Friday, June 27, 2014

Rest In Peace ...

Pioneer - Bobby Womack a true visionary, a rapper before 'Hip Hop', a singer's 'singer, with Pen in hand, he mastered the art of songwriting, and he was a visionary with production. May your soul Rest In Eternal Peace!!
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Riveting II/TGIF

Happy Friday everyone, ... Let's Talk about It!!

A story teller, and a Prophet both visionaries in their own right.  A master conversationalist, is one who can convey and captivate.   To share an exchange, is minds meeting, as a mutual appreciation is acknowledged.  No on gets there alone, at some point you're going to have to lean on somebody, at times your Faith will be tested, your walk will be challenged.  Surrendering all is a unique vulnerability.

We live to weave our canvas, we tell stories that are colorful, easier to hide the pain behind stain glass.  Mirror reflections of who we are and who we strive to be.  Cracks in the details, reveal there's work to do.   I was sent to share, a vision, maybe not for all, but if I am able be thought provoking, part of my destiny is realized.  We all want answers, all want to participate and all want acceptance.  Keep steady on whats real, the keen eye reveals, what is not, that single importance comes from the presence of GOD!  All loving, All knowing AND Always forgiving.  Simple for some, harder for others, Ive come to share this walk with you, by extending my hand, we're all living for the circle of one.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?


Kevin Knighton

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flashback Whose That ...

Tomorrow. Tell Me What You Want To Do, Alone With You, Goodbye, Can We Talk, Im Ready and Goodbye, all songs by the then uber hot Tevin Campbell.  He was ALL over the radio, the young Texas native had that 'it' factor.  Quincy Jones, Narada Michael Walden and Prince all handled production duties.  The world was introduced to Campbell in 1990 through Quincy Jones Grammy Award Winning 'Back On The Black' on the single 'Tomorrow'.  In 1991 came his debut cd entitled T.E.V.I.N. which contained four top singles, two  of them went to #1 (Tell Me What You Want Me To Do and Alone With You).  The project easily went platinum.  In 1993 he released his 'Im Ready' cd which was originally intended for Usher, but contract conflicts and timing prevented Usher from recording 'Im Ready' so his loss was Campell's gain, which resulted in a double-platinum album, containing two more #1 records, one being the summer anthem 'Can We Talk' and the title track 'Im Ready'.  After the successes of Tevin's first two projects he wanted to have a more creative control over his career, against the better judgement of his record label in 1996 he released 'Back To The World' which was a little startling, Campbell appeared on the cover wearing braid extensions, which went against his wholesome appearance that his fans had come to know him for.  The project failed to make any noise, that mixed in with some media drama about his personal life, added attention to the obvious change in Campbell.  His last project was released in 1999, flew under the radar.  These days Tevin Campbell is recording and touring.  His next tour date is in July at The Essence Festival in New Orleans. 

Tevin Campbell

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Remembering 'MJ' ...

Remembering - Michael Jackson the 'King Of Pop' whose untimely time of death, happened five years ago today. Gone but not forgotten, his legacy continues to live on. He changed the rules of the game. Paving the the way for Justin Timberlake, Usher, George Michael, Chris Brown, NeYo, Bobby Brown, Ginuwine and a slew  of others. His 'Thriller' project remains to be the Best-Selling Album of ALL time! Michael Jackson we remember you!!!
Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

Black IS Beautiful

Tennis Superstar Venus Williams showing her curves in the ESPN 'Body and Curves' issue.  The 34 year old is currenting playing in her 16th Wimbledon tournament, as a winner today, she heads into the third round.  
Venus Ebony Starr Williams

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Black Music Month ...

Black Music Month - Jackie Wilson known as 'Mr Entertainment' with electric dance moves and sex appeal. He was in the company of greats like Chuck Berry, James Brown, Little Richard, Elvis and Michael Jackson. His explosive temper on and off the stage, kept the ladies wanting and waiting their turn. He was in a league of his own, in the sixties, he was making about 263,000 a year, as compared to most males who we're making 5,000 a year. Ironically Wilson ended up broke and owing the IRS, who seized his Detroit home. In 1975 while performing his million seller 'Lonely Teardrop' Wilson suffered a Heart-Attack, he collapsed on stage, paramedics tried to stabilize him, but the lack of oxygen left him in a coma for nine years, until his death January 21-1984.

