Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy Friday,
Expectation is a word built on a false premise; it's not your right to expect, yet most seem to think that they are owed something, to demand that all things will go your way will lead you to much grief and hardship. Investments of your time and energy is a part of your estate, from the time that you are born its the body that you are locked into, it's your rightful temple, you hold the key and title, loan approval isn't necessary. Giving your body the right tools gets you the proper nutrients, water allows the seeds into fruition, the maintenance adds to the all around appearance, and if treated properly most times you're greeted with longevity.

When you ask of things, it's only right that you take into account why the request was presented, if you have selfish intent, do you really think that outcome will be fruitful? When you put people on pedestals, you're basically dismissing that person from being human, and error is a part of life. You're comeuppance will be judged on how freely you gave of yourself; it won't be based on monetary. The deed is being of service and when that service is cheapened by your expectation, faltering ensues, because now you feel as though someone has let you down, when the true matter is that you've set yourself up for an falsehood that you never really believed in from the start, it's something your mental couldn't wrap itself around to formulate a worthy explanation for what you were seeking.

True to form life gives its share of disappointments, but the rewards are much greater when you get to the point of acceptance you're free from the foggy state that had you trapped and spiraling out of control. To say that you forgive someone is acknowledging your understanding, that the expectation was your creation not theirs. Having come to the realization that perfection is a tall order that few ever achieve, in the interim of figuring it all out, if you look life in the eyes, it's a great place to honor the creator with a conversation piece.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

TAKERS opens tomorrow, get your tickets should prove to be a very interesting ride.

The actor Macaulay Culkin — who is best known for portraying Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York — celebrates his 30th birthday today, Thursday, August 26th! With the blink of an eye time passes so very quickly. When I was a kid I always noticed that in movies if the kid's name was Kevin watchout, because they were a handful, my parents always agreed:) I'm Just Saying..

Fantasia and Katy Perry are battling it out for the #1 and #2 position on Billboards Top 200 next week, however it goes Tasia will debut @#1 on the R&B charts. I watched her VH1 special Behind The Music this week, and what I never gave any referenece to, is the girl is only 26 years old, so I think that her parents have done her a major disservice. She's just a baby.

ABC's granola show Dancing With The Stars is gearing up for it's 11Th installmen(yawn) and this time Kirstie Alley and David Hassefholf are on board...Hmmm I'll let you talk amongst yourselves about this one:)

Rapper/Producer Akon has a new wifey, his fourth to be exact. What world is he living in, and does he really practice his religion?

For all my Tennis fans lets ready to ...... The US Open starts August 30th, I'm rooting for Venus Williams on the ladies side and I'm rooting for Andy Roddick on the men side. However it plays out, it will be two wonderful weeks of tennis.

Rapper Beenie Siegel and former labelmate to Kanye West, has outed West once again, take a listen to his new joint, he's talking much trash.....dang sounds like a lovers quarrel. LOL I'm Just Saying...lets keep it moving.

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Command Performance

Tamia has a voice of an angel, though she never ever got the credit that her talent deserves, when it's all said and done, her talent still speaks, and where some of her contemporaries chose gimmicks, she let her voice do the talking, in her group of peers she has very few competitors.
In this stripped down version of "Almost" you get to hear her at her very best, no layered tracks, just her God given talent.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remembering Aaliyah ......... R.I.P

Nine years ago today Aaliyah's life was taken away from us. A life interrupted too soon. Though physically you're no longer here, we will never forget your beauty, smile, personality and grace!! (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)R.I.P.

I'm Just Saying...

Is J. Holiday one of the new faces of R&B/Hip Hop music or is he just easy on the eyes?

Sandra Bullock will give her first interview Tuesday to Matt Lauer on the Today show, she will address everything. I will be tuned in, will you?

Linday Lohan was released from rehab maybe she and Amy Winehouse can get together for 'drinks's. I'm Just Saying... If we keep giving people in danger free passes, what are we really saying?

Ol skool r&b group GUY are in the recording studios working a new CD. Does anybody out there care about a GUY reunion and new CD?

Poor Ciara, her CD gets pushed back AGAIN!! Radio is not giving CeCe any love and I'm NOT happy about it.

Nicki Minaj is burning up the charts, but she's not getting love from her peers she's been beefing with Lil Kim and Keyshia Cole, isn't their room enough for all of them? Doesn't Minaj seem a LOT older than she's claiming? I say easily mid 30's.

Producer Timbaland was robbed of 2million in jewels, and family fears that he tried to attempt suicide. Hmm something is not adding up here, so I'll keep your posted.

Little rapper Soulja Boy needs some tough love from his parents, he's starting to spiral out of control like Lohan. He was caught on video with lines of cocaine. I'm just smh, we've got to do better than this people.

