Saturday, May 30, 2009

When I feel the Need To Shake My ASS!!

I'm a lover of David Harness mixes, he loves vocals and so do I....and he provided a great arena for us to shake our asses Sunday afternoon's at the End Up San Francisco. David I'm Forever a Fan of yours. Thanks for always making it a worthwhile trip across the bay bridge. God Bless You

Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy Friday Everyone,
I made it past Memorial Day weekend, that's always a tough holiday for me, for obvious reasons, I'm always numb around that time of year. When time is kind, it can be a healer, as I grow. I'm able to rebound much quicker from the gloom. Sad times will always play a part of life's vision, as we deal with the ebb and flow.

This week, I've noticed a old issue in the world, yet it's very clear and present day. Addiction is a dark cloud, that few like to address, yet we must. When something becomes larger than you, and you lose control, When you feel the need to escape to cope with a certain situation because it's easier not to face it head on, and address it.

Some go dark and retreat, and want nothing but solace, some react and become someone that you've never known. We talk how easy life can be when you're at your best. Realistically, why wouldn't it be? Show me someone who deals with adversity, and illustrates compassion, humanity and character, that's the person that I want to know. Show me someone who flows forward when things are good, and falls apart when the rainbow isn't enough, is the person that I would opt not to be a part of my world.

Addiction be it, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, etc.., Therapists would say it's a form of weakness, and low self esteem. I tend to disagree, it might be a chemical imbalance, something that could possibly be inherited. My grandfather battled alcohol addiction and died of pancreatic cancer, yet I'm not really a big drinker, but say maybe I love sex or gambling too much, which is another form of 'addiction'. Society is kinder to the drug and alcohol addiction, but less kind to someone who battles food/obesity, sex of gambling addictions.

First foot forward is to admit to yourself your addiction, whatever it may be. Having a strong support unit is a must, unfortunately everyone wont have support. Of course some people don't feel that they have a problem. Ironically people with addictions are the most judgmental, which has often perplexed me. Shouldn't the person battling the addiction, be more understanding of other's who fall short? I admire anyone who can say 'I have a problem/issue' and I need help.

I learned long time ago to take the word 'never' out of my vocabulary. If you're lucky to live long enough, you will remove that word from your library. With addiction you still have a group that will try to condemn and belittle. You know the group who just cant understand, how it happened to their brother, sister, lover, friend, wife, husband, etc..,

Without judgment let's support any wounded birds, who may have lost their way home, or fallen off course. Truth be told, we've all dealt with something. The recovery, and things discovered along the path, which leads you back to normalcy it can be very cathartic. Who knows what you might discover, or who might be empowered, because of your journey home. Celebrate your circle of life, and those who have impacted it for the good and bad.

What are you doing with your life?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Command Performance

Janis Ian's At Seventeen, ode to the day of the ugly ducking, or the perceived ugly duckling. We've all gone through awkward moments. This was one of my mother's favorites songs. As I child I don't know if I ever truly appreciate the sentiment of this song. Today as a man, I've seen some great days, some good days, and some just average days. I've been the good guy, but I've also been the bad guy, MUCH more than the good.
This classic performance, while is has no glam or glitter. It still manages to touch a place in all of us, because it's a very real subject matter. No matter how successful you may be, someone can always bring you down a peg or two. So for all the insecurities that we might have felt, at one time or another, whether we care to admit to them or not. Janis Ian I applaud you for saying, what most of us thought or felt At Seventeen.....ish.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Music Release Tuesday...

Bury Your Dead - Its Nothing Personal
Gary Burton - Quartet Live
Crash Kings - Crash Kings
Electrik Red - How To Be A Lady, Volume 1
Diana Krall - Live In Rio
Lil Flip & Gudda Gudda - Certified
LMFAO - Saints of Los Angeles
Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low
Julian Marley - Awake
Mandy Moore - Amanda Leigh
Motley Crue
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Michelle Shocked - Soul of my Soul
DJ Rise - Dirty House Sessions
Scratch - Loss 4 Wordz
Tiye Phoenix - Half Woman, Half Amazin'
Kanye West Presents...Malik Yusef - G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night
Zap Mama - Recreation

Monday, May 25, 2009


Vanessa Williams was the first black Ms. America in 1984. Everyone knows about her Penthouse scandal. Long short, when you think of all the things that this lovely woman has achieved. The negative pales in comparison, all that she has achieved thus far. Sometimes when a door is shut, it makes you fight harder to get to the next 'door' of your life. It truly speaks to, and shows one's true character. Ironically a dark moment, where the Ms. America vehicle wanted to slander her name. Years later, they wanted to do is showcase her name, the pageant's committee, had they audacity to ask her to participate in Ms. America promotions.

