Sunday, November 27, 2016


Happy Sunday ...

Ever Thankful ...

Constantly Grateful ...

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."  Romans 12:12

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ron Glass

Cruelty of 2016 claims another ICON.  Veteran TV actor Ron Glass has died aged 71.

The Indiana-born performer, who starred in countless television shows throughout his career - including Barney Miller, Friends , Star Trek and CSI, is thought to have passed away peacefully in his LA home, yesterday.

It's not yet clear if the star had been ill prior to his death, but there is speculation that he was suffering from respiratory problems.

Friday, November 25, 2016

This is MY time, MY Season ...


Choose self, Conquer from within. #TGIF

Damn Noooo ...

Damn Damn Damn - End Of An Era.  2016 is taking NO prisoners.  Florence Henderson, who wrangled six unruly kids in a blended family on TV's "The Brady Bunch," died Thursday night in Los Angeles at 82, her manager confirmed.

Kayla Pressman, Henderson's manager, said the actress died of heart failure surrounded by family and friends.

At the time of her death, Henderson was hosting a talk show, "The Florence Henderson Show," and a cooking show, "Who's Cooking With Florence Henderson," on Retirement Living TV — showcasing the versatility that kept her in the public eye for decades.  Rest In Peace Ms. Henderson, you were a super cool TV Mom.  The Brady Bunch was such good food, for my soul. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Harvest Day

Happy ThanksGiving To my Family, Chosen Family and Friends!!! May Bless Us All!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


🇺🇸These three women called the #firstlady ugly. Two called her a monkey and one called her an ape. They all lost their jobs and obviously their eye sight. Maybe a mirror is in order. #michelleobama #flotus

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We Got It ...

#1 - Tribe Called Quest does it A G A I N!!!

Tribe Called Quest has topped the Billboard 200 for the first time in twenty years and the second time overall, thanks to their new album, We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service, which debuted at no. 1 between its release on Nov. 11 and the end of the week on Nov. 17.

The last time that A Tribe Called Quest claimed the no. 1 spot on the Billboard chart was in 1996 with their album, Beats, Rhymes and Life.

According to Billboard, the album moved 135,000 album units during its first week, an overwhelming 112,000 of which were traditional album sales; We Got It From Here is A Tribe Called Quest’s first studio album since they dropped The Love Movement in 1998. It’s also the first release since member Phife Dawg passed away in March of this year; the group says that this album is their last.


EXCELLENCE - Medal of Freedom awarded to Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross, Kareem Abdul Jamar and Michael Jordan by President Obama.

Get Well Kanye

Praying - Kanye hang in there, loss is horrific.  Mental Health is real.  Stand strong Mr. West, The media loves stories like this.  He lost his mother and married a THOT.  That's hard enough.You actually can write your own ending.  


Sunday, November 20, 2016


Happy Sunday ...

I'm Blessed, Thankful and Grateful ...

Thanks be to GOD ...

"I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken"

Psalms 16:8

Friday, November 18, 2016

Next ...

Next Chapter - Two decades later Singer Monica parts ways with her record label.  One door closes another one opens.

I want to say thank you to RCA and their ENTIRE STAFF… for more than half my life we have been family. It’s been an honor to be on the same contract for two decades. I grew up with you all. So many moments that changed my life because of your belief in me… Peter, Keith, Carolyn, Trevor, Theola, Russ, all of Radio all of the street teams soooooo many of you have been influential in the woman and artist I’ve become. Our contract may have ended but the love is FOREVER …… There’s a level of respect and dignity that has come with the ALL the hits we’ve made❤️to Clive Davis.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! I know most your grey hairs were because of me in my teenage years LOL but you believed I could sing any genre & with you I did… Love Forever …


Keep moving NOW, Time is not a luxury. #TGIF

Damn Damn Damn

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Medal Of Honor ...


President Obama named the recipients of the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday, a list that includes cultural, athletic and philanthropic luminaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks and Bill and Melinda Gates. It is the last time Mr. Obama will award the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Other recipients of the 2016 medals include Robert De Niro, the architect Frank Gehry, Diana Ross, Michael Jordan, “Saturday Night Live's" creator Lorne Michaels, sportscaster Vin Scully, Bruce Springsteen and Cicely Tyson.

The medals will be presented during a White House ceremony on Nov. 22 and live-streamed at The complete list of the 21 honorees can be found on the White House website.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and is awarded annually to people who have made exceptional contributions to the national interest, to world peace or to cultural or other significant endeavors.