Tiger Woods ex blonde bimbo gave her first interview since her divorce, now get this she claims that she didn't hit Woods with a golf club, she didn't bash his window in, his car just mysterious wondered off the road into a where does the truth begin if the lies NEVER end. Good riddens heiffer!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Who knew that rapper Nas and singer Maxwell were BFF's. Seems that they get together for drinks and to hang out at clubs.

Tiger Woods is FINALLY free to wax any blonde bimbo that he chooses, he's a FREE man. Elin can kick rocks, that gold digger got PAID. I'm so damn happy for him, now maybe his life can get back to business.

Fantasia Barrino's new "Back To Me" CD comes out today, and her VHI special "Behind The Music" airs tonight where she addresses her recent suicide attempt, Barrino said that she was tired of people using her and just plain tired of it all, and was ready to permanently go to sleep. Hmmmm so what about your child? is your Mr. Antwan's pee pee more important than you daughter? I think 'Tasia' needs to get her priorities straight.

Singer George Michael has some SERIOUS problems. This morning in London, George pleaded guilty to drug charges after crashing his car into a photo shop last July 4th. He admitted that he was under the influence and in possession of cannabis when the police found him "spaced out" at the wheel. The judge stripped him of his license for the next six months and warned that George could be facing some jail time.

Kanye West has announced via Twitter that he will release a new song every week through Christmas time:
"I know y'all need the music so I'm dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas. It may be my song, it may be a new Jay song, etc."
More from Kanye:
"Y’all know every Friday y'all gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now … It's about the fans. No more holding back. That's why I dropped 'See Me Now' … it wasn't about me, it was about the Summer the BBQs etc." It's OFFICIAL Mr. West is AWAKE!

Mariah Carey performed in Brazil this weekend past and she looked like a beast, a mini 'precious' for her sake let's hope that she really 'is' pregnant this time.

Singer Lauryn Hill tooked to the stage at the "Rock The Bells" concert and killed it, Ms. Hill has been making a lot of appearances lately, and not looking frazzled, so you just know that a new CD will be dropping soon, and I for one CAN NO WAIT!! It's been far too long.

TAKERS starring T.I. Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Idris Elba and Michael Ealy opens this FRIDAY!!! Are you ready for it?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Singer Faith Evans was arrested over the weekend on DUI charges.....I wonder if she quoted her late husband Biggie Small's song "One More Chance" when the officers pulled her over....I'm Just Saying

True Blood actress Anna Paquin got married over the weekend.

The old geezers 'The Expendables' held on to the #1 position @ The Box Office...followed by Julia Roberts film 'Eat Pray Love'.

Singer Britney Spears is rumored to be heading to the alter again. Hmmm were is K-Fed when you need a good intervention. The "Oops" singer has never really fully recovered from her 'ditzy' moment.

Jenifer Aniston's film "The Switch" tanked miserably this weekend @ The Box Office the film didn't make the Top Five and estimated totals for the weekend is less than 10 million dollars. If that wasn't bad enough she's latched on to her ex lover singer John Mayerto get "it" in. He has dumped her twice in the past, guess she's a gluten...

Singer Keyshia Cole eloped over the weekend and married her pro baller boyfiend. Aint love grand, wonder if Frankie and Effie were invited?

Up and Coming actress Rachel Taylor, who appeared in the first Transformers flick, has taken out a court order against her boyfriend Matthew Newton after he physically abused her on various occasions!

Twilight's Stephenie Meyer and Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling made it on the Forbes' top 10 list of highest-paid authors, including Stephen King, Danielle Steel, and Nicholas Sparks.
Even though publishers and book sellers are seeing a decline in hard cover sells, e-books show a promising increase in the world of authors as well as highly popular franchises like Twilight and Harry Potter.
The top ten money-maker$$$ are:

1. James Patterson ($70M)
2. Stephenie Meyer ($40M)
3. Stephen King ($34M)
4. Danielle Steel ($32M)
5. Ken Follett ($20M)
6. Dean Koontz ($18M)
7. Janet Evanovich ($16M)
8. John Grisham ($15M)
9. Nicholas Sparks ($14M)
10. J. K. Rowling ($10M)

Happy Birthday goes out to the Los Angeles Lakers Star Kobe Bryant he turns 32 today.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Marketing Wiz Steve Stoute ... Getting It In!!!

Check out this new interview with marketing genius Steve Stoute where he talks about some of his latest endeavors and how the culture of America is changing for TIME magazine.

