Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello everyone, trusting that your Holiday Season have been filled with lots of joy and happiness. I've been away from quite sometime, basically dealing with life, and the many obstacles, that this journey can take you upon. Most times I try to take you on the excursion of the glass being half full, but sometimes is empty. Today is all about my walk of 2011, that started in April. Most of you know that I'm a California resident, but as life happens out of nowhere I felt the call from above taking me to Louisiana the state that my grandparents reside in, I felt that I was needed to help my family members out, unfortunately I was a literally a day late, my grandmother made her transition, the day before I arrived. God gives us signs and your sixth sense is your own intuition, now if you choose to overlook that message, basically you have no one to blame but self. With the loss of my grandmother, relationships that I thought were secured, comforting and built on solid ground literally crumbled before my very eyes. Originally my goal was to visit and take care of my grandmother and brother both who were in the midst of their own personal storms.

For anyone who are walking in similar shoes, I encourage to you ask questions, about family structure, security, Wills and the hard question of DNR(Do Not Resuscitate), these two matters should be addressed when life is good and the inevitable isn't on the table. This summer I experienced jealousy, betrayal and hate and by the grace of God, I triumphed over all. The lesson is that people will try to still your joy, and challenge the core of who you are, in the interim of life's adjustments, you must cling to your faith, and hold strong to your beliefs. Strength can be envied, and resented. Most people are followers which is fine, but your story is yours alone, never allow another to write your ending.

I say closure is the beginning of blessings to come, with that said, I encourage you to do your own housekeeping and in that housekeeping, forgiveness should be at the top of your list, that way none of your blessings will be blocked. To my grandmother, I will never forget you, and I am so grateful, that I had you in my life for four decades, and with each step I take, I walk it a little stronger because of your strength. I forgive my brother, my grandfather and my cousin, who all taught me valuable lessons that will help make me a stronger person for many life times to come.

Happy NEW YEAR and May God Bless you all, I pray for nothing but the best to come your way, and whatever dream that you may have, or desire, please know that its only a star away, thankfully wishes are still free.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mister are you my Daddy?

This story touches my heart.  James "Toot" Simpson is the son of Beretta Jones Simpson and Anthony Bartie.  Bartie was fired from Calcausieu Marine bank for embezzlement (allegedly) where he was the Branch Manager, then allegedly he took money from KZWA radio station where he was the station manager for 17 years.  The owner of the station stated that for 17 years she could never get ahead in her books, once he quit his position, now she's out of the red and is now making a profit.  Also another strange twist the owner stated that someone called her from the bank and offered to bring over the requested 25,000.00 bank transfer, well the owner had no clue, nor did she approve of the withdrawal, so basically what happened is someone who had all of her bank information was trying to withdraw 25,000.00 ONLINE(someone who would know the in and outs of bank transfers .. hint hint), which leads me to point the finger to the ex-bank manager. 
Now that you have this back drop story.  Anthony Bartie has been married to Cecelia Mitchell Bartie for over twenty years.  He has strayed from his marriage on more than one occasion.  Beretta J. Simpson met Bartie at the radio station, and they two became close and intimate.  During the pregnancy Beretta got married.  She told her soon to be husband that he wasn't the father, when the baby was born her husband signed the birth certificate stating that he was the Father. 
Baretta met with Bartie who knew that he impregnated her, but didn't want to own up to fathering her child.  Long story short two years ago she took him to court and was awarded a ruling of 750.00 a month in child support.  Bartie and his wife Cecelia didn't cough up the money stating that it was a bastard child and didn't feel that they should have to pay anything when another man signed the birth certificate.  December 2011 Judge Bradberry saw things differently, he told Bartie that he's suppose to be a person in the community who is suppose to set the standard, Bartie and his wife were very condescending in court.  The Judge wanted to make him an example, Bartie was 16000.00 in arrays, and Judge Bradberry had him arrested on the spot until he could cough up the 16 grand, which he did the next day and was released. 
His new court order states that he has to pay 800.00 monthly in child support ..... and the saga continues, lets see if he can man up and say out loud that I AM James Simpson's father. The last irony is that Bartie's wife cannot have kids.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amy Winehouse NEW music.....

Today is another bitter sweet day in music. Song stylist the late Amy Winehouse has a new 12 song CD, and it just reminds us of how big her instrument and talent was, unfortunately her demons were greater than her following. Listening to Amy's vocals always haunted me, and today more so, because I now have an ideal of why she was able to deeply touch my soul, her pain was VISIBLE at all times.

The posthumous release is incomplete which is all the more befitting, because that was of Amy's life. The song selections shines light into the trouble singers demons, but on every note, the vocals are in place and ready to make you sit up and pay attention because that's the stuff that great artists deliver no matter how bad their soul burns.

The question always arises, with artistry and brilliance, is it too overwhelming for the leaders of the pack, the Jimi's, Kurt Cobain's, Janis Joplin's, Donny Hathaway's,Billie Holiday's, Phyllis Hyman's, Cass Elliott's just to name a few, who all appeared to be years ahead of their time. Questions like these, will continue to come up .... hopefully the new breed of talent coming after will have a stronger foundation and support group. Strangely enough, people do cry out, maybe we could all do a better job at paying attention. I'll end this by saying Amy Winehouse I appreciate your place in music and you life wasn't in vain.