Friday, July 31, 2009

Billie Jean LIVE - Michael Jackson Tribute


Happy Friday,
Any plans for Christmas :) before you know it, it will be here. This fast pace world. Scary and scarier, I like to drive fast, but in this day and time. The rushing to, is always more than I bargained for. Trying to execute plans and stay on course, is becoming harder and harder. The universe seems to have a mind of it's on, and unfortunately, we're on 'it's' schedule and not the other way around.

The unknown is always a scary thing, and for control freaks like me, I'm not happy when I'm not controlling my own destination. I talked last week, about life and the journey, and how it doesnt go in sequence, Never was their a truer statement. Life use to promote the aging process, and the gifts that we're treated too for longevity. Lately I wonder if that's always a good thing. Seems ailments creep into the game. That sore shoulder pain seems to last longer and longer. Where is the youthful energy that you use to have?

With time passing so rapidly, makes you want rid yourself of any unwanted baggage. Clarity becomes crystal clear. Things youve been putting of doing. A spring cleaning if you will. Be it disparaging friendships, relationships, work, family dead weights. It's all important to access and address. When you look back on the big picture. What will you be happy with, what are your regrets. If it's all passing rapidly, shouldn't you make every moment count?

I think we live in the greatest place on earth. Are were always appreciative, hmmm not so much. Yet here were are with the arena to go anywhere we choose, and to be anything we want to be. To inspire someone doesn't cost a thing. To listen intently, honors the person speaking. Qualifying your life, is essential, and if done correctly by staying on course, it's make the aches, pains, wrinkles and bumps along the way, all the meaningful.

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Pop Legend Whitney Houston returns to music with her 'I Look To You' CD making it's debut August 31-2009.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock With You LIVE - Michael Jackson Tribute

Command Performance

Nobody does it like Whitney Houston. Her music has helped shape decades of great pop art, her vocals pure and elegant. Some have said that her voice is of an angel. This Arista 25 Celebration, put a lot of rumors to rest, some wondered did she still have it. Watching this performance, she shut the naysayers mouths, and had them on their feet dancing their asses off. Whitney delivered the goods.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Never Surrender/TGIF

Happy Friday Everyone,
Let's get it going. Trying is always the charm of accolades to follow. Peaks, strife , struggle all a part of life. Sitting around waiting for life to happen, you'll quickly come to realize that life will pass you by, and it goes so very quickly.

Some would disagree about keeping up with the Jones, but if you really dissect it, That Jones family probably should be given much more credit, when you think of your own personal accomplishments and goals. If you don't have anything to reach for with true desire and passion, what it is all about? We all search for hidden meanings to the bigger picture. Some do it in front of people, others seek 'it' quietly.

I often speak on personal goals and triumphs. I do it because it's not something that should be overlooked. As long as the discussion continues to be on the table. I feel it will keep the focus where it should be. Execution and concentration should always be at the forefront of your thoughts. It doesn't get easier, it's like a muscle, the more you use it,the tighter and more defined it becomes.

If you find yourself the richer and smarter in your circle of friends, I say get yourself a new group of friends. You can be one or the other, you cannot be both. We all need someone to challenge us, to get into our minds to push us to greater heights. You cannot surrender and just accept what life offers and where it takes you to. Today's bad economy speaks to how hard things can get sometimes. In the lean times, you find a way to rise up. Sometimes you have to be pushed against a wall to truly find out your survival skills. You must believe that we all possess that 'core' determination of strength. If and when you need a shoulder to lean on, don't view it as weakness, take those moments to discover your inner workings.

Looking back in review, some years will be better than others, and believe me it doesn't go in sequence. Keeping focus on direction, new maps, new routes and reconstruction are all a part of the tools that can make our stories phenomenal.

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Pop Legend Whitney Houston returns Sept 1 -2009 with her new "I Look To You" CD.

You Rock My World - Michael Jackson Tribute

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Command Performance

This clip illustrates why this Pop Legend will go down in the history books. The voice of a angel. She puts her staple on every song she sings. Showing other vocalists how to command a song and a stage. She's truly the staple of a song stylist. The voice soars and conquers. This performance hand everyone on their feet. During this time in Whitney's career, in 1991 she released 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' and some felt that it was too R&B, eventhough she had two number one pop hits "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "All The Man That I Need" of her CD. People were starting to give her grief for not being black/r&b enough, while african americans were starting to think she was too Pop. Some felt she had forgotten her roots. (In my opinion, she shouldnt have to fit into any format, in life you come to realize that you can't please everyone.) Whitney always a believer in the proof is in the pudding, was about to shut all systems down and write her name in the history books, because two years later, she released a little film and soundtrack, called 'The Bodyguard' and you know how that turned out.

