Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello everyone. Spring cleaning is upon us. Most of have issues with organizational skills, which if not dutiful your world is an abundance of clutter and mayhem. How to focus and have diligence in your day to day. Making the same mistakes is acknowledging where your brain feels most comfortable, when you're in a chaotic state which keeps your feet in the same gravel, clueless with no purpose. I view redundancy as a feeble handicap, by choosing a continuance feeding into a diseased infected existence.

The golden rule to life is look under every stone, to push the envelope of your curiosities, to address your biggest fears head on. Finding a way to love yourself against all odds, and in that process not being afraid of showing your true colors. Cleanliness has a certain look and smell to it. Perception is the law, and the rules that we're governed by and the standard that we're held to. If your life is full of clutter, it speaks to the matter of your not being ready. Preparation is a thought process that fluidly lubricates the mechanics of success, by having a ladder within arms reach signals your ability to climb.

A lesson learned in life addresses growth to grow is to know as knowing is fundamental to sustain great character to bestow on the masses. Every lesson learned, happened for an exact reason. Tomorrow is a gift not promised to everyone? An organized individual is a person who can set a goal and achieve it. That person house will be in order with nothing reckless about their style or way of life. Having a certain zest for life is attributed to how you approach each day..

The moral to this story is understanding that clutter confuses any direct thought, be it paper, clothing, and any burdens will continue to hold you down, if you're not able to decipher what is a needed necessity as oppose to a luxury. One day when your name is called; my advice to you is that you have your house in order, and that you’ve shared some wisdom along the way, like for example of knowing another's trash should not be your treasure.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Command Performance

Shania Twain sold a bucket of CD's and broke records. I love this performance of "Still The One" at the time she was so in love with her husband Mutt Lange. I was in love @ the time and I still hold those feelings of reckless abandonment. If you're ever lucky enough to fall for someone, let's hope its similar to this song. Shania you're still a hottie:)

I'm Just Saying...

The road is long so your hustle has GOT to GO HARD to survive in this entertainment industry. Gisele Bundchen Is On A Mission For Vogue Korea...showing the young fly chicks how it's done!

A cat fight...Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson attended the Los Angeles premiere of Iron Man 2, but they noticeably did not pose for pictures together on the red carpet. Why the drama kids? Get it together?

WTF...Malcom X’s KILLER paroled after 44 years in prison. He was turned down for parole 16 times, but the 17th attempt has led to freedom Malcolm X’s only confessed assassin.
Thomas Hagan has been detained since moments after shots rang out in the Audubon Ballroom in 1965. He has been on work release for more than 20 years, but he still spends two days a week locked up at the Lincoln Correctional Facility on West 110th Street in Manhattan.

People magazine has listed their most beautiful people of 2010 list, bare in mind any list that doesn't have Halle Berry ISNT true, so here's their list and MY list and the winners are:

1. Julia Roberts / Halle Berry
2. Channing Tatutum / Paula Patton
3. Zoe Saldana / Diahann Carroll
4. Scarlett Johansson / Julia Roberts
5. Jake Gyllenhaal / T.I.
6. Jennifer Anniston / Beverly Johnson
7. Sofia Vergara / Ciara
8. Bradley Cooper / Boris Kudjoe
9. Katy Perry / Zoe Saldana
10. Amanda Seyfried / Ryan Phillippe
11. Justin Bieber / Aiden Turner
12. Julianna Margulies / Carrie Underwood
13. Kevin McKidd / Trey Songz
14. Jennifer Lopez / Gabriel Aubry
15. Isaiah Mustafa / Lance Gross

Nutzo Courtney Love boldy talked about having a eight month affair with Gwen Stefani's husband. The craziest part to this story is that Gwen supposedly knew about it, and was okay with it. WOW you just got to love white people right?

So the million dollar question this morning is....Alicia( HE'S) Keys really preggers by Swizz Beats? Hmmm I love a good PR story. Sounds like her PR firm is earning their coins.

