Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2017 ...

The days of Wine and Roses,  We look back and revisit situations and circumstances as to what will be and what has to be.  Life forever giving obstacles, still much living to bear.  Feeling that the time capsule drains faster and faster, the years swiftly go by. If ever a love there was, two stars aligned.  Regret is on the menu too, was the sacrifice worth it?  What does it all mean?  Meanings and definitions are bound to unfold.  Questions forever arise, in wonderment, of what was it all for, how do we leave lasting impressions and imprints on the hearts of those encounters.  GOD gives and we take away.   Harvest is forever in Season, and changes are imminent in growth achieved.  I stand alone in Solitude, yearning, observing the days past and the days to come.  I'm happy to be here competing, intriguing and being intrigued.  Sooooooo long 2017!!!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

SOVO// Feeling the Love ...

spending time with creative artists always warms my heart.  I happy to be a part of the SOVO// magazine launch, with such an amazing great of individuals.  thanks Allen, Farida and Sen Yon, for the opportunity.  I'm looking forward to vast possibilities of creative minds manifesting together.  onward and upward SOVO// Magazine Baby!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sagitarrius Season

Let the Party begin, the TURNUP is real.  L'eggo

Remebering Earle Hyman ....

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The late great Earle Hyman was one of America's most Beloved grandfathers on television.  We were introduced to his character on The Cosby in the mid eighties, but Hyman was no stranger to television and theatre.  Hyman recently passed away at the age of  91.  He stood over 6'4sin stature that matched his talent.  He was loved and adored by the world and will be greatly missed.  RIP

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Actor Bill Cosby took to Twitter on Sunday to post his condolences on the death of actor Earle Hyman. Cosby thanked the veteran actor for bringing "love, dignity and integrity" to the popular character of Dr. Cliff Huxtable in the hit 80s show "The Cosby Show," in which he portrayed the role of Hyman's son.

The Great Xscape Tour ....

The ladies of the platinum selling recording group XSCAPE reunited after 18 years, sounding effortlessly like NO time has passed.  Vocal harmonies STILL on point.  Their great XSCAPE tour kicked off November 22, 2017 in Richmond, Virginia, to sheer pandemonium.  The ladies dropped by Good Morning America to sing one of their biggest hits "Just Kickin It'.  This tour featuring Monica and Tamar Braxton, is a MUST see.  Kandi, Tocha, Tamika and Tiny, it's great to have you ladies back in action.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Breezy's "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" is FIYYAH ...

Chris Breezy Brown is the consumate artist, controversy aside, you cant deny his talent cuts deep and all through the core of his soul.  "Heartbreak' contains 45 masterful tracks, proving once again, he's HERE to STAY!!! This album will go down in History a masterpiece moment for soul music.

Brad and Carrie hosting the CMA's ...

Brady Paisley and the gorgeous Carrie Underwood, shared hosting duties for the tenth year in a row.  The Country Music Association Awards already generated plenty of publicity last week when the show’s media guidelines were published and revealed that organizers warned the press not to focus coverage on any controversial topics, such as the Las Vegas massacre, political affiliations or gun control. Otherwise, the guidelines stated, reporters might be kicked out by security.

Missing You - Gone Too Soon!!!

The Loveable overweight lover in the House, was the one and only HEAVY D of Heavy D and The Boys.  The mega successful rapper, Heavy D was born on May 24, 1967 in Mandeville, Jamaica as Dwight Arrington Myers. He is known for his work on 'The Cider House Rules' (1999), 'Big Trouble' (2002) and 'Step Up' (2006). He died on November 8, 2011 in Los Angeles.  A tragic ending to a live that had really only just begun.  

Fact or Fiction, what is really going on???

Singer Tamar Braxton, the DRAMA queen that she is and her record label producer husband Vincent Herbert. For years no one could understand, their connection and attraction. Clearly it seemed to be a business marriage arrangement, then they had a baby.  Braxton, clearly was all about her career, and wanted to one up her successful sister Toni.  Marrying Herbert, seemed like successful record sales etched in stone, a few albums later and NO real success, Braxton filed for D I V O R C E!!!  Herbert owes over 3 million dollars to Sony records, the wifey decided it was time to go, but now all eyes on their reality series "Tamar and Vincent".  Most would say, why watch the show, when you already know how it's going to end, but sick and nosey rules the day.  Hopefully both will find separate happiness's, and let's hope that this Divorce if factual and NOT just for Television ratings.  Only time will tell.