Jackie Wilson 

The new Ike and Tina?

After the infamous beat down in the elevator the seemingly 'perfect' couple has started to show cracks in what most thought to be the 'perfect' couple.  More questions arise about Jay Z's womanizing, verbal and physical abuse of wifey Beyonce'.  Knowles portrays through her music, the strength of a 'strong' woman, ruling the world.  Curious minds have asked, do you think that Beyonce' would stay in an abusive marriage of disrespect; if so why?  The couple starts their 'On a The Run' tour this week ( June25) ... But more questions arise 'on the run' from who?  So far the fans have reacted to Solange's Smackdown, in an obvious attempt to save her sister, it has reflected in Bey and Hova's slow ticket sales, they are not selling at the rate expected.  So again I ask, is their cracks in the 'perfect' couples marriage?  Both artists like the limelight, could they be jealous of each other's fame?   Would you stay in a marriage, for business reasons only, or do you break free before its too late? Hmmm

Halle Berry's EXTANT

Halle Berry at the premiere of her new series 'EXTANT' on CBS.  It makes its debut July 2.
Berry and hubby Olivier Martinez

Monday, June 23, 2014

Black Music Month

D'Angelo's 'How Does It Feel'
Was a sure game changer in soul music!

Wimbledon Gets Underway ..

We always see the ladies dressed in their attack gear!  This year I decided to show them to you in a softer side.  
#2 ranked Li Na cleans up well
#8 ranked Victoria Azarenka 
#17 ranked USA Sloan Stephens
Game ON ladies!!
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Kevin Knighton - 360

Kevin Knighton - 360

(Kanye's side piece, Destiny's Child
Justin Timberlake is single AGAIN
Jennifer Lopez cd flops, T.I. & Tiny
Frank Ocean & John Legend's love)
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Rest In Peace Casey Kasem

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wimbledon Starts Monday ...

Wimbledon starts this Monday. The ALL England Club is the Premiere event of the Tennis Season. Venus and Serena Williams will showcase their skillz along with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Victoria Azarenka, Sloane Stephens. Donald Young, Rafa, David Ferrer and Andy Murray who try to defend his Title. Good Luck everyone ... Im personally rooting for Venus and Roger, both are legends to the game AND true Royalty! GAME ON!!

Venus Williams tennis legend.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Think Like A Man Too ...

Opens today EVERYWHERE!!!
The ladies versus the fellas


Happy Friday everyone, ... Let's Talk about It!!

The beauty of a Sunrise is when you can look to Heaven, with appreciation of the world in which we live.  Creativity comes from the strangest of places and at the weirdest times.  I tend to be nocturnal, but the contradiction is that I really enjoy nighttime sleep.  Something about replenishing your body is a complete honor to our Heavenly Father's journey.  As I continue on my quest, Im very content with the 'cracks in mister perfect' me.  LoL  Im living to write and tell of my journey and my testimony.  Some days the stories are better than others, by the grace of God I'm still here in the race AND I'm competing.  Being a man of my word, can make my journey a lonely island, but quickly I realize that Im never alone, even at the times when Im lonely.

Sunrise is renewal, opportunity meeting the possibilities of the unknown.  In the bigger scheme of things, the wonderment lies in the imperfections.  Find you new motivations, resilience lies in your discovery.  People will come and go in your life, whats real never fails.   The luxury of life is when you are able to communicate with the Angel on your shoulders, protecting you from the wrong turns and false moves, we call it grace from our Most High.  Remember the sun rises and the sun sets, both equally a lovely vision.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?


Kevin Knighton

Thursday, June 19, 2014

He's Baaaaaaack!!

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Suddenly, Dave Chappelle, the great disappearing man of comedy, is everywhere.