So Z-Lister Chelsea Handler has a sex tape, two words...WHO CARES?@#$#%#%?

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Sandra Bullock breaks her silence, she's divorcing the satin worshipper husband, and talks about the African American baby that she and Jesse adopted in January. Hmmm so no wonder why she was sooooo convincing in The Blind Side:) All good....I love Sandie. Wishing your heart mends soon.....time does heal.

It seems like everyday I'm reading craziness about Whitney Houston's "Nothing But Love" tour. They talk about her vocals not being there and how horrific her career is, yet the shows are sold out everywhere. Now I will admit her voice isn't what it use to be, but it's NOT the worse singing that I've heard. Most of the vocals are very good(just not for her standards), just NOT her Bodyguard days, but mark my word, NEVER count out Ms. Whitney Houston, because she will always win with a instrument like that....a gift from GOD. I do want her to FULLY heal and deal with whatever matters that she needs to address.

Lindsay Lohan's parents need their asses whup. They are sooooo jealous of their daughter, and appear to care less about her state of being. Again I say they girl is SCREAMING for help.

Is it just me or is the hype of Justine Bieber too RIDICULY! I'm happy that he's Usher's artist..because the money is ridiculous. Just like Akon is laughing all the way to the bank because Lady GaGa is his artist. Sometimes it works out just the way it's suppose to.

Conan O'Brien will finally have his say on Sunday when he sits down with 60 Minutes for an interview. This marks the first time the ginger comedian has been interviewed since being dropped from NBC and The Tonight Show. Hey wuss stop your got over 40 million dollars PLUS a new gig.....and remember it was YOUR ratings that lost you your gig.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

It's Tuesday!! Let's get 'IT' in. Nothing like a good piece right? XXXXxxactly.

Denzel Washington 'Fences' opened on Broadway to mixed reviews. His predcessor was James Earl Jones which is a tough act to follow. Hopefully it was just opening night jitters.

I'm sick of hearing about Larry King's divorce. The ole geezer is about 150 years old. Who cares? So much for hard core journalism. Between that wackness called Jersey Shore, and the KKK hookers. I'm so feed up with plastic hollwyood. I'm constantly standing SMH!!

Attention whore Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon renewed their vows for the THIRD time....makes me feel like hey kids...who are you TRYING to convince. Hmmm kinda sounds suspect.

Wendy Williams ex-side piece Charlamagne is back in business. He was just hired in South Carolina at a hot radio station. Not so long ago he was released from his position in Philly @ 100.3 The Beat. Wonder how ole boy feels with all of Wendy's success? That's the story that I want to know about along with what does Wendy's husband really do for a living, and where is he when he's not home with her and little Kev'. Juicy right....she'll never tell that part. I'm Just Saying..

Beyonce's Knowles pulled out of the remake of "A Star Is Born" hmmm wonder why? My guess is the role required a 'true' actress or maybe she's really preggers. What do you think? However it plays out, I'm extremely happy about her not screwing up a classic.

Pamela Grier the 'real' Foxy Brown has just released her memoir "Foxy: My Life in Three Acts", and boy is it juicy. One little thing that people probably don't know is that she and the late Songbird Minnie Riperton were best friends. Now here's an excerpt from the book, and it's racy: He said, “Pam, I want to tell you about an epidemic that’s prevalent in Beverly Hills right now. It’s a buildup of cocaine residue around the cervix and in the vagina. You have it. Are you doing drugs?”
“No,” I said, astonished.
“Well, it’s really dangerous,” he went on. “Is your partner putting cocaine on his penis to sustain his erection?”

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen...

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Call her crazy if you want to, but you can't deny that Naomi Campbell is STILL one of the baddest chicks in the modeling game, as she graces yet ANOTHER magazine cover!