On Mary J. Blige:

Stoute’s ability to engage consumers with his clients’ messages was on full display when Mary J. Blige debuted her new perfume, My Life, on the Home Shopping Network July 31 to record-breaking sales. The fragrance sold 60,000 units in six hours. According to the network, it also drove 20% of new customers to HSN. While the numbers were remarkable, so was the fact that buyers hadn’t even had a chance to sample the fragrance. Rather, Stoute had gotten Blige to create a series of online video vignettes so customers could connect with her. He calls the perfume “Mary’s life encapsulated in a product.” The marketing came down to the power of storytelling, says Stoute. “I put Mary on air and let her speak her story, her life, her journey and showed footage of her being part of the process of making the fragrance. It was a grand slam.”

On The Tanning Of America:

What he calls “the tanning of America.” The growing African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American populations together command an estimated $2 trillion in buying power. And they have become hugely influential trendsetters. Demographers know this, but Stoute sees the shift as a massive cultural transformation that most companies are missing.

According to Stoute, this seismic shift has ushered in an era of shared cultural tastes and attitudes. The tanning concept, he says, is built around not the physical reality of different racial makeups but rather what he calls “a shared mental complexion.” To make a brand relevant, companies need to understand that multicultural advertising is no longer a niche strategy: multicultural is what America looks like. “One of the things that made me realize right away that Steve was an innovative thinker was when I heard him talking about the tanning of America,” says Pamela El, marketing vice president of State Farm. “He said that advertisers and marketers need to follow the lay of the land, and the face of America is changing.” Stoute took LeBron James to State Farm, managing to make King James both relevant and funny in ads for insurance.

To read more check out....TIME magazine new issue on newsstands this coming Monday!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone,
I want to take you back for a moment, I remember swimming at our local YMCA, Vacation Bible School and spending summers with my grandparents those are some of my best memories, The world was about predicating, because we took pride in our community, and manners were still the rule and not the exception. I was speaking to a good friend reminiscing about life and the good times of those 'perfect moments' in our lives, take a moment and do this exercise with me, what do you remember about your childhood, and what opportunities do you regret that are no longer afforded to you? The mind is a very powerful tool, it allow us to capture and save those 'perfect moments" which can be viewed as sand castles, so in that sense, we can allow time to stand still.

Today gatherings with friends and family becomes more important than ever, to sit in the 'happy' now moments, to enjoy that family softball game or family reunion, that wasn't brought on by a loved one's passing, you cherish those moments, and even that drunk aunt who always has just a little too much sauce at every family gathering, you love him all the more, because those make for some of the best memories.

Yesterday, though I know going back is no longer an option, as I look forward I can live in those 'now' moments with vigorous opulence and be appreciative of all that I'm grateful for and all that I hope to become, and to really focus on the lessons that life and the unfamiliar affords me, to get behind circumstances that are not about me, but to enlighten those whom I may encounter, because all moments in your life hold a certain validity of importance, and should never be taken for granted, challenge is not opting out, that route is all too familiar, remember obstacles are temporary road blocks, it's a sign of life telling you to change your path, the wise person is not the one who gets there first, but is the one who understands the realm of the endurance.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Only in America can you serve about 35 hours on a 90 day jail sentence, then get released to a Rehab Clinic for 15 hours and then have your Doctor say that you're fully covered and the icing on the cake is giving your first post interview for a 1 million dollar paycheck, well that's how Lindsay Lohan is writing her history books. Trust me we'll see her in rehab again, if not worse. America when did we stop caring about our kids? I'm Just Saying...

T.I., Chris Breezy Brown, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker's film "Taker" movie seems just right for an underground hit. This movie was scheduled to be released about two years back, but then Breezy has his trouble, and T.I. went to prison, but not that both are primed for major comebacks. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie which opens August 27Th.

Rapper plastic barbie Lil' Kim is the new face of Three Olives Vodka, and she's looking pretty decent in the advertisements.

Command Performance

This is what true talent is all about it's about interpretation, and artistry, few can take other's songs and make them into their own, but when it's done right, it probably sounds a lot like this. Gladys Knight and her Pips, brought the heat to the 1975 Grammys. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Basketball player Lebron James graces the cover of the new GQ magazine, he gives and in depth interview basically saying what we've already heard, and he goes on to say that The Cavalier’s Owner Dan Gilbert ‘Never Cared’ About Him, well of course not, the bigger picture to all sports, they want you when you're being the 'yes' person and making them money, behind when the shirts get behind closed doors they view

Prayers go out to actor Michael Douglas who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Doctor's expect a full recovery, still it's a scary time. God speed to you..

In crazy white people news .... Law enforcement sources tell us Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Liv Tyler, Melanie Griffith, Anne Hathaway and Scott Speedman were all allegedly violated -- or at least their credit cards were -- by a woman who ran a swanky salon in Beverly Hills called the Chez Gabriela Studio.
According to court documents, Maria Gabriella Perez is accused of ripping off the credit card information from her ultra-wealthy clients ... and "fraudulently [charging] approximately $280,000 worth of charges in a one year period."
According to the docs -- Perez swindled $214,000 from Liv Tyler alone.
Perez was arrested on federal fraud charges -- and is due to appear in court in L.A. later today. Just goes to show you that bad things are exclusive to the ghetto....but I'm sure this is view to be a white coller upscale crime:)
According to new reports, due to the fact that Wyclef Jean hasn’t had residency in his native Haiti for five consecutive years now he may not be able to run for the presidency of the country. Well that's a blessing, because I couldn't see a FUGEE being the president of any country or state.

