Sunday, September 16, 2012


Heavenly Father, thanks for the love and light in my life. I appreciate the opportunity to live to see another day, to witness the beauty and grace of your mercy.  I know that I am nothing without you in my life.  Please continue to guide and direct my path, I ask that you protect me from hurt, harm, fear and danger.  In my quest to get to know you better, let me continue to be a vessel of your word, and may I be an angel to all those that are in need of my services.  Please remove any addictions and afflictions from my life.  To God be the glory, for if God is for you no one can be against you.  I counting on to bless my life missions and dreams into fruition.  For all that you are to me, my family and the world I do give thanks.  Amen

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  1. the blessings and grace is always appreciated.