Actress Gabourey Sidibe hosted SNL this past Saturday, one word can sum up her hosting gig "AWFUL" she did NOT win me over. It was a sad state of affairs. Now I have to give Lee Daniels more credit as a director, because he helped her find her way through in "Precious". Gabby's segments on SNL had me laughing for 'all' the wrong reasons.

SMH Jenna Jameson's boyfriend Tito Ortiz has been arrested at their Huntington Beach home for felony domestic violence! When will these kids ever learn?

Bret Michaels health is very poor and he is not doing well, despite other reports who state differently.

Abbie Cornish chatting until 1 a.m. with Josh Hartnett in New York Saturday night. Wonder if she still thinks about Ryan Phillippe.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 64th Birthday Mother

I still can't believe you're gone away from me. The things that I've seen since you've been gone, has shaped me into the man that I now am. Still trying to figure things out, still hoping that dreams still come true, still trying to live up to the man your raised me to be. I will never forget your smile, your eyes, your love for me and your unconditional way of never meeting a stranger. I miss you like crazy, I cry for you, I'd gladly die for you, I wake up daily 'trying' because of you. Happy Birthday Mother, you will always be my favorite girl. I MISS YOU and I LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone,

Regimentation in getting to the good stuff of life we're allowed to wish and hope, the call ends at optimistic. By taking it all in you get immersed with life and the varied impossibilities. We cleanse and purge a wealth of knowledge on the many travels that this life takes us in. One should not leave any stone unturned. The mind is a fascinating lethal tool to behold. Being inquisitive is to allow continued growth as you proceed ahead it's always a certain conundrum with unsolved intrigue.

In opportunity each and every triumph has a setback. Everything that you are presented with isn't necessarily for you, with that realization you can take what applies and leave behind, what's not needed. Communion is to huddle and take time to reconnect with your higher power as you journey on the many roads that are afforded to you daily. A strong mind is the shield from within and it's your protection that guides and directs you.

As you understood the trifecta to life its your beginning your middle and and your end. In that time the winds of tide will bind and currents will shift Formulating your method in no uncertain terms will depend on the work that you're willing to put forth and how structured your design can be. If egregious sums your life up, the danger signs are vividly clear. It's time to change things up because obviously a deeper understanding needs to be sought.

No weapon formed against you will ever prosper as long as you are being purposeful and correct in your paths. Continue on in the thought pattern of the 'now' as its all we're promised. As we breathe each breath in moan by moan we take in patience we take in acceptance and understanding, as you'll come to realize being different is a rare present to behold. Continue to grasp the things that perhaps life didn't promise you and as you reach you strive; you succed and conquer opening yourself up to the greater good!

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

This is who I see for the role of Hilton from the upcoming The Comfort Zone feature film!!

Cameron Douglas got sentence to only FIVE real years in a Federal Prison, so this is a case where it didn't matter who your celebrity parents are, your ass is gonna fry. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones both wrote letters to the Judge asking for leniency.

DWTS....finally woke the eff up and got rid of Kate Gosselin, why the crap was she on there to begin with. She was HORRIBLE! Justice finally prevailed. AMEN

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

One of my favorite songs of all time and this performance is SICK!!! Mary J. is still in the game and doing it up big. This performance always puts a smile on my face.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Tiger Woods gold digger is going to divorce him...GREAT!!!!! Now Tiger let's keep it moving. On to the next bimbo, at least now you wont have to marry them.

Oh boy and the Larry King divorce gets messier. Now his kids 31-year old little league coach Hector Penate is coming forward to say he was sleeping with Larry’s wife Shawn Southwick in an interview set to air today, according to the Daily News. Penate said he was mashing, and that King's wifey him that her husband will be dead soon. Damn that's GANGSTA. Puts Hip Hop stories to shame. I'm Just Saying...