Mr. Obama said in a statement that the Medal of Freedom was “a tribute to the idea that all of us, no matter where we come from, have the opportunity to change this country for the better.” The 2016 recipients had “helped push America forward, inspiring millions of people around the world along the way,”.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Gwen Ifill

Rest In Peace - (CNNMoney) Gwen Ifill, the veteran journalist and newscaster who co-anchored "PBS NewsHour," has died, PBS said Monday.

Ifill, 61, broke gender and racial barriers and became a role model for journalists across the country. She had been battling endometrial cancer while covering this year's presidential election.

PBS said in a statement that she died Monday "surrounded by family and friends."

"Gwen was one of America's leading lights in journalism and a fundamental reason public media is considered a trusted window on the world by audiences across the nation," Paula Kerger, the PBS president and CEO, said.

"She often said that her job was to bring light rather than heat to issues of importance to our society," Kerger said.

Ifill, who worked at The Washington Post, The New York Times and NBC News, became moderator of PBS's "Washington Week in Review" in 1999. She was tapped to be the co-anchor of the "NewsHour" in 2013. Ifill and co-anchor Judy Woodruff were the first women to jointly lead a national nightly news broadcast.

Ifill also moderated the 2004 and 2008 vice-presidential debates, as well as a 2016 Democratic primary debate.

"I think we're all diminished without Gwen," CNN's Gloria Borger, a longtime friend of Ifill's, said after the news of Ifill's passing was announced.

Borger recalled that Ifill's "preparation for those debates was stunning."

"She was such a role model for me, and for so many people," CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson said.

"We all loved her," CNN's Jamie Gangel said, remembering Ifill as smart, funny and fearless.

Ifill was a pioneer for women and for African Americans in journalism, becoming the first African American woman to host a major political talk show when she took the helm at "Washington Week in Review."

Her path to prominence was hard-fought: While in college in the late 1970s, Ifill secured an internship at The Boston Herald.

"They didn't know what a college-educated black woman was and they didn't know how to treat me," she once told The Washington Post. One day, she told the Post, a staffer left her a note in the photo lab that said "Nigger go home." The editors were so apologetic about the issue that they hired Ifill after her 1977 graduation, she recalled. Ifill A class Act will be missed.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Happy Sunday ...

Thank You GOD ...

In times like these, I look to you ...

'For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline'

Timothy 1:7

Friday, November 11, 2016

Old Friend

Farewell - Raining days and Gloom go hand in glove.  Beautiful, and cathartic.  Some viewed his art as dark and problematic, but not me.  Leonard Cohen was Godsend.   His writing ability was angelic.  His Legacy was an expansive six-decade career.

"Leonard Cohen was an unparalleled artist whose stunning body of original work has been embraced by generations of fans and artists alike," it was said in a statement.

"The Sony Music Canada family joins the world in mourning Leonard Cohen's passing."

Cohen's songs included So Long Marianne, written about his lover and muse Marianne Ihlen, whom he met in Greece in the 1960s.

She also inspired the song Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye.  Recently Cohen was interviewed recently, where he talked his thoughts on death ...

     '"I am ready to die," he told The New Yorker. "I hope it's not too uncomfortable. That's about it for me."  Speaking about making arrangements for his death, he added: "At a certain point, if you still have your marbles and are not faced with serious financial challenges, you have a chance to put your house in order.

A visionary to the end.  Rest In Peace Mr. Cohen


Resiliency can be overrated, stand firm in your truth.  Silence can be cowardly,  figure it out examine, process, proceed. #TGIF

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

THOT Tuesdays begin January 24

Thanks largely in part to Kim Kartrashian, this is the new breed of what is acceptable at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave ... Save you dollars bills, THOT Tuesdays begin January 24, 2017, let's make it rain.  #OnlyInAmerica

America ...Thanks

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Loving You

Remembering - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINNIE RIPERTON!!!  She could sing Opera, Her Octaves were ridiculous, She could sing Rock, truth be told Minnie Riperton, sang it all.  Like an Angel from above, that voice was Blessed by GOD.  Right when she started to blossom, she was taken away, on a higher plane.  A warrior, a trailblazer and feminist.  Today Minnie Riperton, would be on that Hillary train.  

On April 5, 1975, Riperton reached the apex of her career with her #1 single, "Lovin' You". The single was the last release from her 1974 gold album entitled Perfect Angel. In January 1976, Riperton was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy.  By the time of diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized and she was given about six months to live. Despite the grim prognosis, she continued recording and touring. She was one of the first celebrities to go public with her breast cancer diagnosis, but did not disclose she was terminally ill. In 1977, she became a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. In 1978, she received the American Cancer Society's Courage Award which was presented to her at the White House by President Jimmy Carter. She died at age 31 on July 12, 1979.   