This performance is one of my all time favorites, it had old time glamour and glitz and of course her vocals and beauty was clearly on display.

Forever Came Today - Michael Jackson Tribute

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real or Contrived? Chris Brown's apology.

Chris Brown finally addressed his actions in regards to his incident with Rihanna. I think Chris may sincerely have regrets, and his heart may be geniune. I personally feel his press conference was contrived, and scripted, by his handler's. Chris should speak from the heart and off the page, not from a script. I also believe that he's not the only guilty one in the incident. Rihanna should address her part, as we all know, it takes two. I do believe that Chris Brown will have his chance in the sun again,because he's truly talented.

It always baffles me who people seem to find God when adversity comes their way, if we put God first, apologies and lack of understanding which can lead to rage, could easily be prevented. Good luck Chris...I'm rooting for you.

You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson Tribue

Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Sides/TGIF

Happy Friday Everybody,

It's been blazing saddles outside in Sunny Southern Kali this week, and for those of you who enjoy that kind of weather, I say have at it. Give me AC and a Lemon Drop, and I'm good :)

The summer does encourage levity in one's personality. I seem to notice more and more people smiling and getting their flirt on. Flirting when tastefully done, can be very appealing, and harmless right? The thrill of the chase of a new love or like, always gets the blood flowing and the intrigue can be startling, and when two people's orthodoxies are put in place many doors of discovery will happen.

So tell me is there such a thing as a happy ending? We meet, do the number exchange and if the elements are right, we might take it there. Next comes the honeymoon phase, the getting to know is always invigorating. You tell your friends about the blissful times and your plans for the future. I've always encourage people to listen to their gut it will never lead you wrong, don't let the heart creep in and allow you to make a bad decision. Time and time again, few listen to my advice until it's too late.

It amazes me how perception and understanding comes into play. I've sat with a group of people and watched a movie, and afterwards had discussions about it. Now bear in mind we all watched the same movie, but our interpretation was vastly different. I think the same things goes with relationships and marriage. When it gets rocky, we come away with things like a 'misunderstanding' and when the matter isn't properly addressed its escalated to a 'Irreconcilable Difference' which can imperil foundation placed.

Communication is 'the sexy' when two people are willing. Having a difference of opinion is true democracy. Mature folks know how to step back and agree to disagree. Repine is the for the immature. This subject matter isn't just about love and relationship, it can be explored in all facets of life, where the art of communication is encouraged and sought. Like the rest of the world, I have not always gotten it right, the mishaps have taught me to be a better listener, which is the best form of communication. You know what they say, we can all sing together, if ON key:), but we cant all talk at the same time, though many try....and you know what that leads to.

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Pop Superstar Whitney Houston returns to music with her first full length CD 'I Look To You' in stores Sept 1 - 2009.

2300 Jackson Street - Michael Jackson Tribute

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rockin Robbin - Michael Jackson Tribute

Command Performance

This performance show classic style and elegance. Usher is still in the game trying to write his name is the history books. Clearly he was a student of the Michael Jackson school of dance, hoping to bask in some of the King of Pop greatness. I like this performance because he tries to create history on his own merit and not someone elses. That alone gets him credit. The flip upside down, and split, gets mad props from me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First glance at Whitney Houston's CD cover...

Pop Superstar Whitney Houston's upcoming CD 'I Look To You' cover was revealed today. She looks amazing, and the cover it very similar to her debut CD over twenty five years ago. 'I Look To You' hits shelves September 1-2009, it's going to be a monster seller.

MJ's catalog sells over 1.1 million copies this week..

Michael Jackson's work was completed on earth, which has left the world devastated. The fans have spoken loud and clear. His catalog sold over 1.1 million copies this week, and his 'Number Ones' CD has held the coveted Number 1 spot on the musid Charts for the last three weeks. A true testament to his being 'gone but not forgotten'. In this day and age of downloading, bootleg and Itunes etc.., Michael is up to his old tricks again, of shattering records. The public is actually buying music again.

Looking Through.. - Michael Jackson Tribute

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Media - The Racial Wars....

I am appalled at the way the media has governed themselves during the passing of Legendary Pop Icon Michael Jackson, more and more I'm reminded of what a racist society we live in. ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,FOX,PEOPLE,TMZ,Bill O'Reilly,Perez(Miserable Homo)Hilton,E,People,Us,Barbara Walters,Martin Bashir(All could easily be members of a modern day KKK) and countless others let us not forget that we're talking about a person here, an 'innocent' media icon that transformed racial and language barriers, he is someone’s child, a father, and a brother.