One of the great things about Vanessa Williams, is that she never looked back. A successful recording artist, a stage and screen actress, a mother. She has managed to stay present for over twenty-five years. Currently starring in the weekly hit series 'Ugly Betty' as Wilhelmina Slater, a first class b*tch, she pulls it off with ease. While on summer hiatus the ICONIC Vanessa Williams will release her 6Th studio CD entitled 'The Real Thing' on June 2-2009.

A ICON is someone who consistently raises the bar, exceeding expectations,and paves the way, while setting an example for others to follow. Being at the top of your game is NEVER easy, but with style, class and dignity it's your assured security blanket, that keeps your warm through the peaks and valleys. Longevity is earned and not given.

Thank You Ms. Vanessa Williams, for walking with your head held high, and for saying yes I did that too, but it didn't define me, look what else I was able to achieve, and I'm STILL here dammit!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shaky Ground/TGIF

Happy Friday Everyone....

This week the earth shook,moved,cracked, and gave a entirely different meaning to Carole King's classic 'Tapestry'. The earth quake happened on several occasions. For us California residents, normally this isn't something we give much attention. With three in one week, and after shocks, Makes you start to take notice.

Lately we've experience the swine flu scare. No one really knows where it came from, so the blame has been put on Mexico. Who really knows. Seems that most are on the path to do better, and get their lives in order. You must have a goal to focus on, hanging out day to day with no direction, can only lead to trouble and stagnation.

Old habits are hard to break, yet you can change any pattern in 21 days. Most are afraid to try new things alone, so it's much easier to try new things with friends, family or a spouse or lover. Why is it easier for us to get motivated to exercise when the weather gets warm, when it's easier to really focus and do it the right way, in the winter, which would give you a good full six months to slim down and shape up. Most of us find ourselves cuddling in the winter and carrying a few extra pounds, with the comfort of knowing the we can put off exercising, because summer is months away.

So here were are, we've had a few earthquakes this week. We've experienced the swine flu scare. Gas is starting to make it's price increase(again). We're all fearful of unemployment. The recession is in full effect. How long can we stand 'in' and continue to be encouraged? So a little thing like 21 days to put something 'new' into effect, seems like the lessor of evils. Remember time is never patient, as it continues to keep moving, just like the earth moves, we get four seasons....

What are you doing with your life?

P.S. I'm sad to announce that 'The Game' has been canceled by the CW network, after a strong three year run. To my fellow writers, artists, continue to press's not always easy. Good work isn't always rewarded.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Command Performance

Diana Ross is a phenom. Everyone has an opinion on her. I formally believe that the race is not won by the swifest.... She was lead singer of one of the biggest girl groups of all time, The Supremes. She filmed a classic spell binding performance as Billie Holiday in 'Lady Sings The Blues'. Ironically she's never won a Grammy(very odd). It's hard to believe that she's not had a hit since 1984's 'Missing You' her tribute to Marvin Gaye. When you think of entertainment, few can compare to Diana Ross and her legacy. Always a class act. Some will criticize her, but you can't take away her professionalism, staying power and her love for her children. She's paved the way for Natalie Cole, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Beyonce', Rihanna and many more. The owner of 12 number one hits.
This classic performance of Ms. Ross illustrates, who she is, and how much she loves her audience, and how much she enjoys what she's doing. Never afraid of her fans, she always mingles in with her crowd, and she does it with ease. Diana Ross IS the real thing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whats her talent, and why do we care?

Oops!!! Britney Spears what did you do again? I'm still trying to figure out what your act is all about. Don't get me wrong. She is nice enough, but when did Entertainment give you a pass for being 'nice'. Some ten years later, a few nervous breakdowns, a couple of kids, and the 'HI YALL' girl is at it again ,but this time she's doing it LIVE in concert, Lip syncing that is, and dancing off beat. Again, America gives a pass to blonde's who have hallow insides, and no substance. After a turbulent year, MTV(because they're so credible) gave her three video awards, over Chris Brown, over Usher, overPink, over T.I. over Lil Wayne, over Kanye West....well you get it. Britney, I'm still asking many questions, but The easiest and most profound one is WHY?????????