Shaping for a New Future ....

Democrats have won key races in Virginia and New Jersey, CNN projects, their first major wins during the tenure of President Donald Trump and a boost heading into the 2018 midterms, when control of US House and Senate will be up for grabs.
The blue wave along the East Coast saw Ralph Northam winning the governor's race in Virginia and Phil Murphy victorious in New Jersey. Democrats are also on pace to capture control of the Virginia General Assembly, and several liberals, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio won their mayoral elections.

Chasing the Boys has a price ....

Academy Award Winning actor Kevin Spacey will go down in history as a pedophile and a closeted Homosexual.  With recent allegations, of molesting a 14 year older actor, two decades ago, Spacey decided to come out as a Homosexual, well maybe Bisexual.  Ironically enough, about 15 years ago, he was kicked out of the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco for having Gay men, come to the hotel and service him around the clock, during his stay.  With the fallout of Harvey Weinstein EVERYONE has a new sexual harassment case.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vote - NO Excuses

You see what happened that last time, that you didn't vote.  Don't walk RUN to the voting booths!!1

Monday, November 6, 2017

Vesta Williams I'm Missing You and That Voice

Vesta Williams passed away in 2011, shortly after Teena Marie.  Since that time the Entertainment world would come to mourn the Legendary Whitney Houston, Superstar PRINCE, Donna Summer, George Michael.  Such a sad state of affairs.  The question goes unanswered, WHY???? Forever Missing You.  In a world with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, PRINCE, Donna Summer, Teena Marie, Amy Winehouse and George Michael, music will never be the same.

All Right Now ... Let's Get it!!!

Sout Train Awards ....

Superstar Erykah Badu Hosts ..... The Soul Train Awards air November 26. 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Goddess Nia Long

Truly Hollywood Royalty.  Over 30 years in Hollywood.  Always Consistant!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Trump Comspiracy Nation

Trump Nation - The Bullssh*t continues.  Love how it’s relegated to serving Black when it’s convenient, then run for the hills, when it isn’t.  Oh why can’t we have more Eminem type artist, who rage against the machine.  Timberlake time and time shows his true colors.  Janet Jackson this IS the ‘State Of The World’ ....

The NFL is taking another chance on Justin Timberlake, 14 years after Nipplegate.

The “Suit & Tie” singer will headline the halftime show for Super Bowl LII, the league announced Sunday night.  The 36-year-old singer last played at halftime in 2004 during a controversial performance with Janet Jackson, during which he ripped off part of her outfit and exposed her right breast.  Timberlake apologized for the incident, which he called a “wardrobe malfunction,” and the FCC established a five-second delay for live shows.

Last year, 117.5 million people tuned in to Lady Gaga’s halftime performance, making it the most-watched ever. The Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 4 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Or After

Ugh Lil Kim who is that White Lady???

Hollywood Heavyweights

Talk about 'Star' power ... Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Laurence Fishburne and Chadwick Boseman.  This is the training party 🎉 🎉 🎉 that no one wanted to miss!!!

Praising Him

To GOD be the Glory ... Fogive me 

Cya Soon

Prague ... I'll see you soon!!!

Know History

Fake news will not triumph ... Ever!!!

Thoughts Provoking

It never stops ... make it count!!!

That's Zaddy

Homage to 'classic' cool ala Gaye, Lockhart, Heron, Hathaway, Newman, Gable and countless others!

Star Wattage

Elite Elegance Elation ... Timeless!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Classic Beauty

Tracy Reed ... captured our hearts!!!

Nothing New

Conversation is old ....

Offended world why???....."When many took a knee here's why: Can't sell CD's (Alton Sterling), Can't sleep (Aiyana Jones), Can't walk from the corner store (Mike Brown), Can't play cops and robbers (Tamir Rice), Can't go to church (Charleston 9), Can't walk home with Skittles (Trayvon Martin), Can't have a Hair brush while leaving your OWN bachelor party (Sean Bell), Can't party on New Years (Oscar Grant), Can't get a normal Traffic ticket (Sandra Bland), Can't run (Walter Scott), Can't LIVE (Freddie Gray), Can't BREATHE (Eric Garner), Can't have the rights to Lawfully carry a Weapon (Philando Castile)and you can't break down on a public road with car issues(Corey Jones) Can't shop at Walmart (John Crawford).Can't have a disabled vehicle (Terrence Crutcher) can't read a book in your own damn car (Keith Scott)... a Never Ending List...💯 #RIP  


COPY AND PASTE! This is absolutely sad but they want to change the narrative of why we protest. Diversion and defection are their weapons. Don't be deceived!"