The world is still in mourning that the largest popular entertainer in the world has passed on. If that wasn't sad enough, it clearly became apparent that this man as a person didn't seem to matter, what was apparent and crystal clear, is that they were out to rip his skin to pieces, and left no stone unturned. I don't know what led to his death. I'm heartbroken that it happened. All the joy that he brought to so many lives, its unfortunate he wasn't able to get the love and care in return.

When 'Thriller' was released in 1982 and his 'celebrity' went into another stratosphere, everyone wanted to know Michael Jackson, and everyone wanted to lay some type of claim to him, the media couldn't get enough of him. Was it because they wanted to feel that was a part of a genius being? He seemed to have an endless supply of friends and industry clout, all deserving, because this was history in the making. Finally someone who put in the time, work and dedication was opening doors originally nailed shut. The old boy network, couldn't deny that America was witnessing something and someone out of this world. Accolades came from all over the world, for the hard work, craftsmanship, and dedication he was rewarded with the largest selling album in the world, and the icing on the cake was winning 8 Grammys Awards including 'Album of the Year'.

With all the joy, I guess the media started to resent his success, or was it too much success for a black man, who changed the rules of the game. Could a black man really be larger than a Caucasian entertainer? Hmm, was it too much exposure, did it become too hard to believe or better yet, too much to accept, all of sudden the media turned on Michael Jackson, one day I turned on the telly, and the caption read 'Michael Jackson accused of child molestation' the world of celebrity and journalism wanted to distance themselves from him with judgment. I NEVER believed that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, the man, who kids, teens and adults adored, was left with a bad rap, though never ever proven guilty, seems that white America had made up their minds, none of his high powered friends were there, why? Some African Americans such as Quincy Jones, Oprah Winfrey and Katt Williams seem to jump on the band wagon too.

You can NEVER deny that the King of Pop broke records and knocked down barriers. He's given to more charitable organizations than ANY other artist in history period! He taught entertainer's how to be philanthropists. I still can't understand how or why the media wanted his blood. Here's an entertainer who never got to enjoy his childhood, one who gave so freely of himself to make a better way for other's to follow. He accepted all the ridicule, all the rhetoric and ill will, and he did it with class and dignity, still loving, still creating, still forgiving and still encouraged to do more, and if possible, he was inspired to be more.

On June 25Th Michael Joseph Jackson passed away, instead of mourning the loss of the largest Pop Icon in American history. Never mind that his parents lossed their child, his siblings lost their brother, and his three kids lost their father. All that matters to the media were to sensationalized what 'they' felt led up to his death. 24 hours coverage for almost two weeks, speculation ran rampant. Why is it always a double standard for African Americans? White America can say and do whatever the hell they please and it's allowed. The school of journalism that I went to was not about tabloid and smut. Who is the benefactor of ratings success? Everyone wants to make money off of Michael Jackson's life and legacy, and it appears that it's done by any means necessary.

The truth of the matter is regardless of what popular opinion is, FACTS speaks, and the FACTS say that America and globally is in mourning, because the greatest entertainer of the world has passed away. FACT remains, he's a father who leaves three children behind to mourn his loss, and he leaves a Mother and Father, and siblings to mourn his loss and legions of fans who 'didn't stop', because we couldn't get enough.
FACT Michael Jackson legacy of music will live on forever in the hearts of his family, true friends and fans, and NO media smut can ever tarnish that image EVER!!

May his soul get the peace now, in the after life that he so richly deserves and was denied during his time here on earth.

The Moonwalk - Michael Jackson Tribute

Friday, July 10, 2009

Takes a Village/TGIF

Happy Friday,

Damn we're fully in full swing of 2009. Time is swiftly passing by. All the plans and goals put forth, hopefully we're still in deep concentrate with keen awareness. Kids always complain that time passing far too slow. For adults the world is rapidly passing by MUCH too fast. I find myself being more appreciative, and really basking in the 'here now' moments, even the bumpy roads.

To be a part of a universe where we can matter, and perhaps make a difference is really liberating. Realizing that its not always about one person. To play a part, to seek answers to the unknown questions, that can present themselves on a daily basis. I speak often to mediocrity, to just accept what life offers you. I don't believe purpose is aligned that way. Finding one's soul purpose for being here, is the hardest task for most people. The percentage for those who know exactly, what their purpose is, tends to be very small.

You can look at someone who is a jack of all trades and a master of known. If you dissect that, the talent is there, it's already acknowledged, you must hone in on that incessant gift that you possess, and it lies within you. No happen stance, easy is never the road that gets you to the greatest achievements. Complex and angst, gets the richest rewards. Accolades that come easy, never last for long, and it's only a temporary fix. With struggle come wisdom, and layers to be rewarded in your life's tapestry.

