Monday, September 17, 2012

Always Be My Baby

Dearest Whitney,
I finally saw Sparkle this past week, and I must say it feeled my heart with joy and sorrow.  It gave me all the emotions that my soul needed, at first I was reluctant to see your final work, but I came away very proud, very satisfied with a job well done.  There's a part in the movie, where I felt like you knew this would be your last, and the words that you gave to Jordin Sparks before her performance said everything to me about your entire journey here on earth.  I miss you, I think about your everyday, my joy is in knowing that I will see you again, and that you'll always be a part of me, which no one can take from me.  Now that you're inflight, your life and purpose takes on an ever greater meaning. Thanks again for the body of work that you left behind, and what you gave from your unselfish soul.  Until next week, rest easy my sweet princess.


  1. Such a touching tribute to Whitney.

    1. you always honor Whitney as she needed to be regarded.

  2. Whitney Houston has the perfect, most AMAZING voice I have ever heard. She shouldn't be remembered her downs CAUSE WA ALL HAVE THOSE TOO...., but the beautiful woman who had the voice of an angel. Her voice can bring tears to anyone's eyes. She is PERFECT.

  3. I'm glad that you decided to see Sparkle, I think it's a great part of the healing process.

  4. Sparkle was an enjoyable movie, I wanted Whitney to have a bigger role, in it, she was so beautiful, I miss her so much. I share a love for her like you. She will never be replaced.

  5. since you been away, Ive been thinking of you, trying to understand the reason, only you knew the plan, I tried to hard to be there, but you wouldn't let me in .... forever missing you.

  6. thank you Kevin for helping keep our girl's memory alive. she is still with us.

  7. I really wished Whitney had did Sparkle before Aaliyah passed, but it would really be said if they had, because now they are both gone. Such lovely women in the prime of their life. There's only one Whitney, and she was golden and timeless. RIP

  8. I wish Whitney would come back to us, I really really do.

  9. Rest easy Whitney, such a princess and always slayed the red carpet.

  10. The days get seemlessly get not easier without Whitney. No one can replace her. I can't believe that this is hitting me this hard still, so hard to let go and even harder trying to understand why she had to go.

  11. loving your blog and your Whitney tributes, Ive read them all tearfully. So good.