm clueless what can she tell us, that she already hasn't shoved down our throats? WE KNOW WHO YOUR ARE you're from fifth ward in Houston, TX, You formed a group with your friends, you weren't getting enough attention, so you had the two talented one's kicked out. Poor Kelly and Michelle, it's BEYONCE's world(at least in her mind)

Talk Show big mouth Wendy Williams can't get A-list celebs on her show. Well Wendy, you hold ALL the dirt, which makes the celebrities with 'secrets' afraid to sit on your sofa. Wendy is gangsta and can go hard, I love her!!

Kanye West has finally called it off with the MESS called Amber Rose. Her fifteen minutes is up. Kanye used her for a smoke screen, and she fully benefited. After all she's a equal opportunity lender, she likes the guys AND the girls.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..