One minute he's cracking jokes on late-night television with David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon, giving a quote to GQ and even making an appearance on the “Today” show. His welcome comeback has surely come at the expense of some mystique. Once you chat with Matt Lauer while holding a handmade sign plugging your new shows, your days as a reclusive rebel are over. That shift is reflected in his comedy.

His performance Wednesday night at Radio City Music Hall, the first of a much-ballyhooed nine-show engagement, seemed to make an effort to move past his exit from his hit show on Comedy Central. I saw him perform four times last year, but this was a more conventional, less introspective set. It was often hilarious — as you would expect from one of the greatest comedians of his generation — and a year of steady performing has tightened his jokes and fine tuned a polished act. Welcome back Dave Chappelle, comedy has missed you.
Welcome Back Mr. Chappelle

Rest In Peace

Horace Silver, a pianist, composer and bandleader who was one of the most popular and influential jazz musicians of the 1950s and ’60s, died on Wednesday at his home in New Rochelle, N.Y. He was 85.

His death was announced by Blue Note Records, the company for which he recorded from 1952 to 1979.

After a high-profile apprenticeship with some of the biggest names in jazz, Mr. Silver began leading his own group in the mid-1950s and quickly became a big name himself, celebrated for his clever compositions and his infectious, bluesy playing. At a time when the refined, quiet and, to some, bloodless style known as cool jazz was all the rage, he was hailed as a leader of the back-to-basics movement that came to be called hard bop.

** His 'Song For My Father' is in my constant rotation, and obviously a favorite of mine.  I had a chance to work with him briefly.  He was one cool cat and a genuinely good guy, who will be greatly missed. **KK

Flashback Who's That ...

Flashback Who's That Thursday:

Singer Mya Harrison was born in Washington D.C. On October 10-1979.  In her late teens she signed to A&M records.  Her first two CD's were million sellers,  her star was about to get red hot from the success of the 'Moulin Rouge' movie and soundtrack, the hugely successful single Lady Marmalade with Pink, Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim' next came her appearing in the movie 'Chicago'.  She was riding the wave, but it was time for her to return to her solo recording career.  She released Moodring her third studio album. It was her last studio album for then record label A&M and Interscope Records released July 22, 2003. 

Production on Moodring was primarily handled by an array of producers; Harrison enlisted the assistance of producers Missy Elliott,TimbalandRockwilderJimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and a handful of others.  With this album, Harrison wrote “99.9%” of her own lyrics and co-produced many of the album’s tracks.  During the process of recording the album, Harrison funded her own studio time and used several songs she recorded two years ago from her archive of music.  Moodring, in Harrison’s words is an experimental, somewhat bi-polar album with contemporary R&B/pop-influenced fusing jazztechnoreggae, and hip-hop substance. Harrison released two addition CD's in 2007 and 2011 both were met with little to no acclaim. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get Christie Love

Did you Know - Singer/Actress Theresa Graves started her career as a singer with The Doodletown Pipers. She later turned to acting appearing regularly on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967) in 1969 and 1970. She had supporting roles in several films during the 1970s, including Black Eye (1974), That Man Bolt (1973), and Old Drac (1974), with David Niven. On Get Christie Love! (1974), which ran during the 1974-1975 season, she played the first black woman hired by a big-city department. She left acting shortly afterward. She died tragically in a house fire in 2002, she was 54.
*Did you know that Whitney Houston was going to do a remake of 'Get Christie Love' after she filmed 'Waiting To Exhale'? Their resemblance was uncanny*

Jazz Legend

Jazz Legend - Singer/Actress Carmen McRae was known as 'the singer's singer'. She was a ballsy/gutsy type of singer. She didn't take any crap off of anyone. Her besties in the Industry were Sarah Vaughn and Betty Carter. Her Idol was Billie Holliday. Holiday took her under her ways, and the rest is History. Considered one of the most influential jazz vocalists of the 20th century, it was her 'behind the beat' phrasing and her ironic interpretations of song lyrics that made her one of the best to ever do It. She went on to record more than 60 albums, enjoying a rich musical career, performing and recording in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whitney I Got You!!!

