Friday, August 24, 2012

Humble Pie/TGIF

Happy Friday everyone .. Lets Talk about It!!

I recently came to an epiphany about myself, my head can be very hard when it's something that I believe in, Defining moments in life will be those of clarity, the mistakes will not be the standout, the way you address them will be, and that's the recovery. My goal daily is to be a fair person, who tries to see the honest answer,as oppose to the popular opinion, like the book of Job teaches absolute truth is essential.

We live in a very cynical world, the treatment of how we care for each other is the reward that goes unnoticed, while we buy into a society where the homes that we live in or the fancy cars that we drive, defines a status, but in truth, you define you. Humble pie can be a wonderful desert when you're capable of digesting it in the same manner than you served it. I suspect that I'll be making some calls over the next few weeks to beg pardon, and I've a sneaky suspicion that some of you will too. Its the ability to realize that at your best, mistakes will happen, we're human, the answer is so simple yet so complex.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?


  1. Lovely Church service this morning Rev. Its always good to followship with you. Have a productive day.

  2. this a great news day Friday. Love the words and sentiment. James Taylor was a classy touch.

    1. great stuff, and Job is my first book in the Bible.

  3. I love it Kev' Happy Friday to you my friend, and if a phone call is in order; make it.

  4. Sounds like trouble in paradise:( I pray that it all works out.

  5. Love this story. You're growing my son.
    Momma III

  6. Humble Pie...great I love it. YOu have a way with words. Keep bringing us the truth. Grateful to you.

  7. Thanks Kevin I'm listening. Great words as always. You keep me interested.

  8. good things are happening to you Kevin dont run from your gift you are truly special, I appreciate the time that you time to give to your weekly blog. Thanks again.