Ditzy Britney Spears is having a field day on the set of "Glee" the show is dedicating an entire episode to the 'oops' singer.

Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z pulled in $63 million over the past 12 months, earning him his second straight hip-hop cash crown. His income level places him in the 35% tax bracket, which means he’ll pay Uncle Sam about $22 million this year–a sum greater than the total earnings of any other rap star besides second-ranked Ms. Diddy.”
Here's the list...
Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter – $63m
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs – $30m
Aliuane “Akon” Thiam – $21m
Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter – $20m
Andre “Dr. Dre” Young – $17m
Christoper “Ludacris” Bridges – $16m
Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus – $15m
Timothy “Timbaland” Mosely – $14m
Pharrell Williams -$13m
Kanye West – $12m

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Look at Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz baby.....she's all grown up now. Zoe Kravitz’s is an Alex Wang girl, appearing in all of his latest ads, and her career seems to be on the rise. Not only is she in the just released film “Twelve” along side 50 Cent and Gossip Girls Chace Crawford,

Nancy Grace is crazy as cat sh*t with her many racist opens, and her need to have her mouth open at all times. She recently announced that she will be donating the proceeds of her murder mystery novel, Death on the D-List, to Wesley Glen Methodist Ministries, a Georgia group that helps adults with mental disabilities. She must have been one of their patients....c'mon I'm Just Saying...

R.I.P. Robert Wilson of The Gap Band, who passed away Sunday at the age of 53.

The First Lady Michelle Obama's friend Desiree Rogers who couldn't handle her security job at The White House, has a new job that better fits her itch to be on the Red Carpet, she's now the CEO of Ebony Jet Publishing, now this time it makes sense when the camera's click, she'll be ready for her 'closeup'.

Not such bosom buddies of late, Jay-Z and Lebron James seems to have hit a rocky path in their friendship, this past weekend at the World Basketball Festival, the two barely spoke. What oculd it be? Hmmm maybe Hova wanted James to play for New York....yeah maybe that's it!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Some Hollywood Royalty, this picture is a CLASSIC moment, that will go down in history. Looking at this picture warms my heart, because so much talent in one picture and this portrait is one for the history books. Can you name all of the actors?

The lovely beauty Halle Berry celebrated her 44Th birthday on Saturday August 44Th. She's still just as radiant, and I still hope that one day my number will come up:)

Julia Roberts film 'Eat,Pray Love' was a very nice surprise it turned out to be a very well told story, and brought Elizabeth Gilberts memoir to life. Roberts effortlessly fit into the movie with ease, and the camera still loves her. The film came in @ #2 raking in over 23million dollars, not bad for a film that wasn't promoted heavily and with a 40something year old actress who is having the last laugh, because American crowds still loves the 'pretty woman'. I happy to have been proven wrong with my temporary doubts about Roberts choice in taking on 'Eat Pray Love'.

Happy Birthday to Madonna she turns 52 today.

The truth finally comes out about why Janet Jackson broke things off with little frog man Jermaine Dupri, little mister insecure got a stripper pregnant while dating Jackson, now it all makes sense...a while back Jackson said that boys are dirty, which is how she addressed the breakup then.

Hip Hop queen Mary J. Blige and her husband Kendu are drinking are drinking again, which can't be good since the couple did meet @ rehab. Could be this turn out like Whitney and Bobby? Ms. Blige be careful!!

Rapper big mouth Kanye West did an intimate concert last week, and guest who was his accompanist? Well I wont make you guess, it was singer John Legend. Hmmm!! Speaking of Mr. West he has anew song called "See Me Now" featuring Beyonce'(who says the N' word on the song) and the legendary Charlie Wilson.

The World Basketball Festival was this past weekend, and some of EVERYBODY was in the house. Here's a classic picture of two greats. This is one for the family photo album. Mogul Jay-Z and in my opinion the greatest Basketball player ever the one and only Michael Jordan.

Train wreck druggie Lindsay Lohan is getting released from rehab this week, ONLY IN AMERICA!!! Now when this little starlet ends up Overdosing. What will be said then? I'm just smh over this sh*t!

A bunch of over the hill tough guys had the #1 movie @ the Box Office this weekend, Sly Stallone's film The Expendables pulled in over 35 million dollars. Congrats old guns!

