Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shriver's ex-husband showing his true colors!

One of the big reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't give Maria Shriver an advance copy of his autobiography is that he intends to keep all of the money he makes from it, ONLY in America
Even though Arnold and Maria were together 34 years and married for 25 and a good chunk of the book is about their relationship, Arnold has made it clear to her the book is HIS, but California is community property and she will not be getting any part of his multi-million dollar advance or any royalties. Well Shriver needs to hire a shark attorney.

And there's more on the money front ... Allegedly Arnold has been extremely tough in negotiating a financial settlement with Maria.  "Arnold has been really stingy with Maria and the kids, which is amazing considering what he did." The more I read this story, the more that he is showing his true colors with NO remorse.
Arnold has treated his divorce as a business deal, and not an end to the relationship he had with the mother of his kids. Here's the most shocking part. Here's the kicker recently as last week, Arnold asked Maria to take him back. She's not biting.
The divorce settlement negotiations are ongoing so no agreement has been struck.
Lastly Maria Shivers went against her family legacy of being a Democrat to being a Republican for her immigrant adulterous scheming husband.  One last question Maria, was it worth it, did he work it?

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  1. Arnold is the terminator...sleeping with all .....