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

So it looks like Nicolette Sheridan was telling the truth. All of sudden ABC wants to settle with her on her claims of being slapped in the face by her producer Marc Cherry.
ABC execs are reportedly willing to give Nicollette Sheridan what they're calling a "peace package" to sway her from going forward with her $20 million wrongful termination lawsuit against her Desperate Housewives boss, Marc Cherry!
Sheridan's lawyers have made it clear that they will subpoena the cast and crew of the hit series to give evidence in favor of the actress if the case does go to court, and the network desperately does not want that to happen!
GOOD FOR YOU NICOLETTE, I miss you on the Westia Lane!!

Academy Award winner Monique, brother Gerald Imes came clean yesterday on Momma O's show. The child molester admitted to molesting the "Precious" star, and said that his uncle molested him. Watching the show it clearly showed how dysfunctional their entire family really is.

R.I.P. rapper Guru of Gangstarr, passed away yesterday at 43 from Cancer. Guru suffered with Cancer for over a year. Recently he was admitted into intensive care.

R.I.P. Civil Rights leader Dorothy Height. She was 98 years old. She was an extraordinary lady and leader.

I saw rapper/singer/poet Lauryn Hill over the weekend out and about and looking NORMAL, actually better than NORMAL, she looked GREAT like old days Lauryn, could this mean a 'real' followup to the Miseducation? Let's hope soo.

Christina Aguilera will be touring the world starting with the US in July to promote her newest album, Bionic - out in June.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

How To Train A Dragon was the #1 movie at the Box-Office this weekend, with Kick-Azz coming in a close second raking in just under 2O milion dollars.

Reggie Bush and Kanye West are beefing apparently West was getting IT in with Bush's ex gold digging porn star girlie. SMH Bush step your game up bruh, and know your worth. She was just a toss up for black Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen seem heading to the loonie bin. Ole boy pulled a Britney and cute all of his hair off. Put the drink down Charlie and COME back to us.

WTF .... NBC lost 223 million dollars on the Winter Olympics. Now I know why the entire country is broke.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, April 16, 2010


Happy Friday,
They say unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, a son/daughter that comes into the world bare, with naked innocence, wisdom, that breed mistakes, which ultimately gives character and education all happens along the way. To be naked is being at one with nature and all its components. In your solitude the walls fully come down. It's when you're at your most vulnerable. Questions like who is watching me, better still what do they see? Take for instance the stories like the movies "Monster" or "Precious" both speak to the ugly that can happen in life. I think we all have some dirty little secret things that we've witnessed, to the things that we fear most.

Beautiful things can come from ugly situations. Staying stagnant in the face of the odds, is again you not doing your dutiful best to get where you are required to be. I don't believe in pity parties as they are not rewarded on my watch. Prayer is a simple thing that has a certain flow and order to the bigger picture. For some reason a group of people will not honor the blessings that are bestowed daily. A mere luxury that is given for free and the rewards that one reaps are endless. Still some doubt!

Clothing is a temporary shield, yet the soul is still naked and raw, tapping into the forbidden is you at your best even though you feel you've bottomed out. The eyes of the masses all on you. The bigger the struggle the more you realize that it's hard to stay honest in your truth. In my nakedness what I am offering to the world? What will the world give back? The exemplary offerings are monumental in the overall credit and temperament that we leave, long after we are dead and gone. To humble yourself without illusions, means that you take ownership however the chips fall.

Words cut like a knife; it's piercing to the flesh. An open wound heals, the recovery is not always instant, and bouncing back speaks about the experience and acknowledgement. Some won't make it back from the dark end, and happy endings aren't for all, some return but are never quite the same. When naked you re exposed, and your flaws are revealed. Flowing gallantly in the midst of it all can be gratifying if you succeed in conquering your demons, be prepared for the next obstacle because it's just one street over from where you've been, though it feels miles apart!

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Im Just Saying...

I love this story....Rihanna should be shaking in her boots, because it's about to go down. Rapper Nicki Minaj is now going on tour with Lady GaGa instead of Lethal Kooch(RiRi). If you'll recall last week, Rihanna wasn't happy about Nicki being on tour with her, afraid that she would steal her thunder. Well Rihanna you screwed up because Nicki being on tour with going to make her a bonafide SUPERSTAR!!!