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Music Release Tuesday....

Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin
Busta Rhymes - Back on My B.S.
Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits II
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - Live From Madison Square Garden
Dane Cook
Drama - Gangsta Grillz Pt. 2
Eminem - Relapse
Fat Joe - The Elephant in the Room
Terror Squad
Matt Kearney - city of Black and White
Lenny Kravitz
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Method Man / Redman - BLACKOUT II
John Rich - Son Of A Preacher Man
Lionel Richie - Just Go
Jill Scott - The Number One Detective Ladies Agency
Settle - At Home We Are Tourists
Ruben Studdard - Love Is
Kate Voegele
- A Fine Mess

Friday, May 15, 2009


Happy Friday Everyone,
I'm heading home to the bay today. Time to see family and friends. Trying to take time to enjoy the moment, and celebrate the now. All the mistakes made, are lessons in which have gotten us to this point. Many trials, errors and of course tribulations. Driving will allow me time to visit new thoughts, and revisit some old ones. A little bit of this, some of that, and before you know I'll be looking into the faces of my family and friends.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about being in love again. Wondering what will that entail. At this point, in my life, I often wonder, will I have the application to apply myself. Will it be worth it. My energy level is much different now. Yesterdays slights, can no longer linger, well I wouldn't allow them to. Still the heart always wants what the hell it wants, doesn't it? And lately this bleeding heart, realizes that it's still in love and probably always will be.

I can still recall the day, I broke some one's heart, and to be honest, at the time I really didn't care. It was all about me, Selfish little me. When did I become such a cold calculating person. If you live you life long enough, you'll soon learn, the door swings both wings, and the return heartbreak, cuts you to the core. You become accustomed to a lovely word called 'karma'.

What would I do differently? Could it be different? Can you leave fear behind as you engage in something new? Are you strong enough to stand up and say I NEED this, or I NEED that!! or do you find yourself into another 'familiar' situation that led to your original disenchantment? Are you vocal with your friends with the crap hits? Often times, friends are always so quick to say what they would or would not do. We've all been there before. That same friend who appears to be the pillar of strength, has vulnerabilities too. Human emotions, gets you human reactions.

A heart will break, a heart can heal, but does it ever mend completely. Residue is a dirty word, but we're all guilty of carrying it, only thing now is that, the word has changed to 'baggage'..

At the end of the day, I'm still in love. The stubborn hard head man in me, feels like hmm. I can even make this work. I want to have a longevity relationship. My peer group seem to have few successes along those lines. Have we all started to look at relationships differently? What is our approach? Maybe we're too set in our ways. That can be a hard situation to deal with, but it's something that must be addressed. At the very least, be honest and true to yourself.

Painting perfect pictures, is the aftermath that so few can own. Some sneak back into a similar situation, then go underground :) like they are too embarrassed to be human. If someone were to cheat on you, did that mean they weren't in love with you, or didn't care about you? Well did it? In a marriage when a spouse passes, are we to stay single forever? Loving feelings shared between two people should be rewarded. Wouldn't your spouse want for your happiness? Hey just some things to think about..and that's what I will be pondering on my trek to San Francisco.....don't be surpise if I end up in Dallas. I never was good at geography :)

What are you doing with your life?

P.S.S. The Game airs tonight on the CW. Check your local listings for scheduling.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Command Performance

She along with Rahsaan Patterson, D'Angelo and Maxwell, introduced the world to a little called 'Neo Soul'. That genre later paved the way for Eric Benet', Musiq Soulchild, India Arie, Bilal, N'Dambi and Chico Debarge just to name a few. Erykah Badu took a 'ordinary' rag and made it extraordinary. Her live performances are always a visual extravaganza. In this subtle performance, she speaks to a love that cannot work 'this' time, but perhaps in the next 'lifetime' when both parties might be free. Her delivery takes you on trips, to uncharted territories. The music is always engaging, and she has set the tone for what's 'next'. Whatever the next chapter of Ms. Badu's story, you can best believe it will be just as engaging, as the first ten years.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whats her talent, and why do we care?

