Friday, January 30, 2009

One Month Down/TGIF

Happy Friday everyone,

Hoping that you had a good week. Time continues to pass so very quickly, as we say goodbye to January. What were your accomplishments thus far?Procrastination and complacency gets you the same end results. I continue to be on this wave of intrigue and challenge. I'm excited about the possibilities of the unknown. Yet good intentions, fall in the complacency and proscrastination bag :( How do I juggle time, when it seems there's no time. How will I make a difference in my life and my community? More and more I realize that I'm maturing, because things like that 'now' matter to me.

I got to reconnect this week with two people who have impacted my life, in greater ways than I've ever known. This week was about owning past mistakes that I've made and 'forgiveness' of myself and others. Mistakes will be made, how we recover from them is the growth achieved. Works in progress are what makes us all 'beautifully human'.I challenge you to revisit goals, seek forgiveness and learn to accept things, that we dont always understand.

P.S.S. Please support 'The Game' on the CW which airs Friday nights. Check your local listings for air times in your area. You can also visit to find our the inner workings of showbiz sabotage. The Game is on the verge of cancellation, for lack of promotions.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Swagger For The World/TGIF

WHOA....what an amazing week. I still have goose bumps. Who knew that you could get so involved in a movement, when something is so much larger than the 'you and i'. A collaborative effort of magnicent proportions. Of course much work is needed, but arent you so willing to do your part?

The tone of race relations, seem to be a little lighter. The breeze a little cooler and the sun seems to have a 'new' reason to shine a little brigher. When it's all said and done, bottom line is this 'we need each other'.

Happy Friday Everybody.....let's try to bottle this natural 'high' with continued good vibrations.

P.S.S. Please support 'The Game' Friday nights on the CW. For air time check your local listings. It's worth your effort. A Quality program. Please help to spread the word.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year/TGIF

Hello All,
Happy New Year. I'm back after a two week hiatus. I sincerely hope that your holiday season was relaxing, enjoyable and festive. Christmas is always the extreme of emotions, we reflect on the good and the not so good. We also reminisce over memories of loved ones that we lost along the way.

Out with 08' and all the vast opportunities and possibilities of 09'. It's time to cleanse and shake the blues of the things that can boggle us down. I touched on 'Harvest Time' as my final thoughts of 2008. I want to reiterate that plan of staying 'still' and acknowledging the opportunity to be present. My friend Sharon and I came up with a idea, or mere suggestion to have a gathering with friends. I challenge each of you to 'reconnect' with old friends within the first three months of this new year. Organize a dinner get together and see it into fruition.

Journalling is another way of keeping the 'focus' in prospective. Most of us are invigorated with the start of the 'new' year. Toss old habits aside, I know this for sure, time waits for no one, change is inevitable,a broken heart will heal, and the gut never lies. Take a long hard look in the mirror, do you always like what you see? How have you impacted the lives of other's. How do you address adversity? When things are flowing along nicely, its easy to be at the your best. Now let's say a 'boot' is placed on your I experienced this week...damn damn damn, I learned this week, that you must pay your parking tickets when you get them, well better than that, DONT GET ANY PARKING TICKETS :), but continues to happen. Are we strong enough to face the world on it's terms heard on? YES WE CAN!!I voted for Change, and GOD let their be change.

Let's look forward to all the blessings that will come your way in 2009! I wish you the best in your career and success in all your personal relationships.Whatever lies ahead, Embrace the new year with a renewed spirit!

Happy New Year!!

P.S.S. 'The GAME' airs on the CW network returns tonight and every Friday night thereafter. Check your local listings. It's worth all 22 minutes.