SMOKE SCREEN, the new publicity stunt has r&b singer Trey Songz dating Ciara(CeCe) which is nothing but a good marketing tool. Songz is trying to do too much. CeCe is too much woman for that --man! I'm Just Saying...
Congratulations to singer/actress Hilary Duff who tied the Knot this weekend.

Jazz Singer and Actress... Abbey Lincoln passed away Saturday at the age of 80. Lincoln never fully recovered from Open Heart surgery back in 2007. She was a fine singer and actress, if you get a chance you should rent "For The Love of Ivy" she and Sidney Poitier played lovers.

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Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone,
The eyes do not lie, piecing to the soul, they see everything. Parents teach what's honest, and righteous. When someone can look you in the eyes that is oneness, the trust is automatically established, and right away you are put at ease, and a certain comfort is provided. If you want to know what deceit looks like, it's within the person who is afraid of eye contact, its someone who doesn't know how to be honest, it's that person who is afraid of the truth, and one who hasn't confronted their being.

Walking through life with rose colored glasses is one thing because that's another sort of innocence and naivety, which gets a pass, but it's the person who cannot take those dark glasses off, that's the very person to always be on guard with, popular culture in the last 10-15 years has glamorized the illusion of wearing the shades thing, but it has gotten out of hand, no matter how popular it is, shades are a mask to cover up. What are your afraid of and what you're trying to hide we've already seen. Fear should be used as adrenaline and powered into your consciousness.

Following by example is not ground breaking, the acknowledgement and credit goes to anyone who pays attention, its admirable but nothing special. The retention is when you start to break down the matter at hand, when you're willing to go deep within and present the dirty not so proud moments without it being covert, be proud of the discovery and wonderment that you've tapped into, It gives meaning and purpose to your life. Rainbows come in many shades and the eye that isn't afraid to look without a curtain is a naked eye, it's the eyes that makes a soul glisten, it's pure and sometimes weary, but not weathered.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Command Performance

Shalamar was one of my all time favorite groups, beauty, talent, fashion and trendsetters that is what this group brought to the entertainment Industry. I love this performance very energetic and the song "Night To Remember" holds so many wonderful memories for a lot of people. Also notice the background singer is Watley's good friend Jermaine Stewart(RIP). Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniels and Howard Hewitt parted ways long time ago, but for the five years that they were together as a group, what beautiful music we're left with. This performance warms my heart and takes me back to a happy time in my life. Enjoy!

I'm Just Saying...

Hey it's my blog:) I can bring them back together as a couple for one moment in time right? I'm showing them as a couple, though they are no longer. Halle rocks it hard in the new issue of Vogue Magazine September issue which is the most prestigious cover, it's fashion biggest month, and Ms. Berry is looking hot to death, and she talks about the break up and where she is in her life just got to love her, and I adore her!

Academy Award Winner Halle Berry let Gabriel Aubry one go, so I guess he's up for grabs, but I think Berry should revisit this situation....I'm Just Saying...

Rapper D.J. Quik is not doing well, so let's keep him in our prayers. Can't nobody rock a beat like Quik.

Academy Award Actress Julia Roberts' new 'Eat,Pray,Love' movie isn't getting the best reviews, those who saw it said that it's very lackluster, I was speaking a couple weeks back about this movie and what the public expects from Roberts, she's not at the age where she can take her star power for granted. Let's hope that the naysayers are wrong, because I love Julia Roberts.

Actor Kelsey Grammar and girlfriend Kayte Walsh are expecting, it's Grammar's fifth child, and his girlfriend could very 'be' his child. LOL most people don't know that Grammar is responsible for bringing "Girlfriends" and "The Game" on the air, which were two incredible shows with great writing, so he'll always gets points with me for that.

Fantasia and George Michael two collision courses waiting to happen, Tasia was released from the hospital today for an aspirin overdose, hey Tasia, what about your little daughter, that should be your focus not the pee pee(real talk) so get your act together. Michaels on the other hand was up to his usual antics drinking, boozing and chasing after you know what, he got arrested AGAIN!! Could both of this cases be screams for help or ATTENTION!!

NBA veteran Earl Watson filed for divorce from his wife Jennifer Freeman — claiming the “My Wife and Kids” actress attacked him in a late night rage … and savagely bit him on the chest until he bled. Watson become suspicious when his wifey received a late night phone text, he grabbed her phone then ole girl went got a sneaky chick homie:(

Superhead on "Life After" gave poor excuses for giving 'brain', she spent the entire 30 minutes trying to play the 'poor me' victim, my mother never loved me. Well if all the girls and boys in the world who has experience issues with their mother's guess their would be a lot of rocket scientists right? LOL lady get over yourself.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

I can't get enough of Katy Perry, though her taste in men sucks, but the music is silly, bubblegum campy and it's fun, so in a bad economy, I say bring it on Ms. Perry, can't wait to hear her new CD.