Kelly Osbourne, okay I don't get it. Ozzy Osbourne's that her claim to fame? The Osbourne's reality show...hmmm why? Oh and she's a singer?....Really are you kidding me right now? America let's WAKE UP!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Music Release Tuesday.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
Cam'ron - Crime Pays
The Crystal Method - Divided By Night
Utada - This Is The One
Steve Earle - Townes
Better Than Ezra - Paper Empire
Paul Wall - Fast Life
Soundtrack - Angels & Demons
Meat Puppets - Sewn Together
The Church - Untitled #23

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Still a Fan of Chris Brown...

They build you up to tar you down. It's happened to Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby, Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson, Eddie Murphy and now it's Chris Brown. Less than six months ago, he had America eating out of his hands. One bad moment and a poor judgment call, and all of sudden Chris Brown is the anti-Christ. This is a time for Chris to sit down and reconsider this industry, and his position. To find out who your 'real' family and friends are. Real folks who are in your corner, will stand beside you right, and call you out, when you are wrong. You can correct the wrongs, and learn from your mistakes. Public figures, are held to different requirements, oddly enough, I think it's a double edge sword. You want fame, well fame comes at a hefty price...the fallout, the aftermath, the hotel lobby, the after's all a smoke screen!! When the lights go down, who really loves you? Who really cares? Questions...yes?

Ultimately this fiasco was a young love affair that probably should not have happened. Two insecure kids, living their life under a microscope and getting caught up in their 'own' hype. This thing called 'fame' will give you your fifteen minutes, but what you do with the rest of your life, is the true testament of your core character. Chris star had all the makings of long term longevity, he has the 'it' factor in him. Gene Kelly, had it, Judy Garland had it, James Brown had it, Elvis had it, and Michael Jackson damn sure had it... and Chris Brown 'STILL' has it.
Take your time heal yourself, forgive yourself, rehabilitate yourself to be stronger, wiser and apologize for your mistakes with a sincere genuine heart, and get back on your grind and reclaim your career!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day/TGIF

Thank God It's Friday,

It's Mother's Day weekend....
A mother's love is very special. Some have great relationships, some have strained relationships. Not everyday is easy. Parents have peers too. Some tend to forget that fact. There is no manual to parenting, most learn along the way.

A mother will nurture, and most times will always understand, the good, support you through the wrongs, and will almost all the time go to bat for you. The first woman that I ever said I love you to, was my mother. The way I react to women is because of my mother. A mother is intelligent, strong, tender,unconditional, loving, caring, fearless and has a job that never ends.

This weekend, for the strained relationships, please put a call in, or a card in the mail. If forgiveness is order, whether you do it or not, please consider it. Put the conversation on the table. Again, some mother and child relationships are more severe and embattled than others. With that said, parents aren't always right either. Olive branches need to be extended on both fronts.

Not everyone can be a mother, some cases, people who play grown up games, don't always know how to handle grown up responsibilities. Unfortunately a lot of babies come into the world unwanted. Many would give anything to have the honor of being a mother. Often times the qualified, aren't always rewarded with children. Such a unfair state of affairs, but that's another conversation.

If you are a mother and things aren't right in your world, I challenge you to make the first step in the direction of healing, and address matters. It can begin with a simple I'm sorry' forgiveness is easier for some than others. A hug is something that can be given freely. If you are a child, the same approach applies to you as well. I don't expect all situations to have happy endings, but I do expect you consider my words.

My personal relationship with my mother wasn't always peaches and cream, by any means, I tested her a awful lot, we went through the normal growing pains. As a child I didn't always understand the security provided. We learned to communicate, and really listen to one another, at the end of the day, I always felt loved.

A mother's love...never dies, it's yesterday, today and forevermore. To all the Mother's of the world, past and present. I SALUTE you.
Happy Mother's Day.

What are you doing with your life?

God bless us all,

P.S.S. *In the spirit of Mother's Day*, a must read is 'Promises I Made My Mother" by Sam Haskell
Tune in to The Game tonight on the CW network. Check your local listings for air times.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Command Performance

You can't argue that the girl works hard. As the front member of Destiny's Child, she was always out front. The fact remains, hard work has it rewards. I've hated on her for not sharing the spotlight, but at the end of the day, someone has to lead. In this performance she debut her then single 'De Ja Vu' LIVE, and made you instantly fall in love with the song. She was truly in her element on this performance. This is one of my all time favorite performances by her and it's how a award show should open, with splash, substance and glamour. Beyonce' achieved all three on this number. She proves that she has the goods to become a entertainment legend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's her talent, and why do we care?

