Monday, August 20, 2012

Always Be My Baby ...

Dearest Whitney,
"Sparkle" opened on Friday, and I must admit that I didn't not attend any screenings this weekend.  The promotions of the movie has really driven the point home, that you're really no longer here, it's so strange and painful to witness the entertainment world without you in it.  I know that if you were alive the promo's for the movie would have been crazy exciting, I'm know that you would have appeared on 'The View", "Dave Letterman", "Jay Leno", "Entertainment Tonight", "106 and Park", "Access Hollywood" and of course you would have rocked the red carpet like no other.  Instead the premiere had strictly African American entertainers coming out to support your last movie.  Hollywood was only interested in this movie if you were around to promote it.  Truthfully, no one in the movie had enough star power to help your promote the movie, you basically did everything on your own.  Jordin Sparks, yes though sweet, she's just not that interesting.  So I'm sad to say that "Sparkle" opened at #5 taking in 12million dollars, which isn't so bad when you consider only 2200 hundred theatres carried it, which breaks down to about 5000.00 dollars per movie screen. 
Clive has a CBS special in the works for you in November, and then there's the Rickey Minor produced VHI Divas Live!!  I think that Minor will do you justice, after all he was your musical conductor for over 20 years.
Lastly I'll close by saying this, I will at some point support "Sparkle" at some point, but it's still too soon.  When I look at Pat and Gary Houston and everyone from your family who continues to try to be a 'star' from your passing, it sickens me.  the more they do it, the more apparent it is, how their success will never be.  You had that SPARK, that POW, that WOW, the X-FACTOR, you were HERE live in LIVING WHITNEY COLOR.  Until next week, I'm wishing you a restful sleep.


  1. I cried throughtout Sparkle, It was much more final than I knew it would be. Whitney would be proud and Kevin I think that you should see it, you will be proud too.

    1. So pretty so sad this was her last movie that she will ever make. Very sad, and the world is still mourning.

  2. I miss Whitney but I'm so happy that Sparkle was completed before she passed, what disappoints me is the week numbers at the box office.
    A real fan would see the movie to help the box office, Kevin are you listening?

  3. Sparkle was excellent, so bittersweet, but everytime Whitney appeared on screen tears just streamed down my face with joy and sadness. I so miss her.

  4. Sparkle was a gift from Whitney to us. I miss her, I truly believe that my life will never be the same. She gave her all, and her all took her away from us.

  5. I saw Sparkle this weekend, I loved the movie but I didn't like the period piece being Whitney's last movie, she wasn't her glamorous self, and that's that I wanted to remember about her.

  6. Gone way to soon she was so gorgeous sucks that I
    Never got to meet her in person I've seem her live in concert and was close but I was just stuck R.I.P. BEAUTIFUL .....

  7. I loved Sparkle and I'm going to see it every week until it leaves the theatres. Great job Whitney.

  8. I can't below such low numbers for Sparkle and so few theatres. I just dont get it ... Whitney was amazing. She gave her heart and soul.

  9. When Whitney sang 'His Eye Is On The Sparrow' I could not take it anymore, she gave ALL that she could possibly give. Through her ups and downs, she always loved the lord. She will never be forgotten. I will always celebrate her and the legacy that she left us with. RIP Whit!

  10. Kevin thanks so much for helping to keep Whitney's memory alive. I didn't go see Sparkle either, for the very same reason, I kinda feel guilty about it, but I can't give that part of me up just yet, I feel that if I dont see it, then maybe I'll always have a new memory. Who knows I'm very curious about it, but I miss her too much right now. Thanks again.

  11. An angel......always.....God bless u Nippy....

  12. Whitney, you are better than okay, you are perfection at it's best!!!! Love you!!!

  13. she's a princess and always will be in our hearts. I love her, and I will never forget her. It was so great working with her.