Sunday, August 26, 2012


To God be the Glory, God thank you for allowing me to witness a new day of your beauty, grace and mercy.  Help me to be more in your word, guide and direct my path, please protect me from hurt, harm, fear and danger.  Let me be a vessel for your word and goodness, Please le me be an Angel to all that I encounter.  With you all things are possible and I know this to be true, heal me of any addicitons and allfictions.  I want to do live for in the path that you so richly see fit for me life.  Let my legacy be one that you're proud of.  For all that opportunitities and the life that you've afforded me I do give thanks.  Love and Light to all in the world. In Jesus name and for everyone who believes in your word ....... Amen

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  1. Praise Jesus and yes we do give thanks.