Tika Sumpter is my choice to play the Legendary Whitney Houston. If ever a movie has to be done, she's the only choice. She understands Whitney's beats, pacing, rhythms and tone. So no Geechee Geechee nor Yaya here. Remember Tika Sumpter as the obvious choice. Watch the clip below, when she was on the Arsenio Hall show, it was her unofficial audition AND she nailed it!
Tika Sumpter as Whitney Houston

Monday, June 16, 2014

Kevin Knighton - 360
(Solange/Blue Ivy - Kanye West comes for Jay-Z, Rest In Peace Ruby Dee
Whitney Houston biopic, Mariah Carey CD flops, Is Wendy Williams starring in 'Orange Is The New Black'? Tracy Morgan getting better)

Mother or Aunt ..... Hmmmm

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!!

Strength of a Man ... 

Together Again

Legends - Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald. In 1986 their duet 'On My Own' spent 3 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Pop 100 charts. Written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager, the song was originally recorded by singer Dionne Warwick for inclusion on her album 'Friends' album. It is unclear why the song was not included on the final tracklist. The song was based on a relationship that had reached its end with both parties going their separate ways in a melancholy state with the occasional option of coming back together again one day.

LaBelle and McDonald ...

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Happy Friday everyone, ... Let's Talk about It!!

Planting dreams, conquering challenges and laying foundation are all attributes in fulfilling one's destiny and dreams.  Bridging the gaps that we manifest through establishing and maintaining relationships.  The struggle is a tall order, but so worthwhile, as any work in progress usually is.  The torch is passed from yesterday's soldiers, in which we should never forget, its called the 'past' and we all have one.

Fear is a toxic poison that continues to pull at your defenses.  Sometimes is as simple as a leap of faith.   The finish line is the goal, but the method of how you get there, is the much more important story.  Your life will constantly reveal the ebb and flow,  patience will always be a virtue, but its a characteristic that most of us battle with and fall short.  Leaning on God's time is the answer and not your time!

What Are You Doing With Your Life?


Kevin Knighton

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rest In Peace!!

One of the best to EVER do it. Rest In Peace Ms. Ruby Dee, you and your husband Ossie Davis was a true Hollywood Couple with a 50 plus year successful marriage. You addressed Hollywood on your terms NOT theirs!! Today the ENTERTAINMENT Industry has lost one of its true soldier, who was always in the battlefield championing causes for the unsung heroes.

Ruby Dee, an African American actress who defied segregation-era stereotypes by landing lead roles in movies and on Broadway while maintaining a second high-profile career as a civil rights advocate, including emceeing the 1963 March on Washington, died June 11 at her home in New Rochelle, N.Y. She was 91. Today Ossie Davis has welcomed you once again, WITH OPEN ARMS!!

Mr. and Mrs. Ossie Davis ...

Flashback Who's That Thursday

It was 1989 at the height of the 'Soul II Soul' movement.  A song came on the radio with the similar groove of 'Souls' infectious 'Back To Life' and 'Keep On Movin', it was a song called 'All Around The World' by a blue eyed new comer named Lisa Stansfield.  Stansfield's first solo album, Affection (1989), included its worldwide chart-topping lead single, "All Around the World", was the major breakthrough in her career. She was nominated for two Grammy Awards and Affection is currently her best-selling album, selling over five million copies world world.  In the following years, Stansfield released Real Love (1991), So Natural (1993) and Lisa Stansfield (1997). In 1999, she appeared in her first film, Swing, and also recorded the soundtrack for it. Her next albums included Face Up (2001), Biography: The Greatest Hits (2003) and The Moment (2004). After that, Stansfield took a break from music and focused on her film career. In 2008, she starred in The Edge of Love and in 2013 she appeared in Northern Soul

When you think of Blue Eyed soul royalty, Teena Marie quickly comes to mind, Ironically Stansfield has had three #1 Soul singles as oppose to Marie, who only had one #1 Soul single 'Ooh La La'.  Clearly Stansfield had a better machine behind her.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Hit The Floor' ...