Questions will arise, as they often do. Dwell in the moments, where curiosity is rendered. To whom much is given, MUCH is always going to be required. Reaffirming the legacy of Michael Jackson in recent weeks. Our nation mourned together. I came away wanting to do more, a need to be larger than life, to really find my village, and to inspire myself and others. I know the road is very long, and no one gets there alone. I need help! and I know with vulnerability come cracks, but those cracks are the veins in which nourishment and creativity pumps through, it breeds life to the connection of other's in a universe in which we live. We are sent here to help, and aid as need be.

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Superstar Whitney Houston's next CD release 'I Look To You' drops on September 1 -2009

Blues Away - Michael Jackson Tribute

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Final Resting Place for King of Pop

Today millions mourn at the funeral/memorial for our most revered entertainer Michael Jackson. Jackson passed on June 25-2009, almost two weeks ago. His passing is a hard pill to swallow, as I'm sure it will continue to be for a long time to come. I don't know anyone on this earth in the last forty years, that this genius music hasn't touched. It's a rare artist that can make you forget color lines. Someone who can help erase your troubles, and comfort you on those lonely days. Michael Jackson was such an artist.

I never knew the man personally, but believe me when I tell you, I lost a brother and a friend(as did America). In my life Michael Jackson's music was always a part of my soundtrack. The irony of it all, is this, to not have touched or conversed with this man, and to have these feelings that have overwhelmed me for almost two weeks is mind boggling. It truly speaks to the huge loss that the Jackson family must be feeling, and to have this immeasurable void, now in their lives. I pray to God that he'll will protect our first family. For African Americans, they were 'our' version of the Kennedys.

Michael thank you for all that you've given us, your voice, your legacy, your time, your hard work,your dilligence, your dedication, your genuine heart and of course those fluid one of kind dance moves. I'm happy to say that I got to spend time with your music during your journey here on earth. Of course your music will live on. The biggest thrill was that I got to witness your genius in my lifetime. Ive often said it, and I'll say it again ....there will NEVER EVER BE ANOTHER...Michael Jackson EVER! I wish your peace.

The Dance Moves - Michael Jackson Tribute

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fly Away - Michael Jackson Tribute


Hello Everyone,

This has been a trying month. Recent weeks, have truly tested the power of strength, acceptance and understanding.
Taking for granted the breathes that we are allow to take. The heart beats on it's own, with little help from us. How many times have you paid attention to yourself breathing. Are you ever cognizant of your life as it's happening, I mean where you're 'really' in the moment, listening to each breath that you take and being grateful of the inhaling and exhaling? Life is the greatest gift, the path that you take, things discovered in route to your greatest achievement.

What are your staples? More and more, you cannot take any of it for granted. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I'm 100% certain that I'll see the next day. How cocky of me. When I wake, am I always appreciative to see the day that I took for granted? Hmm not always. Happiness is a matter of opinion, misery is universal, at some point we've all experienced it on one level or another.

To grow as a person means that you're really trying to put the work in that's required. I have little respect for anyone who wont challenge themselves to be the very best that they can be. Sure you'll have days when you fall off, and grow weary when it seems that the rainbow isn't enough. Take that bad moment, but don't stay there. For anyone who refuse to address their demons, I feel is a coward. Repeated mistakes mean you're not willing to press forth. Be it love, friendship, family ties etc.., a bad relationship that has run it's course, most times wont improve, yet some will stay...WHY? Learn to depend on you survival skills, and know that better for yourself exists out there. Then you have the group that will stay because the other person is in love with you, and on some level you feel that you owe them? WHY? People are resilient enough, when left to their own devices, remarkably, that awful, unbearable hard dreaded day....when forced to, your defense mechanism kicks in and guess what, you make it through. Discover your inner strength, it's a gift that is within you.

Here's a quote that I wanted to share: 'Happiness is not something we seek outside of ourselves. President Yamamoto has said that the Japanese word for 'revolution' literally means to 'transform life'. Everything ultimately depends therefore, on how we strive to transform our lives - to change these tendencies that leaves us easily swayed by Karma or defeated by our weaknesses. The reason is that the source of our happiness exists nowhere but in our hearts, in our deepest resolve and commitment' - Daisaki Ikeda

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. Pop Superstar Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" CD debuts Sept 1-2009, with a LIVE Good Morning America appearance to follow shortly thereafter. Stay Tune....Whitney is coming home. Keep your fingers crossed, BET will make a decision about the fate of the now defunct 'The Game' sitcom. Lord knows BET needs something positive to help their distasteful programming.