Friday, August 3, 2012

Keeping It 100

Last week's Jackson family fiasco, had stories coming from ALL over the place, mostly accurate stories, but when you have money you can get anything retracted, for instance TMZ ran an article stating that Janet Jackson slapped her niece and called her a "spoiled little bitch", this week TMZ said that they made a mistake, here's their somewhat remorseful retraction "Although we believed the story to be true when we published it, we have now determined it was not correct ... Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her" Well NEWSFLASH the story was true.
Last week Katherine Jackson said that she wasn't taken to Arizona against her will, in court Thursday she stated that she trusted the family members that she was with to be honest with her and they werent.  She was regranted guardianship of MJ's kids in court Thursday. Jermaine (Mr. Claymation himself) Jackson retracted his signature from the petition challenging the Estate, now he wants to be the nice guy. And if that wasn't enough news. Momma O' has given the green light for a reality show on crazy LaToya Jackson for the 2013 television season, here's my take on that subject matter: Call me crazy, but I don't think OWN will be a network next season. If OWN is around next year, I'm all in on watching loopy Latoya, it will be a trainwreck.  
The Jacksons excluding Janet and Katherine are all financially challenged, so money will always play a part in this story. MONEY brings about the worse evils in people and it can divide a family. 

Boxer Floyd Mayweather was releasted from prison this morning, and just like when he turned himself in to serve his time rapper 50 Cent was right with him.  When Mayweather drove away from the police station 50 Cent was riding shotgun.  Could they be the updated version of O.J. Simpson and Al Cowlings?Hmmm you just got to love Hollywood, if you pay attention, you have all the missing pieces to the puzzle. 

Rapper Mystikal was released from Prison today, unlike Mayweather he didn't have a companion waiting outside for him. Mystikal please try to do the right thing this time.

Singer Katy Perry is dating John (heartbreaker) Mayer.  Perry recently divorced from crazy man Russell Brand.  C'mon Katy haven't you seen his story before? We all know how it's going  to end.

Hollywood isn't for PUNKS, if you want the jelly, sometimes you will be put in a jam!! I'm OUTRO!!!! KK'


  1. Kev' Kev' Kev' dont hurt em homie, you are crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

  2. what is your contact info, you're quite on point, would like to speak with you.
    Robyn Banks

  3. unfortunately as it is, you're right. money divides famiilies and people are closeted in Hollywood.

  4. you're going to get caught up, I would be careful of the things I say, it will come back to haught you. I've been there before.