Friday, October 3, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder Why

Sometimes I wonder if love has to be this hard. Will I ever find someone who completes me? Is their someone who is really willing to put in the work. Maybe the mature thing is to allow someone to love you, who isn't completely your type, but one who is good for you, and treats you like you deserve to be treated.

The big love affairs to remember, were both people at the same place emotionally, at the same time. Can two stars shine equally as bright? So many questions, yet unanswered. No dress rehearsals, it's all real time. Turn a different corner, maybe we wouldve never met, and yet we did.

I challenge you to do some real soul searchings, and analyze what can be done, to overcome the bleak times. What roll did you play in your 'big closeup' moment of love. Was your heart in the right place, or were you just passing time. Were you faithful? Were you emotionally available? Did you communicate?It's time for me to write new chapters. I'm ready for my destiny. Are you?