A.I. winner Fantasia, needs some damage controlled she is spiraling. Yesterday she was rushed to the hospital for an overdose of sleep aid and aspirin, here's the word.... The rep just released a statement saying Fantasia ingested the medication after feeling "overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention" surrounding her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Antwaun Cook .

Is Perez 'Piglet' Hilton related to Susan Boyle? Can't you see the resemblance? He's such a hater, he never has love and loyalty to anyone except Lady Gaga, and deep down inside I'm certain that he's racist..and jaded and bitter and ... LOL well you feel what I'm saying.

J.Lo had to many diva demands, and now she's out of the running to be a judge on A.I. La La Lopez needs to chill, he career is tanking, being a judge on A.I. would've have given her great visibility. Oh well, I guess it's back to making a remix to "Jenny on the Block" exactly....good luck:)

Singer Alanis Morrisette is preggers, and she wants the entire world to know. Can you believe she sold over 18 million copies of her debut CD? It's the best money Madonna ever made, because Morrisette was on the Maverick record label that Madonna owns.

In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing You

Friendship is about choice it's about chemistry, it's a free flowing conversation, it's when you when you let your guard down, and don't mind being naked in your vulnerabilities. I had such a friend in Amelia(Ame)Lynn Williams. One year ago, she passed away, and my life hasn't been the same. It's hard to believe that it's been a year already, what's even more shocking, is that I've seen her very recently, and each time when we get together now, it's as if no time has passed, and for some odd reason, the question on why she went away never comes up. I know that through all the triumphs and downfalls, she will continue to see me through. Though now full on angel, she was that in my life on a day to day, I find comfort in knowing that she's over my shoulders guiding me in the right direction, and pointing her fingers at me when I get out of line or when I'm heading in the wrong direction:)
Thanks Ame for teaching me about life, and the bigger picture, which is pure human decency. I love you and I will forever miss you!

I'm Just Saying...

Avril Lavigne’s Forbidden Rose fragrance which will make its debut at Kohl’s and be priced around $39 dollars. When she first came on the scene, she was a skater chick and very grudge looking....she looked like she could benefit from deodorant AND perfume...glad to see that she stepped up her game.

Uh-Oh Bow Wow signs on to the next Tyler Perry Madea's Happy Family. Kinda sounds suspect. Bow Wow, make sure you watch the Tyler Perry episode on the Boondocks....CLASSIC!

My baby Ciara says that she wants to be ICON when it's all sad and done....which I think is doable, because the girl is beautiful and her career is heading more in the modeling/acting arena....not music.

Cat fight actress Mia Farrow has contradicted Naomi Campbell blood diamond statement, Campbell said that she was not aware, but Farrow says that you did. Hmmm question, if you both accepted the gift, who is in the wrong, the giver or the receiver? I'm Just Saying...

Katie Holmes married actor Tom Cruise in a trade so to speak, she allegedly was his 'cover up' and his replacement of actress Nicole Kidman, Tom was very smart about his business, his pre-nup to Kidman stated that she would be entitled to half of his fortune if they were married over ten years, Cruise divorced her at the 9 1/2 year mark, Kidman still won, because she has a fledgling movie career AND and Academy Award. His first wifey actress Mimi Rogers admitted that she and Tom didn't have sex that often, alluding to what we already know, the icing on the cake was his spectacle on Oprah's couch. So back to my question, Katie your career hasn't advanced, so is it worth the charade?

In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
Hey Momma O',Dave Letterman, Ellen, Monique and the rest....

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Happy 47Th Birthday to my favorite singer Whitney Houston. I fell in love with "You give good love" and Ive been on board every since, through the thick and thicker!

Oh lawd what us gon do? A.I. winner/singer Fantasia may have a sex tape with her and married man. Laurence Fishburne's daughter can't seem to keep legs and her mouth closed. Both cases has me smh. Ladies can you get it together, and Tasia I'm really disappointed with you, this situation has gotten 'very' messy.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's film 'The Other Guys' finished #1 @ the Box Office this weekend raking in an impressive 36 million dollar opener, followed by Leonard DiCaprio's Inception.

Rapper Drake was seen this past weekend with Rihanna again....hmm and that's 'all' I'm all I'm going to say.

Singer Robbie Williams and actress Ayda Field are married! The couple exchanged vows in front of 75 of their closest family members and friends at their Beverly Hills home on Saturday.

Lately everyone in Hip Hop is trying to make Jay-Z, Beyonce', Kanye, Drake Rihanna and others are part of this 'new found' urban legend called the Masonic Illuminati ... snap out of it people It's NOT REAL!!! UGH

In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
Hey Momma O',Dave Letterman, Ellen, Monique and the rest....