Talk show host Larry King who is like 100 years old is getting a divorce from his wifey, because he was getting it "IN" with her sister. Umph Umph Umph only in 'white' America'. The biggest shock to me is that the old geezer has been married SEVEN times! I'm Just Saying...

R.I.P. Benjamin Hooks a Civil Rights leader for many years. He was 85 years old. Our heart goes out to his family.

Tiger Woods gold digger wifey Elin, looks to be filing for Divorce soon. Who cares, Tiger will be better without her, that way ole boy can get it "IN" with whomeever he chooses. I hope this is lock solid info. Stay tuned...

I saw Lindsay Lohan out and about the other day in Beverly Hills, and to say they least, she's in DIRE need! If someone doesn't help save this girl's life. She will be dead within the year. Harsh words to say, but so true. She is rail thin. I say parents shouldnt be jealous of their kids. SMH unfortunately she won't get the help she needs from her parents because they want the limelight. Lindsay people love you, and more importantly I hope that you love yourself, enough to seek HELP!!

Shaq O'Neal threatens VHI with a SHUT it down order. His ex wifey's Basketball Wives show is going against court orders, which doesn't allow her to speak on her marriage to her ex-husband. Get it together SHAUNIE!!!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

I love this performance of two legends Pearl Bailey and Andy Williams in their prime. Though this is over forty years, it's speaks to true entertainment. When entertainment was all about show business. Both artists are no longer with us, lucky for us we have their memory and legacy left for us to bask in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Victoria Secret introduces new naked bra line. I just like the model and her headlights, so you know I'm on board. LOL I'm Just Saying....I like a nice rack!

It's official Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are so over. Now maybe he'll get back with Cameron Diaz. The two are working on a new movie together, so you know what that probably means.....he'll double back:)

Nicki Minaj is now being managed by Sean Puff Diddy Poofy Biggie Combs, let's see how this madness turns out. I personally don't find it to be a good look for Nicky,but I'm hoping they will prove me wrong.

Angelina Jolie is preggers AGAIN, damn doesn't she have enough kids? This is kinda ridiculy(my word) she trying to be a modern Josephine Baker? I'm smh because I don't get it. Congratulations, I guess.

When you do appearances in juke joints you never know just what will happen, you can ask singer Fantasia about that. Recently she good a chair thrown at her head by the club promoter, because Tasia's fee was a club appearance and wasn't paid to sing. Umph Umph Umph needless to say all hell broke out, but no charges were filled.

Whitney Houston's ex music director Rickey Minor is leaving A.I. to replace Kevin Eubanks on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Minor has certainly made a name for himself.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

The power of Momma O'......
Kitty Kelley's biography on Oprah Winfrey is set to hit shelves any day now and is filled with about 850 revealing interviews.
But don't expect to see Kitty doing a ton of interviews herself about the book. Girl has LITERALLY been blackballed!
It seems no one in Hollywood is interested in helping Kitty promote her book as no one is interested in pissing of Oprah. Among those who have declined to interview Kitty are Larry King, Charlie Rose, David Letterman, Barbara Walters and the entire ABC network! NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL GANGSTA....Go Oprah!!Take that Kitty Kelley you don't wanna fcuk with the power of the O'.....we'll cut you!

Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal graces the cover of the upcoming issue of GQ. He's no longer linked to Reese Witherspoon, the cover shot has him looking a little 'needy' like please like me. Guess he's nothing with ....... you fill in the blank.

Late night news.... band director Kevin Eubanks is leaving The Tonight Show on May 28th, so Jay Leno will have to go it alone. Conan O'Brien has a new late night home, it's with TBS. He will be on @ 11pm followed by George Lopez @ Midnight.

Now that she's taking 'all' of her ex-husbands money singer/gold digger Kelis is releasing a new CD in July. Hmmm is anyone interested...YAWN...XXXXXXXXXxxxxactly!

