Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Standing TALL ...

True Conviction - HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW??? First Amendment rights to free speech, recently was challenged, when SF star STOOD HIS GROUND!!! The 'gray' world that derives of Bigots went Ape Shit ...  BUT guess what??? He’s back! 49ers Colin Kaepernick is arguably one of the most controversial players in the NFL right now due to his silent protest against social injustice and police brutality. He launched said silent protest by kneeling during the National Anthem during the pre-season (with several other NFLers and athletes joining the movement). Since the regular season, he has yet to hit the field as the starting quarterback (he did start in previous years), until now.

The activist will be suiting up for Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills after the 49ers’ four game losing streak, replacing starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

This news comes on the heels of reports that Colin is re-negotiating his contract with the 49ers.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, “49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick agreed to restructure his contract last week. The change would make it easier for him to play going forward this season. The deal is not yet finalized, but it would void the final four years of his contract and get rid of any injury guarantees for the team. This would allow Kaepernick to be a free agent in 2017.”

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