Friday, October 6, 2017

Class Act

Diana Sands the first black actress to be cast in a major Broadway play without regard to color, was born in New York City in 1934 to Rudolph Thomas, a carpenter, and Shirley Sands, a milliner. Sands made her first stage debut in George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara at New York City's High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan. After graduating from high school, Sands performed as a dancer while seeking work on Broadway. 

In 1959, she debuted on Broadway as the character Beneatha Younger, a dignified, aspiring doctor in A Raisin in the Sun. Her stage performance earned her the 1959 Outer Circle Critics' Award and her first film appearance as the same character in the 1961 film version opposite Claudia McNeil, Ruby Dee, Ivan Dixon, and Sidney Poitier.

After Raisin in the Sun, Sands was then offered subsequent film roles, but her refusal to be typecast subjected her to less prestigious parts. Determined to bypass the industry's segregated climate, Sands sought to elevate her profession as an actress by performing abroad where she appeared in plays such as Caesar and CleopatraAnthony and Cleopatra, and Phaedra. She continued to perform in the United States as well and in 1964 she received a Tony nomination for her role in James Baldwin's Blues for Mr. Charlie. Sands's last significant Broadway performance was in the 1969 production of The Owl and the Pussycat opposite Alan Alda. She went on to appear in 13 episodes of the short-lived television series Julia (opposite Diahann Carroll) as Julia's cousin. 

Determined to continue her career in film Sands, along with Ossie Davis, Brock Peters, and other notable performers and investors, founded in the early 1970s the Third World Cinema, a company developed to train black performers for every aspect of film production. Third World Cinema produced her cinematic star vehicle Georgia, Georgia, written by Maya Angelou. Sands portrayed Georgia, a confused black woman who becomes disconnected from herself, her people, and the world in her pursuit to find fulfillment as a performing artist. After its release, Georgia, Georgia was considered one of the most controversial films in the black community since Melvin Van Peebles Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.

Her last film Honey Baby, Honey Baby, also produced by Third World Cinema, was released after her untimely death.  Third World Cinema also co-produced the major motion picture Claudine, in which Sands had originally signed to play the title role before pancreatic cancer claimed her life in 1973 at the age of 39. Sands died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York.

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Eyes Glued

Bobby 'Boozing Deadbeat Dad' Brown and Demonspawn Patricia Garland, you Both lose!!! 

A New York federal judge rejected Bobby Brown’s efforts to stop a film about his late daughter Bobbi Kristina set to air on TV One Sunday at 7 p.m.

J​udge Analisa Torres said Brown’s concerns that the “Bobbi Kristina” film defames him is “speculative” because he has neither seen the film nor read the script.

Bobbi Kristina’s estate also joined the case.

“We are pleased with the court’s ruling and look forward to sharing this poignant look at the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown,” TV One said in a statement.

Brown said he believes the movie casts him in a bad light, showing him to be an abusive father. But the judge noted that in Brown’s 2016 autobiography, he admitted hitting the late Whitney Houston once in the face.

In an interview today, former head of TV One Brad Siegel – who left in July but helped shepherd the film – said he believes the TV movie treats Brown fairly.

The $2 million defamation case against TV One will still move forward with a conference meeting set for November 13.


There IS a reason for everything, Find yours. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Never Bow


Cam Newton made a Out of packet remark to a female reporter.  It was sexist slightly but very innocent.  Just another 'double standard' where the African American has to bow down and make nice ... I smell BULLSHIT!!! When are we as a race going to stop cowering down to make others feel better, bottom line, the approval is never going to be given.  Become a realist about it.  So Newton lost a Dannon endorsement.  He apologized against my better judgment it was a complete waste of time.  Since then the same reporter that posed the question, issued an apology too, for a completely different reason.  The madness continues below read on and draw your own conclusions.

So Cam get back to playing basketball, hopefully your pockets are laced enough for you to pay the fines to kneel during the Anthem during your Basketball season.