Rapper Shyne is a free man again living in Belize and making music. If I were Poofy Coombs, I would be shaking in my boots.

So Tiger Woods didn't win and came in fourth. I mean really, you almost knew that he HAD to lose to make those golfing fools love him again. It's only a matter of time, he'll be back. I say it was RIGGGED! Yes I said it..NOW what? LOL

Speaking of B O R I N G.....Basketball Wives is horrible. Shaunie get a REAL job!

Rapper Big Boi of OUTKAST fame is releasing a new solo project this summer, I'm still wondering YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, he's NOTHING without Andre' 3000.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

Is it REAL or PLASTIC????????? It you said plastic...DING DING DING!! You win. Plastic has NEVER looked betta. All of sudden I'm thirsty! I'm Just Saying!

Momma O' starts her next chapter and she's coming for night time television, and the other networks should be shaking in their boots. I can't help but to wonder if her leaving ABC was the big five networks coming together in protest because she single handily put a black man into office, well not single handed, but you feel what I'm saying. Momma O' I can't wait to witness your new chapter.

So Stacey 'fine ass' Dash admitted that her white boy soon to be ex-husband was whupping that ass. Hmmm when is it ever okay to allow a man to go "Ike Turner" on you? Does he get a pass for being 'white'. Stacey you're fine as hell, but I'm disappointed that you don't know your worth. Btw if you need a new place to call home, my address is............. I'm Just Saying..

Another swirl couple in the news actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon found out that her husband Michael Nilon was knocking some other jumpoff's boots. Garcelle went hard though and put this guy BLAST…Details on the flip: She chose a very public forum to accuse her husband, CAA agent Mike Nilon, of cheating. In an e-mail making the rounds at the agency with the subject line “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon,” the former “NYPD Blue” star wrote to Nilon’s colleagues. Well next time ol girlie should stick to her black men. A dog is a dog not matter the race. They have been married for 9 years, and he's been getting 'it' in for 5 years with his mistress. It's going to be 'very' interesting to see how her producer husband spins this story. Maybe he's say I 'make' love to you, and I 'eff' her. LOL Iknowright?

R.I.P. Dixie Carter of Designing Women, Family Law and Diff'rent Strokes fame. She passed away Saturday at the age of 70.

Rocker Nikki Sixx turned down Rihanna. Apparently Lethal Kooch wanted Nikki Sixx to appear in her next video. He was a smart man to pass on that job.

Tina Fey's 'Date Night' barely squeaked by "Clash Of The Titans" at the box office this weekend for the #1 sport bringing in over 27 millions dollars.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, April 9, 2010


TGIF and I do give thanks! Hello everyone.
A simple pleasure is the realization of awareness when being enlightened, as we are presented with the 'right now'. Today can be about you only, when your time and energy is drained by others, its time to retreat. Fine tuning your body when you've been overwhelmed with others and their issues, is the universe granting sleep/restoration, to replenish focus. If you don't know your limits, the line is nonexistent. Who does the willow weep for?

Something unusual happened to me today, I picked fresh flowers for myself, one might view that as soft; I'll take that, because I'm determined to make the most of all that I'm given, I recommend that you do the same. Ultimate tests are presented in your life and its ongoing. Finding your place when there seems to be 'no' reason to the rhyme. How can you give to others when you have nothing for self? Giving is a humbling act, to expect nothing in return is charitable. Good deeds float from within; often time you react before you think. The mind motors factors in with geniune goodness.

In the worst of times no matter the circumstances, I say give your best. You never who is watching. The expectation that others put on you, is an unfair pedestal to be thrust upon, especially when the one who is expectant for you to play it big, is failing miserably. Once you've adjudicated the situation, you can clearly address it. In sacrifice absolute must be the gain. Today and forevermore my mantra does not fear revisitation.

