Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hello Jesus, Jesus Children, Jesus Loves you ..... I had a conversation with GOD today and he heard my cry, of late my heart is heavy and full, but in the valley, I will never waver from believing that my cry will be delivered to a righteous place.  I'm grateful to be among the land of the living, doing a worthy work of spreading the goodness of the almighty.  Trials and tribulations will continue to arise, for that is only par for the course of this journey that we call life.  I ask that the Almighty relieve me from the addiction and affliction in my life, so that I might be a vessel to all those that are in need of my help and attention.  I want to be an Angel to all that I encounter for I am a believer that we will all meet one day again in the Gates of Heaven and I will rejoice and be glad in it, because the Gates of Heaven will greet me with a lot of love from the ones that I've lost, who are now found.  I pray for healing those in my world, who keep me lifted,  I pray for annointing to those who are in need of direction, and I ask for forgiveness to all who believe, even when mistakes are made, I pray for the chance to begin again.  And yes to God be The Glory, for when God is for you, no one can be against, evil will stumble and fall.  I ask for Love and Light, and for this I will always give thanks.  Amen

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  1. Some days my mother takes over my fingers and I can't control it, I just have to honor her wishes, I love and miss you mommie ..... everyday of my life, you will always be a part of me.