Thursday, May 26, 2016

Strolling Memory Lane ... Whitney

It's was one of my best 'Live' highlight moments, when I witnessed Whitney Houston singing 'I Have Nothing' LIVE at the Billboard Awards.  She was the winner of 11 Billboard trophies that night.  She walked around all night with Bobby hand in hand, clearly happily in love.  When she took to the stage with the long flowing curly shoulder length hair and the beautiful red dress, the stage was hers.  

The consummate performer that she was, she came to play, Houston had been battling a cold, during her performance, the pace was a little slower, vocals STILL strong and precise, then when it came time for the crescendo, she turned her back to the audience, took out the throat lozenge, the pace picked up and the notes were hit out of the stratosphere like the thoroughbred champion singer that she was.  The audience went crazy by rising to their feet, with a thunderous STANDING OVATION.  Yeah Whitney Houston was the truth and THE VOICE.  Lucky me, I witnessed this performance from the fourth row.

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