Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keeping It 100

This Jackson story continues to grow and grow.  What I know for sure is that the siblings are ALL broke with MAYBE the exception of JanetMJ was 'very' leery of his family for years.  The only person that he completely trusted was his mother, which is why she's  the only one listed on MJ's will, the rest was left to his children.  In 1991 brother Jermaine wrote a song "Word To The Badd" trashing his brother MJ, talking about his skin bleaching, it was left of his failed "You Said, You Said" cd on LaFace records.  When the usual BIG mouths in the family (LaToya and Joe) are quiet you just KNOW that there's MORE to this story.  Fact is Katherine's health isnt the best AND she 'is' 82 years old, it's clear that elderly abuse is happening.  Paris, Prince and Blanket's welfare is in danger, maybe the best thing should be, that the kids should live with Debbie Rowe, and even though Blanket isn't hers I think she would do a better job of caring from them, than what those children are currently receiving.  Lastly I think that the Paris and Janet slug fest should not have happened and I fully support Janet's stance with her niece, after all she's only 14 and should NOT be disrespecting her elders, and probably needs a stricter disciplinarian.  I'm just saying!!

Singer Fantasia and lover Antwan Cook are having issues in their relationship again.   Fantasia is allegedly preggers again with her third child and second from Antwan.  Fantasia recently saw pictures of Antwan kissing all over a "Bad Girls Club" reality star, which infuriated her. Antwan recently put her on blast claiming that she cheated on him with a pawnshop owner.  Here's my take, Fantasia you cheated with Antwan when he was married, so basically no good will come to you from this relationship.  Get your focus back, which should be to rasie your children with decent standards and morals, and lastly focus on what made America fall in your with you, YOUR MUSIC!

Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together and have been smashing for the last few months, anyone who doesn't believe it, that's on you.  When they go public with their relationship again, rememeber where you heard it first.

Hollywood isn't for PUNKS, if you want the jelly, sometimes you will be put in a jam!! I'm OUTRO!!!! KK'


  1. good juice kev' that was some funny truthful stuff. blast on almighty grasshopper.

  2. boy you better be careful, you might get sued youre spilling too much of the bizz.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the more I hear about Rihanna the more I believe that she's a whore. If she's back with Chris Brown after her beat her ass, she's dumber than I thought.

  5. the jacksons are crazy the entire bunch of them

  6. Kev' first thing, that picture of Lawanda Page is CLASSIC and perfect for this piece.

    The Jackson are money grubbers. Katherine should be ashamed of herself, she doesn't seem to have the capacity to take care of thos children, just like you said she's 82 years old.

    Fantasia ia ghetto and isn't capable of instilling morals in her children, as she doesnt have any.

    Chris and Rihanna both deserve each other, love is complicated and can be problematic.


  7. Watch it SUCKA!!! LOL

    kev' bruh you seem to know an awful lot, when are you going to take it to the tv screen, im intrigued and I'm sure others are too. C'mon kidd do your thing.


  8. you are a fool, but you always keep ir 100.

  9. how do you know that Chris and Rihanna are together again? you have to give us some of your sources right? I want to know. #realtalk

  10. good things kev, you kicking the truth and that picture of Aunt Esther is classic.


  11. those arent really Michael's kids, his siblings deserve some of his money, its plain to see that those kids are out of control. whatever happened to family togetherness?

  12. that picture of Aunt Esther brings back such good memories and when i read everything that you wrote, the picture truly captures the tone of your words = good job.