Today when I hear the lines 'I stumbled on this photograph, it could of made me laugh' it always brings a smile to my face, as Minnie's music often did, traveling down 'Memory Lane' does the heart could, in remembrance as what some called a 'Perfect Angel'.

Making History

Monday, November 7, 2016

Strange ignites

The domestic box office got a jolt in a very big way as Disney and Marvel's Doctor Strange led the weekend with an estimated $84.9 million followed by strong performances by both Fox and DreamWorks Animation's Trolls and Lionsgate's Hacksaw Ridge. Beyond just the wide releases, the continued expansion of A24's Moonlight also contributed to a top twelve that was up a whopping 133.6% compared to last weekend, generating over $182 million collectively and a weekend that was up 20.4% compared to last year.

Finishing atop the weekend box office, Disney and Marvel's Doctor Strange delivered as expected, with an estimated $84.9 million from 3,882 theaters. This is the tenth largest opening for a Marvel movie finishing just behind Thor: The Dark World, the only other film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to open in November.

Compared to over single-character intros in the MCU, Doctor Strange dramatically outperformed Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, which opened with $65 million and $66 million respectively, last year's release of Ant-Man, which debuted with $57 million, and The Incredible Hulk, which opened with $55.4 million in June 2008. Only Iron Man, with $98.6 million ($102.1m including previews) back in Summer 2010, had a larger opening.

In Awe

Admiration - Music Superstar Lauryn Hill and Tennis Star Gael Monfils. When the two stars met. It was a peer love fest, both were In awe of each other.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Happy Sunday ...
Ask GOD, Seek GOD ...
Know GOD!  Blessings are Bountiful ...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blac Chyna shuts down Wendy ...

WHOA - Blac Chyna shuts down Man-beast Williams, saying 'Wendy .. Wendy .. Wendy" have you lost your motherfuckin mind hoe? How dare you speak on me, my fiancé, and my mom like you were at the Christmas table with us?! I find it so funny how you love to talk about Rob and his insecurities like at a point in time you wasn’t a fat 400 pound ass bitch on the radio! You telling him to put some some bass in his voice? You want him to be like Kevin? Right you want Rob to put some bass in his voice and a fist upside my head next right? You want him to be like your husband? Rob is MY MAN! MINE! I love him for who he is which is why we are together. Therefore it doesn’t fucking matter what you “Think” or “Want” him to be he’s not for you Bitch! Then let’s not talk about this Lil vendetta you have with my mom. Wendy Bitch you’re cruisin’ Honestly, truly.. You go out there talking about my family like you just hit the pipe backstage! When I decided to do this show I knew I would be letting the world see us. But your horse face ass woke up on the wrong side of the stable and decide to go overboard with your fuck boy comments. Bitch fuck you ! “P” body ass hoe ???? @wendyshow@wendyshow @wendyshow

Friday, November 4, 2016

FOX News Being Scandalous ...

FOX NEWS/Trump = Jackasses

Fox News anchor Bret Baier apologized Friday for reporting that federal investigators had determined that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had been hacked and that an investigation would lead to an indictment of Clinton after the election.

Donald Trump cited an erroneous Fox News report on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email on Friday as he pressed his case that his Democratic rival is a criminal who belongs in prison.

At a country club rally on a crisp autumn day in southern New Hampshire, Trump pronounced Clinton guilty of perjury, saying she lied to Congress about her use of a private email server when she was secretary of State.

“The FBI agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment,” Trump told about 1,000 supporters, alluding to a Fox News report that the network retracted Friday morning.

It was unclear whether Trump was aware that Fox News anchor Bret Baier had just acknowledged that there were no facts to back up his statement Thursday that the federal probe would result in an indictment.

“No one knows if there would or would not be an indictment,” Baier told Fox News viewers in a rare on-air apology.

“It was a mistake, and for that I’m sorry,” Baier said.

Fox News also retracted another element of its reporting that Trump has used to tar Clinton during the week since FBI Director James Comey announced that investigators were examining newly discovered emails to see whether they had any significance in the Clinton probe that was closed in July with no charges.

Fox News reported incorrectly – and Trump has repeated -- that as many as five foreign intelligence agencies might have hacked Clinton’s private server, despite Comey saying in July that there was no evidence of a breach.

Baier acknowledged Friday (today) that there were “still no digital fingerprints of a breach.”  So much for facts, when reporting a lie sells better.  Epic Fail FOX NEWS!


Love, Forgive, Grow!  Radiate what you want to Attract. #TGIF

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Drought Is Over - Chicago Cubs .... Down 3-1

Yes  - Chicago Cubs .... Down 3-1 the 108 year Drought is O V E R!!! Chicago Cubs World Series Champions!!!