Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rest In Peace Bud Collins

Bud Collins, the prominent tennis writer and historian who was known for his unique style, elegant writing and passion for tennis, has died at age 86.  
Collins, who started writing columns for the Globe in 1963, was beloved by his fans, including many in sports journalism. He was known for his creative nicknames for players (Roger Federer, The Swiss Who Can’t Miss) and colorful outfits, which often included a bowtie. Collins worked for 35 years for NBC before moving to ESPN, and was one of the first print reporters to make the transition to announcing on TV. At NBC Sports, he was the face of “Breakfast at Wimbledon.” 

“He was the best friend tennis ever had in this country, as a writer and as a broadcaster,” Mike Lupica wrote in the New York Daily News in September, when Collins was honored at the U.S. Open.

Rest In Peace Bud ... 

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