Star on the Rise - 'Hit The Floor' trouble maker Logan Laurice Browning is a budding actress, singer and songwriter. From playing 'Sasha' in 'Bratz' to playing. 'Brianna' on 'Meet The Browns', Browning is constantly pushing the envelope including the wicked delicious role of 'Jelena Howard' on VH1's 'Hit The Floor'. She's a new Star one the rise!!

A devious 'Devil Girl' ...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kevin Knighton 360

Kevin Knighton - 360

(J.Lo loses out to a Tranny, trouble continues for Bey and Jay, Kanye's side piece, Tracy Morgan in critical condition)

One tough Jenny from the block ..

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday PRINCE!

Happy Birthday Prince.  Catch this Legend, as the Headliner of The Essence Festival in New Orleans, as he celebrates the 30th Anniversary of 'Purple Rain'.

French Open Champion

Congratulations on winning your second French Open title!! You truly earned this match!!

Friday, June 6, 2014



Happy Friday everyone, ... Let's Talk about It!!

Destination is a full circle completion.  The journey is about the arrival, the course and the structure of your life and its visual tapestry of what your legacy is and will be.  Getting to the glory might come with contradictions as we are forever evolving.  Everyone learns and grows differently, we shape our opinions from life experiences and some of what we're taught.  The impact is never quite the same for everyone.  Find your niche that will enable you to leave your mark on the world.  The time capsule plays out differently for all,  but one thing for sure is that it does have an ending.

Normal is overrated and not meant for everyone.  As I continue on this path, Im okay with things that I don't bend on, and Im okay with that, quite frankly, some time I dont feel like compromising.  A passive aggressive behavior is still a 'huge' turn off.  To abstain is a spiritual cleansing and can replenish the spirit, body and soul.   Today will never come again, by being a blessing in someone's life, you in turn will be blessed.   Total completion its about being whole, genuine and at peace with your surroundings.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?


Kevin Knighton

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The HEAT Three - Peat

Bosh, Battier, Allen, Wade, James

Flashback Who's That??

Flashback Who's That Thursday:

It was 1996 when Donnell Jones came on the scene and his velvet voice was refreshing to the airwaves.  A Chicago native Jones debut 'My Heart' CD was pure genius.  It had all the elements that the market place was looking for, he could sing, write and produce.  In my opinion his debut was the male version to 'The Misseducation of Lauryn Hill; yes that good!! Packed with timeless love songs and uptempo soul jams.  Radio failed to catch on, which was a travesty.  Easily filled with five or six singles, but somehow was overlooked.  Working with producer Eddie F. It was a solid match.  The first single 'Playas In a The Hood' had enough street appeal, but tanked at radio.  Songs such as 'Dont Cry', ' My Heart', 'Waiting On You' and the Stevie Wonder remake of 'Knocks Me Off My Feet' were all worthy of being singles.  Almost twenty years later it's still in my rotation, and the music is 'still' relevant.  Jones eventually had success with his second and third CD's then got lost in the shuffle.  He continues to release new music and make spot date appearances, but major success has eluded him.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Black History Month

Songbirds - Celebrating 'Black History' month, we remember soul singing females with great octaves and range. Leading the pact was the late great Minnie Riperton, known for her five plus octave range. A Stevie Wonder discovery. Her instrument was mind boggling, to witness what the human body could produce. We got to witness a little piece of Heaven on Earth. From 'Lovin You' to 'Here We Go' all timeless masterpieces from the Songbird. Riperton though her lifespan was short, her body of work lives on through her musical catalog. Having opened the doors and paved the way for other chanteuses to land. She is often viewed as a defining moment in music history.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Chocolate City

Romeo Miller
joins Tyson Beckford and Michael Jai White in the feature film 'Chocolate City' which opens in 2014!

Say What Now !!!

Kevin Knighton 360

(Kanye and his Harlett, Donald Sterling DL antics, Michael and Justin Timberlake, Angela Bassett off the mark, Whitney Houston is EPIC not a movie of the week, Solange BIG Payday, Curious Pastors) 

Say What Now???