Sunday, April 10, 2016

Damn not AGAIN ...

Damn Damn Damn - More senseless nonsense.  When will it end?  April 10, 2016: Former NFL defensive end Will Smith was MURDERED last night, in an apparent ROAD RAGE situation. And it gets worse, the former Saints defensive end was with his wife, who was also shot multiple times, by the assailant, pictured below.

Smith's wife was wounded and was taken to a hospital. As of last night, the shooter was taken into cutody for questioning. The shooter is claiming a 'TRAYVON MARTIN' style of self defense.

Here's what happened, according to authorities. Will Smith, 34, and his wife were driving along in their luxury Mercedes Benz SUV, when it was rear-ended by a Hummer H2.

Will Smith left hs car to confront the Hummer driver, and police say the two men "exchanged words, at which time the driver of the Hummer produced a handgun and shot the male victim (Smith) multiple times and his 34-year-old wife twice in the right leg."

Smith was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife was transported to a hospital, authorities said. Police said the 30-year-old driver of the Hummer is in custody and being interviewed by investigators. The gun used in the shooting has been recovered.  Is this foul play or more to the story???

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