Friday, September 14, 2012


Happy Friday everyone ... Let's Talk about It!!

Having a bad day can make you think that all the rights one day were wrong, and the second guessing ability to feel that you could not win, is when the mind is doing what it does, thinking too much instead letting go and letting God, Learn to make decisions and stick to them, irregardless of the outcome. The enablers do it to shield their realities and to escape, when you give another person a pass for continued ill patterns its a shortcoming of yours not theirs, because it allows you to hide from your truth.

The key ingredient is not to have all the answers to get you through life, but to involve yourself with key players to help you solve the problems to the questions that lay in the waiting. Deja Vu is the hand that you're dealt when you don't get it right, getting it wrong is taking it all for granted and by not paying attention to signs as they are written. We go through life evolved, not so much as changed, the shell may change, but who we are, what we stand for, how we relate to each other, are the core of our hearts, which is assembled from our early on upbringing, all the things that bring security and comfort. So when you hear people say that they have changed, no not really at some point the felt comfortable to be themselves.

What Are You Doing With You Life?


  1. Mirror, Mirror ..... you are amazing. Great stuff as usual.

  2. sounds like someone had a very trying day today.

  3. thanks for your contributions Kev this tGif continues to grow and grow. I recently found your blog address again, i didn't know that you were still writing, when I found it two hours ago, Ive been reading all you posts since feb of 2011, seems that I've missed a lot.

  4. This is awesome bro thanks for sharing just makes me think about my life and the things that I've done the things I still need to do but I can say that what I've done so far is be the best mother daughter that I can be and now I aspire to be the best wife as of November

  5. this literally saved me today, thanks for your words you are a good God send.

  6. you feed my mind and soul all the time, I love your way, and general tenderness in your deliver. blessings to you.

  7. I called you today for your advice, when I couldnt reach you, I checked my email and there you were with this brilliant tgif, which answered my questions .. love when life fully plays out.

  8. Ive been on deck with you for about three years with your tgif and they never disappoint. thanks for continuing to drop the knowledge.