Selfish acts are those who drain energy. Understand that you play a role in every situation; eventually being the Good Samaritan takes it toll. That frustration can only be with self, it's a behavior that you've allowed. Living in gratitude is acknowledging daily the things we take for granted. Simple luxuries are afforded to you; dead weight needs to be cut, yes it may seem extreme, but your life has a pace, weak slows you down, to abstain is a must! The element of surprise is not knowing when your number is up, one day it will be your turn - Count on it!

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

All the things NOT to do!!! This is a picture illustrating why you should leave PLASIC SURGERY alone!! Here is the caucausian version of who we use to know as Lil Kim. SMH...

Summer is about to get some major heat. Kanye West is about to blow up the spot when his new CD see's the light of the day on June 2010. Now that 'Nye's personal life has calmed down, West is back in his studio in Hawaii, working on the tentatively titled Good Ass Job with Drake, Q-Tip and RZA. And for the fools who try to hate, you got to admit that when Kanye is around, things are always INTERESTING!...I'm Just Saying..

Lethal Kooch Rihanna is going on tour, and if that isn't shocking enough, ole girl has the nerve to kick one of her biggest ticket draws Nicki Minaj off of her tour. Insecurity is a bitch isn't it?

Is it a lucky break or just a really bad economy?.......Nicolas Cage's Bel Air house and two properties in Malibu went up for auction at minimum bids of $11 million and $10 million respectively, but not one person was interested!

Wolverine 2 with Hugh Jackman is in the works, so does that mean the end of the X-Men franchise?

R&B/Actress Brandy is taking it very slow with rapper Flo-Rida. Ole girl is not trying to get her heart broken again. Well good luck with that Brandy, you got to live life boo.

Tiger Woods new Nike ad has his Father speaking from the grave with questions, is a BIT over the top, and out of pocket. Not a good look for Tiger nor Nike!

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

This performance of Brandy captured her when she was hungry to be successsful in the music industry. It's pure, simplistic and a thumper. The song was so very bass driven, and still can fill a dancefloor. Hits have been few and far between for Brandy, but it's always nice to stroll down memory lane. "I Want To Be Down" will always be a classic as is this performance. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Just Saying

It's SPLITSVILLE for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, the funny couple were together for five years, and seem like their love would last forever. C'mon it's HOLLYWOOD, nothing lasts forever:(

Now that she and boyfriend Lewis Hamilton are back together, Nicole Scherzinger is furious about rumors regarding an alleged romance with her Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough.
To be honest Nicole, no one really cares, you're just not that interesting. I'm Just Saying.. You're cute but NOT interesting!
Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Lance Gross is SINGLE and ready to mingle. Ladies and SOME of your men, you can lust over him, and see what Eva Pigford lost out on!

Chris Stokes ex-wifey is about to do what fomer B2K member RazB couldn't do, she's going to spill the beans on her DL husband. Ole boy was knocking boots with most of the B2K members with his main piece being Marques Houston. Stay tune for MORE drama.

Another one of 'our' own has come back home....Tiki Barber has split with his wife, Ginny, after 11 years of marriage. The former New York Giants running back and “Today” show correspondent has been living apart from Ginny, a former fashion publicist and full-time mom whom he started dating 16 years ago while they were both students at the University of Virginia. A source confirmed to us, “They have separated and have been apart for a few months.” The couple have two sons A.J., 7, and Chason, 6

Confused Usher Raymond's new CD "Raymond VS Raymond" debuts @ #1 in next weeks Billboard magazine, selling over 346.000 copies.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

My baby Ci Ci Ciara is doing her thang her new video "Ride".

Easter Sunday in Southern Calif, we felt out earth move. A 7.2 quake reared it's ugly head, but I said BRING IT ON!!!

Clash of The Titans killed @ The Box Office this weekend, while Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married Too' opened in second place with an impression 30 million dollar take. The movie cost 20 million to make, so cheap *ss Perry is already cleaning up in profits.

