Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day In Your Life

Hello all,

Today I was reflecting and reminiscing as I often do. More and more I realize the life we live is 'no dress rehearsals'. Everything is a first take. People we encounter, and the lessons that are taught along the way, helps to broaden the scope of what 'is' truly meant to be. How one's presence can affect others, how the wisdom that you share along the way, my enlighten someone else's day.

Words are very powerful. Weak ones can rise .... and if we're lucky enough to have made an impression on someone ... in your time of need, a helping hand is extended.Here's my olive branch to you.

This song moved me enough to share with you. The lyrics are powerful. Maybe you'll able to pass this torch on, to another in the spirit in which is was given.

Thanks for being a part of my life .... on my weak days, you've all 'extended' your hand in one way or another. I thank you!
All my best