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello and Happy Friday,
Isn't it interesting how the application to life applies as such "You can not acquire something without giving something of equal or greater value." The bible speaks on what our creator gave up so that we might live and have a better life, and even though it was the most unselfish act, people since the beginning of time has always pushed the boundaries, everlasting life was taken away from us, because two selfish individuals wanted to have things their way and for that the rest of us had to suffer.

Things to consider in your life's order, walking alone is by choice, our personality traits are due to how we're raised/taught mixed with what we've experienced. Judgment comes in the form of the company that you keep, it's not brain surgery when someone grows up to be abusive, or to be deceitful, those traits came from somewhere. The flip side speaks greater to those things that we are drawn and attracted to, it's about alchemy, without that a relationship could not exist, getting the best from any situation lies with the application.

The world moves further and further apart from what's important because we've gotten away from embracing tradition, rules are put into place for a reason, living life is about governing ourselves, you must maintain a certain standard, if you can teach that belief in your household, united by the world teaching a similar belief, that adds to the alchemy of the world. Hatred is old hat, and doesn't have to be the moniker to the generations that follow. We must continue to seek truth and understanding, until that happens our work is far from done, and the chaos of the world will never cease. If you do your duty, it can be written that we collectively agreed to walk together.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Command Performance

Mariah Carey honoring a true legend, the one and only Stevie Wonder. The words in this song, holds true about a pure love, and it speaks to what classic songwriting is all about.

I'm Just Saying...

Kanye West is fully back and ready for battle. Here's a picture of him on the set of his video "Power".

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin fell in her bathtub and broke her ribs. I'm wishing her a speedy recovery. Ree Ree you gots to be more careful.

My girl Julia Roberts movie Eat, Pray, Love opens August 13th, I've seen the trailer, and our 'pretty' girl looks haggard and old, it's one of those cases in Hollywood, where you get married have kids, and your priorities shift. Julia is in her 40's now, I hope that she realizes that another starlet is waiting in the wings to take her place, so every movie that she appears in now, should be a role in which she gives the public what it wants to see, and that's her being 'pretty','silly' AND rocking her famous 'red' curly locks. That's just my take on things, but I'm right about a lot of things. LOL

After 30's on Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart will end her run after 30 years. I say it's about time. Hey Mary thanks for doing 'real' journalism back in the day, the show has not gone to pots.

Shaquill O'Neal signed a two year contract with the Boston Celtics, I think I see another championship ring in his future, however I was hoping that he would've signed back on with the Miami Heat, but I'm cool with him being a Celtic.

Singer Katy Perry appears topless in the new issue of Rolling Stone, it's some of the best money that I've spent. LOL

It's OFFICIAL Fugee's rapper/producer Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti, and I all I have to say is that If I were a Haitian resident, I would be getting on the first boat out, girls and woman aren't safe, he's going to try to mash everything that he can. Hey I'm Just did listen to Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation" CD it was all about their relationship, MIND you he was married then too.

Chris 'Breezy' Brown is back in the studios working on his new CD? I'm wonder if it's too soon? I think he does deserve full forgiveness. This last year has been harsh on my boy.

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is the new judge on A.I. and has pissed his band members off, of course Perry could give a Eff, at this point in his life being a judge on A.I. makes the old geezer relevant again.

In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
Hey Momma O',Dave Letterman, Ellen, Monique and the rest....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Happy Birthday President Obama, I can't imagine walking in your shoes, but I do respect the shoes that you walk in. Life will continually throw curve balls, but it's how you swing and handle the pressure at bat. I STILL believe in you, and I think you're standing strong through a horrific ordeal...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I"m Just Saying...

Dr. Dre and Eminem grace the 15th Anniversary issue of Vibe magazine, Em's "Recover" CD was very well received having sold over a million copies since it's release, and it still sitting @ #1 on Billboard Top 200 chart for the fifth consecutive week. I gotta admit this pairing is a match made in heaven, and I'm especially happy that Dr. Dre is REAPING the benefits. Dre get your money.

So if you're Laurence Fishburne, I bet you're not such a happy camper right about now, today his 18 year old daughter release her x-rated sex tape, and I guess she's showing what her mother taught her. Fishburne must be an awful father, for this daughter to go to these drastic measures, I"m like damn, do you need money that bad! I'm still smh on this one.

Singer Faith Evans have been MIA of late, but fret not she returns with her new CD "Something About Faith" drops on October 5/2010. Let's hope that it was worth the wait. Now y'all remember she was Mrs Biggie Smalls, so regardless of CD or not, the girl got paper.

Singer wannabe lover boy Trey Songz is about to drop his new CD entitled "Passion, Pain and Pleasure" well I can't understand the pain part which is trying to get through his entire CD (which drops in September) the boy is not a singer, but I will admit, he's a good marketing tool, so got luck youngster.

