Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Faces ...

The release date of Tamia’s ‘Beautiful Surprise’ album is still weeks away – August 28th – but she has already provided her fans with a preview of the set. Comprising eleven songs, the record is the songbird’s first new studio effort since 2006. The sultry singer's voice is a welcome return to music, in the day and off where gimmicks is the flavor of the day, it's good to see an artist taking her craft serioulsy, and giving us music to feel the soul.
Featured on ‘Beautiful Surprise’ are the ‘Lose My Mind’, ‘Him’ and ‘It’s Not Fair’. Tamia’s husband, Grant Hill, does not make a cameo on any of the songs as he did in the video for the LP’s title track. See the full track list and listen to a preview of the ‘Beautiful Surprise’ album below:

1. Lose My Mind
2. Give Me You
3. It’s Not Fair
4. Believe in Love
5. Beautiful Surprise
6. It’s Not Over Yet
7. Love I’m Yours
8. Him
9. Still Love You
10. Because of You
11. Still

I found this beautiful face to accompany my 'faces' blog today, I just love the eyes and lips, and how captivating this picture is without really trying to.  It's simple and understated, it definitely gets the conversation started you just want to know me.more.  I'm always a sucker for a pretty face.  This week I showcased beauty in two different ways, not only does a beautiful face exists within singer Tamia, but also she possesses one of the most beautiful voices that the 20th Century has produced.  Lastly beauty is in the eye, of the holder, and in the picture on the bottom, the beauty is largely captured in the eyes.


  1. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I agree today ou captured some great faces, and Informed me about the return of tamia. very nice.

  2. love Tamia, and am so grateful that she has a rich husband who invests in her career, record labels these days look for instant recognition and success. to develope someone deeply into their career is unfortunately a thing of the past. Tamia's talent is worthy, can't wait for the new cd to get released.

  3. Beautiful surprise is my song, I love tamia and im looking to her new release. your sight is a nice escape thanks for keeping it interestering.

  4. very nice touch Kevin, beauty is always nice to be represented. I like your concept, I look forward to to hearing Tamia's new release. she's very talented.