Former Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan got fired last season, and claims that one of the show's producers slapped her, and when she complained .... the gave her the boot. Now that's gangsta!!
Nick Cannon graces the cover of "Jet" magazine and setting the record straight, letting the world know that he was somebody before he married Mariah Carey.

Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Friday, April 2, 2010


It's Good Friday,
Happy Easter Weekend everyone;
A charmed life is privileged and precious. Existence is about being in the moment, to feel every core of your being in totality. Easter Sunday let us remember the true meaning. Churches around the world will be filled for all the wrong reasons. Presence is to honor life given in its entirety. Bowing down and honoring all the blessings, and misfortunes.

Growth is achieved when you're in the valleys,
Not when you're at your peak-Kevin Knighton

Acquiescence is to demonstrate your unselfish best. The me, myself & I person will not understand what that sentence means, and won't find this story helpful. The problematic world of people lost, searching for a reason to be pessimistic and not optimistic about whatever that 'new' discovery might be. Where you are in the world, is from the strength and courage.

Selfishness is a habit formed that others allow. To color your world is when you understand what ability is about; it 'enables' your spirit to soar. This can only be honored, when you take time out to understand acts that are not of your own volition, to seek the wisdom of unfamiliar ground. When something in your spirit is not at peace in your quest to a better you, it's time to analyze, where challenges are astronomical in achieving.

Constant evaluation of your life is most helpful; to see if you're putting in the work that you require of others, you may come up short, but it speaks to your character and quality of what you present to the word at large. The machine that channel your motors that we call the body, is filtered with a multitude of toxins, you decide how to purify. When you find yourself not giving your best to those around you, it's a disservice to God. Life is lived on borrowed time, existence is about being aware of the moment, and repayment of your debt is required.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Just Saying..

LL Cool J wasn’t too happy to find out that an old interview he did for the Fox network was being used to promote Sarah Palin’s new show “Real American Stories” about famous success stories. On Tuesday after seeing the interview which Fox says they own so have the rights to the rapper turned actor James Todd Smith had this to Tweet about the show which airs tonight [Thursday]:
“Fox lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else & are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote Sarah Palins Show. WOW.”
Fox has since responded saying they will pull the segment, and punched LL one time in the gut for helping get their new show some free publicity:
“Real American Stories features uplifting tales about overcoming adversity and we believe Mr. Smith’s interview fit that criteria. However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career.”

Usher Raymond returns to the #1 spot in next weeks Billboard with his "Raymond VS Raymond" CD, guess having a 'crazy' personal life does help in promotion. The CD is not bad, it's NO 'Confessions' but a decent release nonetheless.

Shaq's ex-wifey Shaunie O'Neal is getting her cougar on. Who knew? LOL Shaunie is dating a 23 year old, and I'm sure the young buck is getting 'IT' in!!

Precious star 'Gabourey Sidibe' is set to host SNL. I'm going to set my DVR. It's going to be classic. She seems to possess a great sense of humor.

Chalk head Amber Rose is suppose to be knocked up by Kanye (MESS) West. Damn Kanye I hope this isn't true, your life is already a mess, you don't need some gold digging lesbo trying to rob you stacks. I'm Just Saying...DON'T do it!!

Singer Jennifer Hudson is the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Ummm okay Jennifer, it's time to get back in the studio and release some decent music. That debut CD was BLAH!!

Tiger Woods' #1 jumpoff Rachel Uchitel, agreed to shut her mouth for $10 million!!! Which is a lot of money to us, but NOT so much to Woods. Guess she might know a little about his pee pee.
Remember to every rumor, there's a certain bit of truth to it.

Hey Oprah, Dave Letterman, Wendy Williams and Ellen..

Command Performance

This performance was before America turned their backs on Chris Brown. His future was filled with such promise, and yes he played a major part in his downfall. I'm stil on board and I believe in the Chris Brown experience. Hoping that you'll be smarter the second time around.
This performance was a classic moment in music history. No matter what people say, you can't deny Chris had that something extra, and was clearly in line to grace the King of Pop's throne.