Rapper Nelly was seen with lip sync queen Ashanti past weekend in the ATL at rapper T.I.'s wedding. I thought these two broke up last year, guess he gets a double back coupon. Whatever works, both could use a hit right about now.

Footballs All American boy...Brett Favre has reportedly told the Minnesota Vikings he will not play in 2010, and instead will retire after 19 seasons in the NFL. I say it's time, for his old ass to kick rocks...see ya, and thanks for the memories.

Lady GaGa nabbed 13 MTV VMA nominations, so I guess that means that not only is she going to win some, but expect an over the top performance borrowed from the likes of Cher, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Jody Watley, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Barbara Streisand, at least the girl knows who to copy.

Jada Pinkett Smith, enough already with the plastic surgery/botox whatever it is, you're doing too much, and it's starting to make you look like a hard little troll, and I love you boo, so age gracefully, everything else about you is flawless! You see how Vivica A. Fox turned out, and we all know that's NOT a good look.

I'm Just Saying..In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
Hey Momma O',Dave Letterman, Ellen, Monique and the rest....

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Latin actress and rehab queen Eva Mendes has a sex tape and it's suppose to hit the Internet tomorrow, I know it's going to be hot and juicy, you haven't had sex until you've laid down witn a latin, the word "NO" isn't a part of their vocabulary, hey I'm Just Saying, I've always been thoroughly satisfied, when I've crossed those waters.

Love was in the air this past weekend,a politicians daughter Chelsea Clinton married her longtime lover, and two of the Music biggest heavyweights got married, one for love and the other well, I'll say for the benefits, you try to put the two and two together:) singer/Grammy award winner Alicia Keys married Producer Swizz Beatz in France, and the other in the dirty south rapper/Grammy award winner T.I. married his Tiny a former member of the group Xscape.

The View on ABC scored it's highest ratings EVER with President Obama's appearance last Thursday. A lot of folks including Sarah Palin criticized The President for dropping by the talk show. Well Palin and the rest can go to hell, you can't please everyone right? Lets see how the 2012 election plays out.

A.I. still can't get the judging part right for the show, Paula Abdul as a judge for singing talent NO, Ellen DeGeneres a judge of singing talent NO, thankfully DeGeneres resigned after only one season, her replacement is Jennifer Lopez, who again judging singing talent is a NOT and a HELL NO!! How about Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Celion Dion, Renee Olstead, Jessica Simpson,Rahsaan Patterson, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Jazmin Sullivan, Johnny Gill or Monica, people who can actually SING!! and I want Randy Jackson to get ghost too, well the show needs to be cancelled, c'mon I'm Just's crap!!

Leonardo DiCaprio is kicking ass @ the Box Office as his "Inception" retains the #1 position for the third week in a row, adding 26 million to it's tally.

Ditzy Lindsay Lohan survived another weekend in the slammer, and has been RELEASED from jail to UCLA Medical Center for treatment, let's see what tricks she has up her sleeve this week. I'm SMH

The KKK sister's who whore for attention, one is having IRS problems which means that she actually made her own money before her gold digging days started by marrying Odom, on the other hand you have the more popular one, who continues to become a plastic doll, fake cakes, fake lips, fake cheeks, UGH, and then there's the youngest, who just basically screws for attention. I say to hell with those girls, I don't get it.

Actor Rob Lowe has a new Television gig, he will become a regular cast member on NBC's "Parks and Recreation". I've tried to give that show a chance, but watching paint dry would be more interesting, maybe with Lowe joining the cast he might bring something worthy to the show.

Singer Ne-Yo keeps screaming to all media that he's not gay, hmmm well tell that to you ex. Same things goes for singer Jaheim shoving your tongue down your boys throat in your limo is not a good look, especially after slapping him a few hours before hmmmm, guess you got to do what you gotta do. Why can't they be like Ellen, Tracy Chapman, Anderson Cooper,Clay Aikens, Jodie Foster, Ricky Martin, oh yeah I remember why, because if they did, it's career suicide, with the exception of Ellen, it's not they way to go, so I guess keeping it on the DL might not be such a bad idea, I'm sure that's the advice they are getting from their accountants.

Lately Angelina Jolie has started to look haggard and appears to be losing her sex appeal, her recent film "Salt" though I really enjoyed it, she's not having much success at the box office. Could this be the turning point of her popularity? I'm keeping an eye on her, I can't put my finger on it, but something is going on there.

Some strange rumblings is happening over at the Los Angeles Lakers camp too, Kobe, Derek Fisher, I'll report more as I have more concrete evidence between the management and their key players.

In Truth no memory is required, with a Lie, the story changes constantly(me)
Hey Momma O',Dave Letterman, Ellen, Monique and the rest....