Monday, April 4, 2011

POP Culture at a glance....and not in a glass!!

Singer Katy Perry song E.T. featuring Kanye West is #1 atop of Billboards Top 100 singles chart, this is her third #1 off her Cotton Candy CD. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite singers.

Lindsay Lohan could soon be a famous murder victim, she's been offered the role of Sharon Tate in an upcoming movie about Charles Manson.

Trainwreck actor Charlie Sheen tour is now a reality with some hits and some misses, but however you look at it, he's DUH WINNING!! Afterall whether you like this man's 'crazy' people are paying to witness the trainwreck world of the actor.

'Hawthorne' and 'Alias' actor Michael Vartan is no longer a single man!
He wed girlfriend Lauren Skaar at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California on Saturday.

Elizabeth Hurley filed for divorced from her estranged husband Arun Nayar, citing his "unreasonable behavior" as the cause of their split.

Today, Penelope Cruz is being awarded the 2,436th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

HBO has confirmed the premiere dates for its hit shows True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm!
June 26 at 9 pm, which is when True Blood's 12-episode fourth season starts.
Larry David's hilarious show Curb Your Enthusiasm will premiere its 10-episode Season 8 on July 10 at 10 pm. There are sure to be a ton more awkward moments for us to laugh (and cringe) along with Larry.

Beyonce' Knowles parted ways with her father by giving him the boot last week, she's now being represented by her husband's 'Rock Nation' brand, and she's back in the studio working on her next full length CD release which is rumored to be very euro techno futuristically driven. Hmmmmm

Singer Mary J. Blige and her husband Kendu are HISTORY!! Count on Blige's next CD being a blockbuster, she works best when her world is EFF'd up.

Newcomer rapper Wiz Khalifa is rumored to be engaged to Kanye West's leftovers Amber Rose:( this girl certainly does get around.

The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards went down yesterday in LA, Jaden and Willow Smith,Snoop Dogg and his family were some of the stars in attendance.

President Barack Obama.....2012 plans??@$!

President Barack Obama plans to send supporters a text or e-mail message with a video announcing his intention to run for re-election, multiple Democratic sources tell CNN. The message could come as early as Monday morning. The sources say his campaign team also hopes to file papers with the Federal Election Commission Monday to launch his 2012 re-election campaign.

The president is making his campaign official slightly earlier than is typical for an incumbent so he can get a jump on fund-raising in a season that’s likely to shatter all records. Obama’s team has been asking campaign bundlers to raise $350,000 each, no easy task since campaign finance laws limit gifts to $2,500 per donor. Two sources tell CNN the campaign team hopes that in total their bundlers will raise $500 million, leaving the campaign to raise another $500 million and amass a record-breaking $1 billion war chest.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rushing To/TGIF

Happy Friday Everyone,
Where are you rushing to, where are you trying to go, what's the purpose of the urgency to get somewhere, to get to that place, and when you get to that place, where you really just running from you? these are very real questions that you must apply to your life and your existence, as we deal with the rat race everyday, traffic, is a never ending story, in that haste where patience is forced upon you to basically check yourself over things that you can't change, and in no real form of your doing, but everyone plays a key role as we act out our part, and for this scene its called 'traffic' and 'life'. Both can be short or long stories, just depends, on what you're inputing.

Today take a minute, breathe in very deep breaths, thank the creator for another day, bask in all that you've been afforded, visualize that goodness of the things to come, and the places that you will go, and the remarkable people that you will meet. It's a timeless opportunity to represent as a witness, of how good things can be, and for those times, when you're perplexed because of the not so good, it's life and we're on this train to fully live it, and truly give it our all, and to seek deeper meanings in every hidden treasure, whether it's bitter or sweet. The eyes of heaven are never far away, watching you to see if you're really understanding the meaning of playing it forward. Duty shows that you must pay attention to the important encounters or else you're just 'rushing to' a catastrophe.

What Are You Doing With YOUR Life?