Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Brother ...

My Brother Anthony Thomas Scardino from another mother

Anthony and I met when were 18 and 19 years old in Newark, Ca.  I was the direct one, and he was the shy one.  I asked him a blatant and direct question, which took him aback. LOL  Soon we were fast friends.  We immediately connected because we were HUGE Teena Marie fans.  At the time she was coming off her monster hit "Lovergirl" so the anticipation was very high, for her follow-up "Emerald City" which was considered a dud, I think it only sold like six copies in the world, Anthony and I had two of those copies, so automatically, I knew that he was worthy.  Through the years, we've endured the ebb and flow of life.  Love, loss, heartbreak and recovery.  I've always admired him, he always been responsible, strict and focused. I'm sure that he still has the first dollar that he ever made, in a secret back account in Siberia somewhere, but will STILL claim to be broke.  Oy Vey.  LOL

When I first met him no matter what plans we made, it could not be on a Monday.  That day belonged to his beloved Grandmother.  How cool is that, a 18 year old, honoring his Grandmother consistently, be it chores, paying bills, running errands for her, that was Anthony.  We mourned Grandmother, Aunt Melba, the loss of my mother Hazel, Ame, Teena Marie, Donna Summer and Whitney Houston.  Tough times, but we endured.  Now let’s talk about the big loves and heartbreaks, (hey Anthony BREATHE), I won’t tell everything, yes we've endured those too, of course Antonio (as his Mother Jeanette lovingly calls him), is STUBBORN, but of course he would never admit to it, but WE know.  LOL

When he decided that he wanted to do hair for a living, I said to him, how appropriate for you, a little gay boy, who gets to play with DOLLS for a living,  How original, right?  Well Mr. Scardino is still at it over 30 years later, and I will be the first to admit it, he slays, always satisfied customers, time and time again.

We share unconditional love, we tell each the truth, and when we get together, talk about fun, fun, fun, and laughter, laughter, laughter,  it's like no time has passed, we always look at the hotties, and of course we become 20 year olds all over again.  I've always been son #2 to Mama Jeanette, she knows it, Antonio knows it, and anyone who comes into our family fold knows it, and that's NOT going to change, some would call it bold, brash and intrusive to say, well I'll accept that, hey I gotta be me.  I love, love, love Anthony Scardino, and I could not Imagine a day in my life, without him.  I take pride is the love that we share.  Like Teena Marie would say, like rocks of Gibraltar, bumpety, bumpety, and STILL we rise.

Happy Birthday Anthony  We Are Family.


  1. Please tell him I said happy birthday and that I love and miss him��

    1. Happy Birthday Scardino.

  2. Happy Birthday Anthony. You're looking GOOD!!! Have fun tonight!!!

  3. Beautiful. Happy Birthday Anthony ... How OLD are you now??? LoL

  4. Happy Birthday Anthony ... Kevin you are truly a gifted writer.

  5. Funny how time flies. We use to get blazed in Hayward, hit the End Up high, drinking and dancing. No pain and aches ... Good ole days. Happy Birthday Anthony, wishing you many more!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Anthony. You're looking great. I haven't seen you in a million years. It's good to know that you and Kevin are still so close.

  7. Damnit I didn't even know the little shit was having a party ... I just heard about it this morningZ. THANKS ANTHONY!!! Happy Belated Birthday

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Anthony. I saw some pictures from the party, everyone looked AMAZING!!!