Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RIP Did you know ..... Gone Too Soon!

ANTONY HAMILTON was born in London, England on May 4, 1952 to an unwed mother who gave him up. At the age of two weeks the baby was adopted by a couple named Mr and Mrs. DON SMITH was a career military man with the Australian Royal Air Force and so ANTONY was raised on a sheep farm down under.

Schooled at the Presbyterian based Scots College, he left at age 15 to study ballet in Melbourne. Several years later while on tour in the U.S.S.R. with the ballet company, a photographer took several hundred pictures of ANTONY and presented him with a portfolio of the finished product and encouraged the handsome young man to pursue a career as a model, advice which he acted on.

For several years from the mid 70s onward, ANTONY was a top male model in Europe. As what happens with many models, a future in acting was the next step. HAMILTON first movie was an appearance in a minor 'B' grade vampire flick in 1979, but (he) lucked out 5 years later when he was chosen over 200 other actors for the lead in a television movie of the biblical story of SAMSON & DELILAH.
Later that same year when actor JON ERIK HEXUM was accidentally killed on the set of the new television series COVER UP, HAMILTON was offered a role as the new male lead. When the series was not renewed the following year, ANTONY wondered what his next move might be.

It wasn't long before he was contacted by CUBBY BROCCOLI to discuss the possibility of becoming the next James Bond when 58 year old ROGER MOORE had become too old for the role. While still only in the negotiating stage word of HAMILTON'S homosexuality reached BROCCOLI' Bond team and regardless of whose version you read, the outcome was the same; ANTONY HAMILTON was no longer a contender for the role. PIERCE BROSNAN would eventually be the next James Bond.

The following year however ANTONY lucked out when he was cast in the new MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE television series. His character, Max Harte was variation of the 'muscle' played by PETER LUPUS as Willie on the original series 2 decades earlier. The series didn't catch on like its predecessor and was cancelled after two seasons. Around this time, his health was beginning to fail. ANTONY HAMILTON had AIDS.   He made only another film and appeared in several more television shows in guest starring roles. Hamiton was terrified of the disease and had fears that he would not win his battle with the disease, he often spoke to friends about his view on the disease, which he said felt like being in a war battle, you will have some hero's and some casualties, unfortunately he was the later.  He lived beyond his means and had very little when he passed away.ANTONY HAMILTON died on March 29, 1995 from an AIDS related illness; he was 42.

I created this weekly tribute dedicated to the stars who for one reason or another did not receive the send off through the media that they deserved. Please join me every Tuesday as I continue to celebrate 'LIFE'. Hamilton  worried that people would not remember him when he left this earth, but it's simply not true.  People will live on as long as we remember them.  Thanks Antony Hamilton for your contribution to this world and through your artistry, you will live on forever.  kk


  1. INTERESTING .... thanks for this story, I never knew that he was gay, so great looking. Where have all the straight men gone?

  2. I came to your site Tuesday, but for some reason was having glitches, I tried today and it worked perfectly. I'm glad I came back, this sotry about Athony Hamilton was very informative. I think his story is unique in the fact that he had the hiv virus when medically no cure or a way to stablize the disease. Today people are living a long healthy life. Thanks again. This was a great story.