Okay face it, the best thing that Victoria Beckham has going for her, is her husband soccer star sensation David Beckham. What is her claim to fame? She's british, not from America, yet we welcomed her, like she's royalty.
Oh before I forget she was a member of the Spice Girls, need I say more? I get sick and tired, of the non talents always getting the breaks. For instance, she's not beautiful, like Halle Berry, she's not talented like Cate Blanchett, her body can't compete with Angelina Jolie and she can't sing like Amy Winehouse. When her fifteen minutes are up,and I hope that it's soon, I'll be happy to see her GO!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maxwell Returns....

After a eight year hiatus, singer Maxwell returns with his first studio single 'Pretty Wings' with a full length CD entitled 'BLACK' to follow on July 7-2009. A world wide tour is scheduled for fall 2009.

New Music Release Tuesday.

Ciara - Fantasy Ride
Decyfer Down - End of Grey
Ben Harper - White Lies For Dark Times
Iglu & Hartley - And Then Boom
Madina Lake - From Them, Through Us, To You
Katie Melua - Piece By Piece
Chrisette Michelle - Epiphany
N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds
Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valle - Outer South
Peaches - I Feel Cream
Pleasure P - The introduction of Marcus Cooper
Paul Potts - Passione
Star Trek (OST)
Elliot Yamin - Fight For Love
Yusuf - Road Singer

Monday, May 4, 2009

Black Love

Holly Robinson-Peete and Rodney Peete are celebrating fourteen years of marital bliss. Two high profile people who understand the pressures of being in the media. Holly grow up in show business, her father Matt Robinson, was the original Gordon on Sesame Street, she is celebrating over 25 years of being in show business, she's had four television series, 21 Jumpstreet, Hanging With Mr. Cooper, For Your Love, and Love Inc while Rodney Peete made his claim to fame as 11 year NFL veteran for the Washington Redskins. The couple have 4 children.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Conversation Piece/TGIF

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday. It's May Day.
A few things on my head that I don't understand. What makes Susan Boyle so special? I live in America, why do I have to press 1 for English?(That drives me f*cking batty)and lastly do were all look at the same moon? Just questions that has me perplexed.

This week I sit in with a hospice patient. Understanding loss is something we all will have to deal with sooner or later, and for the rare few who haven't...enjoy the moment. As I was speaking with Ms. Johnson who is 63. She talked about facing death, and how her doctor had given up on her. No more cycles of chemo or radiation treatments. Her spirit was very strong, she smiled a lot and we talked about simple luxuries, you know the kind that most of us take for granted.

I was reluctant to accept this volunteer gig because I felt it was too bleak, and I opted for something light and easy, then I took me out of the can't always be about self.

Ms Johnson expressed her dismay with her Doctor, whom she felt had disregarded her, like her opinion no longer mattered, Instead of sharing his diagnosis with her, he talked to her daughter, even though Ms. Johnson was in the room. I couldn't help but wonder, when and how did doctor's become so cold and unfeeling, or were they always like this? Some might feel that this is eerie conversation, but I often time take for granted the simple pleasures, as I'm sure we all do. Ms. Johnson worked for the FBI for thirty years, but these days she spoke of her proudest accomplishments like having enough strength to go play bingo, being able to walk three blocks to her mailbox, or strolling through the mail, things most of us would say, was no big deal, yet while sitting with Ms. Johnson, listening to her talk about those little things, really brought her joy. In turn spending time with her brought me joy beyond measure, and in a obstructive sort of way we became friends.

To look at her, one would never guess her situation. I'm a better man because of my visit with Ms. Johnson, who is staring the inevitable in the eye, with a full on appreciation of 'now'. She's in the moment, present, grateful and uncompromising. To be at peace while unselfishly comforting others. This has been a extremely surreal experience for me.

When I first walked into this strangers room, I had candy, flowers, books and magazines that I wanted to offer her, she chose two great books, 'Conversations with God' volume 1 and 2. Those two books were given to me. How befitting for this moment. As I was leaving Ms. Johnson's room, as we said our goodbyes, she hugged and thanked me for treating her like she mattered, she told me that she loved me, and the last thing she said to me, was that she was going to pray for me. How profound to pray for others and not concentrate on herself.

What are you doing with your life?

God bless us all,

P.S. Please support The Game Friday nights on the CW network. Check your local listings for air times.